Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Zoo and Strep

This past weekend was super fun... then it went blah...

We started Friday morning with an early wake-up by a darling little girl. While she was toddling around waiting for her brother to get up, she somehow landed on our iPad just perfectly enough to crack the screen. All over. Ugh. That iPad is our savior and lifeline sometimes. I knew it was expensive to fix a cracked iPhone screen, I could only imagine the cost with the iPad!

Even though our day started out poorly, we met some friends at the zoo. It's been INSANE weather in Houston- gorgeous and sunny and perfect. We have spent so much time outside it's ridiculous! On that note, Tuesday-Friday nights last week we spent no less than 2 hours outside each afternoon/evening before Daddy got home. All of our neighborhood kids have been out playing in each other's front yards and back yards. At one count on Thursday there were 20 kids running around (and four moms!). We are SO thankful for our new house and street and neighborhood. Even though my kids are the youngest by 2.5 years, the big kids are SO good to them. It makes me so happy and I'm SO thankful that it has made the time FLY by while waiting for Daddy to get home! Witching hour take that!

The zoo was a blast as always- my kids are just beyond obsessed!

 Did I mention I'm completely obsessed with her? Completely. 

I love Jay the animal whisperer and Charley pointing!

So cute!

Jay laughing and pointing when he discovered the goat in the hay trough!

Friday night the four of us went to dinner as usual, at one of our usual kid-friendly spots. I took the kids outside as Anthony was paying (Charley is a bear at restaurants now. She hates to sit and wants to het in EVERYthing on the table!) and left Anthony to gather everything up. Someone (who shall remain nameless to protect their identity) left Jay's beloved one and only blue blanket at the restaurant. He, I mean, that person, went back and "looked everywhere" but never found it. My little boy went to bed that night TOTALLY depressed! We tried to improvise with others but nothing else made the cut!

One of our dinner dates! Hello cuteness!

Ok, so I know he doesn't look depressed here, but he WAS!

Saturday morning we wanted some yummy breakfast tacos. We drove to a couple different places that weren't open (hello- it's 8 am on a Saturday- why aren't you open?!). So we settled on a new (ghetto looking) donut shop. The thing I got was so terrible I threw it in the trash. Boo hiss. Guess that was my sign to stick to the meal replacement shake!

I entertained the kids all morning while Anthony did the lawn, then ran out for an errand. I swung by the restaurant and FOUND THAT DARN BLANKET. Boys are such awful lookers! I wish I could have captured Jay's face when he saw it. Priceless!

We headed to the nephew's basketball game then noticed things going downhill fast. Both kids looked not great... I snapped a picture of Jay but lost it (story to come)...

Charley girl resting on my legs mid diaper change with her special blankie. 

We each took a kid to run one last errand for the time being- I took Charley to get measured for some good shoes (they are so cute!), and Anthony took Jay for a haircut. Side note- I have been putting Charley in different size shoes, but none really want to stay on. Size 2 shoes seemed to work the best, but she still hated walking in them. We went to get measured and she is in a 4 1/2!!!! What a MOM FAIL!

By the time we all got home we took temps and both had 101+. That's saying something for my never-run-a-fever kids. We Tylenol'd them up and they fell asleep.

SHORT naps later they were up. Yay!

We went to get the iPad screen fixed (to the tune of $$$) and I had a question about my phone. Long story SUPER short- they restored it and I lost a couple of the pictures I had taken from the morning. No big deal, but they were SO sweet of Jay looking so sickly. Boo.

But Jay sure did perk up after that iPad was back! Yeah buddy!

We ordered dinner from our favorite only one we know Vietnamese place and headed home. Of course they gave us the wrong order and shorted us a whole dinner. SO, it was another failed meal for me that day. Cry cry cry.

However, the night looked up and we just stayed in playing as a family. We had to cancel dinner plans with our friends, but it ended up working out well.

We put both sick kids down relatively early and enjoyed a night in with both of us awake (surprise!!).

Charley had a terrible night of sleep (to be expected), and Anthony had to go lay with Jay (very abnormal- he NEVER wakes up in the middle of the night anymore). Both woke up with fevers again. I gave them meds while Ant went to church. We ran some easy-on-the-kids errands and put them down for naps.

