Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Confessions

This is not the normal Wednesday Confessions- this is the sick-kid edition (since I feel like that's all I've been dealing with lately!).

Jay was due for a dose of Tylenol about the time of the start of the doctor's appointment the other day. Since I wanted the doctor and nurse to see how sick he really was, I waited to give him Tylenol. I know it was harder on him, but they needed to see how high his fever was!

I let him eat two chocolate sandwiches (a favorite dessert of his and Daddy's- Nutella on bread folded over) in a six hour period. He ate one in the middle of the night (his fever was over 104 at that point- he was getting anything he wanted!) and the other was for breakfast. Yeah, I gave in when he was sick- I can't stand to see him so sick!

I knowingly chose for him to get an insanely painful shot as opposed to the oral antibiotic. It might have had something to do with thinking of fighting with him for ten days (twice a day!) to take meds. If I have an alternative, no thank you!

So after Jay vomited on my shirt, he was naked on top and just shivering. I wore the pediatrician's jacket home so I didn't have to wear my throw up clothes. In the car Jay was so cold and shaking and it was so awful. So I took off the jacket (and contemplated driving home in my bra!). Instead, I put my throw up undershirt back in and gave him that jacket to keep warm. Mom of the year award can be mailed to my house!

On that note, I was so occupied with keeping Jay well and keeping Charley busy the rest of that day, I never showered or wiped down my chest from being thrown up on. I just forgot. Disgusting.

We have purchased approximately $4,361 worth of apps during this sickness. He's so pathetic, I just couldn't say no.


the blogivers said...

Hoping next Wednesday's confessions have nothing to do with anyone being sick (for your sake)!

The Torno's said...

I completely agree with all of these, and you're a superhero for switching shirts in the car. I've made the mistake of medicating the kids before the DR and then they just say "uhmmm, he/she doesn't have a fever." Forgetting to clean the throw-up reminds me of "As Good As it Gets" :)

Jules said...

I totally do e same thing with postponing giving medicine before heading to the doctors. I'm pretty sure they think I overreact to everything, so I need the evidence :)
I'm glad Jay is feeling better!!!