Monday, January 28, 2013

Precious Memories

A blog/college friend wrote a post the other week with old pictures she had saved on her iPhone.

Like her, I delete most pictures within a few days (after downloading them!!) off of my phone. I just don't like the clutter on there.

There have been a few pictures over the years that I just haven't been able to part with. And every single time I look at them, I smile.

Here are a lot a few pictures that I just can't get rid of...

My nephew Josh killing the Great Wall of China at PF Changs
Circa 2007

 Our new baby Tex
May 2008!!

Teenager Tex! 
Fall 2008

Doesn't he look thrilled with his costume?!
October 2008

My last class at Spring Shadows- 
I bet most teachers wouldn't take funny pictures and have dance parties!
Don't judge!
May 2009

Picking out Ella at the shelter!
June 2009

Tex and Ella bonding on her first day home!
June 2009

She STILL sleeps like this at night!
July 2009

Love this kitty!
Fall 2009

Our old house
This one cracks me up! It's like Tex is so proud! Ha!
Fall 2009

Snuggle buddies WATCHING TV!
Our pets are weird
Fall 2009

Christmas 2009

Tex loves babies!
Baby Jill! 

Josh at the Water Wall in Houston
I think this is probably Summer 2009

Our Friday guest reader was ANTHONY!
The kids loved it!
They are so attentive (and the little girl behind LOVES to give backrubs!)
Spring 2010

Baby Jay!!!
August 2010

This one gets me every time!
Christmas 2010

Happy Baby Jay!
January 2010

Big boy Jay! I love his blond hair! 
October 2011

Baby Charley!!!!!
February 2012

Love love love

My sleeping beauty on Day 2 of her life!

Handsome Cowboy
Feb 2012

Easter Baby
April 2012

Love these... They look SO young!
May 2012

This little bald headed smile is too much!
June 2012

I walked into his room in the morning and he was reading his Bible.
July 2012

Snuggles in the hotel in Chicago
August 2012

I just keep this one on my phone because my legs look skinny. 
So the picture makes me happy.
August 2012

I have some other recent ones, but you've all seen them relatively recently, so I will spare you.

I'm so thankful for technology. I love these precious memories...


the blogivers said...

Looks like your phone is like mine: lots of pet pictures in the beginning, which slowly transitioned to almost exclusively baby pictures as time went on! :)

The Joiners said...

Ha I was going to make the same comment as Allison- makes me a little sad to know that all of my iphone pics of Buster and Noah will soon be replaced by pics of the babies... but not that sad! Also, I kind of want to steal Ella- she looks like such a sweet kitty!

Meagan said...

those are SO sweet!

Leah said...

That pic of C and J in the hotel room is SOOOOOO adorable! I love it. :)