Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Confessions

It's Wednesday. Which means... confessions!

Saturday night (the first day after my cleanse), I totally fell off the wagon and put down some serious Mexican food... queso, chips, queso, fajitas, queso, and birthday cake. It was unbelievable the amount of food I ate. It was so amazing. And about five minutes after the cake, I felt like I was going to vomit. Guess my body wasn't used to that junk!

The other day Charley was crying and Jay was whining- both at the same time. I tried my best to talk them down from their unhappy place, but it wasn't working. So I just started fake crying with them- really loud. It was so immature. But they both stopped and stared in bewilderment.

I have people's blogs on the side of my page that it says I read but I really don't. I just feel bad because they read mine. You better hope you're not one of them! Ha! ;)

I am signing Charley up for school next year. I am selfishly so excited to have both kids in school and have a break! Grocery store and Target with no kids?! Eek!

Jay is obsessed with "buying everyting at the app store" on our iPad. He asks all day long. I got so sick of arguing and saying no and trying to explain how things cost money and blah blah blah that now we just type in "Free Animal Toddler" into the search section and he can browse through until his heart is content. When we do type in the password and download one, I actually say, "This is a great one because it's free and doesn't cost us any money so we can download it." I know it goes in one ear and out the other, but I am trying to reiterate that we aren't actually buying things! Call me a bad mom- you don't have to hear it all day long.

Every single night when Anthony puts Jay down he falls asleep. Every night. Most nights I watch on the monitor and wake him up as soon as Jay is really asleep. But some nights I just leave him up there for a few hours while I have the house to myself. I watch a TV show that I know he hates, or catch up on blogging, or fold laundry. There is something about peace and quiet and alone time that I desperately need at the end of the day.

Anthony made Partner's Club for his company which means he is one of the top 10 producers around the country (way to go babe!). They send the workers and the spouses on a trip in June. I am so so so excited about a long weekend away together I could just scream!!! I feel like terrible mom being so excited to ditch my kids, but man, I need a weekend with my husby!

Sometimes when we go out in public and Charley isn't wearing a bow or a gender-specific color and we meet people for the first time, they always ask for the baby's name (trying to figure out if it's a girl or boy). Clearly if I say Charley they won't have a clue (ha!) either, so I always try to introduce her as Charley Kate. Unless I'm feeling feisty. Then I just say Charley and watch them squirm. :)


the blogivers said...

Ha! I also fake cry sometimes when I can't get Davis to stop - he usually stops and looks at me confusedly, but typically always starts back up again... boo.

Also, the last part about Charley reminds me of a situation I often find myself in if I see an old acquaintance and I'm not with Amanda. It's usually pretty clear if they don't know which one I am, so sometimes I will be nice and clarify, or I will mention Amanda, but sometimes I would rather just leave them hanging!

Ashlie said...

haha! love this post for so many reasons! I also cant wait to go on a vacay with the hubs. I've always said when the kids are involved it's a "family trip" (very different from a vacation).

The Joiners said...

Ha that last one made me laugh, and then reading Allison's commentary made me laugh more- very similar situations!