We hung out and put them both down Sunday night after being so sickly. The high count for fever was CK around 102 and Jay around 103.

Trying to break fevers with a bubble bath and blue water

Surprise that they both had a terrible night! I was up sleeping with a sick Charley in the guest bed when Anthony got me around 330 to check on Jay. His fever was over 104 and he was totally delirious (singing songs, talking about totally random things, asking for chocolate sandwiches).

We treated his fever and Ant swapped with me and laid with Charley while Jay and I were up from 330-515. He finally fell back asleep and we put them both in bed with me.

Ps- sleeping between two feverish kids is HOT! I was sweating!

Luckily for me (ha!) they both woke up before 7 for the day :)

Snuggly sickies

As soon as we could get in, I took Jay to the doctor. Charley hasn't been as bad and her fevers haven't been as high (he's had one wet diaper in over 24 hours). After a LONG appointment, we were told Jay had the classic strep symptoms (high fevers, no drainage or cough, aching head and sore throat-he is requesting only refrigerated drinks- and a tummy ache). However, the pediatrician told us strep was unlikely in a child his age because their tonsils aren't developed/big enough yet. They did a strep test and we waited for the results. While we waited he was shivering saying he was freezing so I gave him some Tylenol.

And he vomited all over the both of us!

Yeah, that's right. I'm posting a picture of vomit all over me!

He's crying, I'm frantic but trying to stay calm and figure out a plan. The sweet nurses gave me a jacket from their practice so I could get out of the filthy vomit clothes. Jay was shirtless the rest of the time (and still shivering).

Just as I am changing the doctor came in to give us the results (thank goodness I thought to change BEHIND the door!!!!).

Positive for strep. Woohoo.

They asked if I wanted oral antibiotics or just a one-time shot. I didn't want to make Jay get a shot, but I also knew he would be feeling better faster if we did it that way.

More waiting. They came in and gave him a MONSTER shot with thick serum. He SCREAMED and was trying to grab the nurses hand to make her stop. It was awful. Then they told me how painful the shot was and how he will likely be sore for a few days. Awesome.

So we headed home and got them both down for a nap. This is one of those times I am SO thankful to live close to my family so that my mom could keep Charley for over two hours while I took Jay. I couldn't imagine if she would have been sitting there with us that whole time. Ugh!

Anyway, off to fight this bug! I remember how AWFUL Anthony and I both felt when we had strep back in November. It breaks my heart thinking of Jay so miserable. There is nothing more heart-breaking than a 2.5 year old with strep- unless it becomes an almost one year old with it.

I'm watching Charley like a hawk!!!


Jenni said...

BOOO on strep!! Poor kiddos (and mom and dad!) We had a pukey night on Friday...totally randomly Connor threw up in them middle of the night (twice!) I was afraid we were facing a stomach bug, but he was fine the next morning. Hopefully the shot is worth it and your little man is on the mend. Sick kiddos are just pitiful.

Also, I feel a little better you talking about CK at the restaurant. I was going to be jealous that y'all can easily go out to eat, because that is something that completely stresses me out at this time!

Oh, and nice Symphony Ball shirt! (c:

Jules said...

I'm so sorry!! What a rough few days y'all have had!
1. I'm so sad we missed y'all at the zoo!! The weather was perfect!!!
2. You definitely deserve mom of the year! They are lucky to have you!
3. I want to live on your street!
4. Witching hour has been lasting all day around here!
5. Poor Jay! He sure is a cute sick buddy!!

the blogivers said...

Poor sick little babies, especially Jay :( and I'm so sad that Jay chose to vomit on one of your Chi O shirts! (Also, I love that I'm not the only one who still wears my Chi O shirts out in public... like the one I'm wearing right now from 2002 Sigma Chi Derby Days...)

Ashley said...

That vomit picture is epic. Hope everyone is on the mend!

The Torno's said...

Awww man. Couple of rough days! Hope everyone is starting to get better!

Jennifer said...

So sorry to hear of the sickness (and the vomit). Strangely enough, Jack tested positive for strep a couple of weeks ago. We were shocked!