Sunday, January 20, 2013

When the Daddy's Away...

The rest of the family will play!

Anthony went to one of his best friend's bachelor party this weekend. He doesn't travel much (very very seldom for work and almost never on the weekend- no hunting, football games, etc...) so I was more than willing for him to go out of town and have some time just for him. Everyone needs a break from reality every now and then. Anthony works so hard for our family and devotes so much of himself and his time to us. This was the perfect chance to see some friends and just relax!

Meanwhile, we were holding down the fort here!

It was my dad's 60th birthday weekend so Michelle came in town from California and Kiki and her family were coming in town from Austin.

Friday we all just hung out- went to the gym, relaxed, played, etc...

She thought it was a car to drive!

Wanted to wear big boy "underwears" while he jumped

I feel the need for speed!

Saturday was a FUN family day! Owen rode into town with my dad so I kept him Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon until his parents got in. It was good practice for me to have three kids by myself so I know what it will feel like when we decide to get pregnant again :)   Jay LOVES having Owen around and it makes it so fun for everyone!

Our plans for dad's birthday were to go to Top Golf. He loves golfing and it is a great place for everyone (even those of us who are terrible at golf) to go and hang out. The grownups were going to do this while babysitters kept the kids, then we were going to get the kids and have a big Mexican dinner. We knew there would be a wait (typically 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon- no reservations), so I got a babysitter to come towards the end of nap, and Michelle and I headed up to TG around 2:45. We would put our name on the waitlist and have everyone else come up around 4:30. We got in line and once we got to the front they said the wait was 3-3.5 hours! Dinner was at 6:30, so that wasn't going to work, but we gave them our info and cell numbers to text us just in case something opened up earlier.

So then we brainstormed- movie? Bowling? We had sitters and wanted to use them! My oldest sister Jennifer suggested going to a new shooting range close by. YES!

I brought our new guns (that I have no idea how to use). We are a gun family now. Jennifer's family has two, Kiki's family has one, we have two, Mom and Dad have one, Uncle Steve and Auntie Karen have two, and even MeeMaw has one!

Well, I didn't remember the code for the safe to get our pistol out (it's a fingertip touch combination). And I couldn't get a hold of Anthony to ask him. So, we just brought the safe with us (along with the shotgun)! Ha! I figured he would call at some point and we could always go to the car and get it!

So we went into the range and bought ammo and others rented guns that they had wanted to try! So fun!

We all put our "eyes and ears" on (headphones and glasses), got our safety review, and headed in!

Thankfully, just about everyone in my family knows something about guns (I did not know this about most of them!). They were loading and getting everything ready. I just pretty much went up and shot once they were loaded. Guns terrify me. A lot. I am OVERLY careful around them.

But it ended up being SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! My comment of the night was, "The family that shoots together, stays together." Dorky? For sure!

 Auntie Karen and Mom

Our Guns!

The birthday guy!



The shotgun's debut!

One of my favorite pictures...
AK is so tiny that Uncle Steve had to hold her from flying back!

Mostly shotgun target! Crazy!

So mom has a lot of the other pictures (group picture at the range!). And Anthony finally did call and unlock our safe. BUT, we had so many other pistols to shoot that we didn't even use ours. Next time...

The dinner afterwards was so fun! We had a private room at the restaurant which was great, because the kids could run around and get up and down and it didn't bother anyone. It was wonderful to be surrounded by good food and good people!

Mom has all those pictures too... Sorry- lame...

Oh, as I was putting the kids down we finally got our text from Top Golf saying our bay was ready- 5.5 hours later!!!!!!!!! What?!

Sunday I got up, got myself ready, woke both kids up and got them ready, headed out the door, stopped and got the kids breakfast- in and out of the kolache place with both kids- (we always get kolaches- Jay would have a fit if we strayed from the routine), and got to church in 45 minutes. Pretty impressive if I do say so!

And I worked in the nursery during church, then taught Jay's two year old class, AND brought two bags worth of clothes to donate.

Needless to say, it was a welcome sight when Anthony walked through those doors today  :)  

Jay didn't leave his daddy's side all afternoon and Charley had some extra cuddle time with him on the couch. We missed him so much and LOVE our time with him! I would definitely say Anthony knew he was missed!

It was a FUN weekend, but I am beyond exhausted. Now to crawl in bed and watch something fantastic- like Big Rich Texas.... Ha!

Just got the group pic from mom... See below :)


the blogivers said...

You have such a fun family! And I'm impressed with how much you accomplished with 2 kids while Anthony was away!

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Jules said...

I want to go shooting with y'all!! So fun :)
You are super Mom and Super Wife! I'm not so sweet when Ryan leaves town. In fact, I usually throw a fit comparable to Bennetts fits ;) I need to work on that!!

Emily said...

Wish you were closer... we could totally go shooting together! What a fun birthday outing!