Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Confessions

Hey there confessions! It's been a while! Don't you worry, I've been doing plenty of embarrassing things since I last posted, I just can't remember a lot of them :)

I can burp louder and better than most men I know. Anthony is appalled. And I'm embarrassed I just wrote this.

I needed my toenails painted in a pinch. I had leftover one color on half my toes (chipped of course), but wanted another color so I just painted over the old polish. Let me tell you how fun it was to get it all off!

I frequently find myself telling stupid and embarrassing stories in awkward silence moments to prevent everyone around from feeling uncomfortable. I have shared entirely too much on many occasions. Anthony and I refer to my problem as diarrhea of the mouth. You just never know what's coming out!

Anthony and I are missing our church marriage retreat (one that we help plan for six months and truly love going to) next weekend because he has a bachelor party in Vegas. Wife of the year? Oh yeah!

I rejoined twitter and am obsessed with following people like Chris Harrison, Snooki, Ronnie Burgandy, etc. I feel like I know them... Sad life I lead.

Anthony and I are cleansing right now. We are supposed to be eating very clean with minimal dairy, carbs, fat, sugar, etc... I am actually doing a really great job with it. The other night we had company over who brought chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. I completely killed one. Clean?

I went Bible study the other day. The teacher needed an iPhone for something so I offered mine. When I realized she was hooking it up to the speakers to play something, I almost had a heart attack!!! What would accidentally play? Britney? Gaga? Bruno Mars? Luckily I don't have anything MAJORLY bad (except Anthony's 2Pac), but I still didn't want to be THAT girl! Luckily it was just Baa Baa Black Sheep that blared for a sec. Phew!

Yesterday Charley went down SO early (meaning she woke up so early- 130 instead of 4ish) which made for a LONG afternoon until Daddy got home at 7. So we went to the pet store and spent entirely too much time there looking at the animals and tearing things off the shelves (I put it all back- nicely). Then we dropped in unannounced at my sister's house and stayed for an hour. I felt bad, but we were desperate!

I offered to run out to grab breakfast for the family Saturday in the cold and rain because it meant I got a fifteen minute break from the kids.


Jules said...

Embarrassing music story- you know Judy Hamlerd- counselor at Rummel Creek? We once rode together to lunch after a counselor meeting. I started my car and......Tupac came blaring on. Apparently I was jamming out in the morning. I was so embarrassed!!

The Joiners said...

Ha, I have the same diarrhea of the mouth For some reason my brain takes silence as permission to say ANYTHING. You can only imagine how this goes over when infertility was on my brain and now pregnancy- lots of people getting TMI!