Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Beginnings, Good Reflections

Ahhh... a new year. A new beginning. A fresh start.

I love the new year. It's a time when I like to refresh and restart and recharge. I like to think I can kind of erase the mistakes I made over the past year and start again. The funny thing is- I'm no different than I was yesterday. I am the same and I will likely make a lot of the same mistakes. But this time of year gives me the chance to really reflect on certain aspects of my life that I want to improve, and even if I can make one less mistake than I did last year, I consider that a success!

2012 was such an incredible year for us! We were just beyond blessed. There were trying times and hard things that we went through (of course), but overall, God was so so good to us! A new home, a new baby, a record year for Anthony's business, and many many memories with family and friends makes it hard to top this past year. Thanks be to God for the goodness He has shown us!

I started to do a recap month by month of the good stuff, but then I realized that was super boring to everyone but me... So I will just post some pictures of the good stuff (month by month)- a little more entertaining, right? Ha!

New Home!
(we've since updated the landscaping- how awful is that ground cover?!)

Last month of having just one kid- spent lots of time with this guy!

Enough said!

Remembering what life with a newborn is like... 

Creating a bond between brother and sister

Rodeo fun!

Getting into our life as a family of four!

Learning how to tote two babies around... 

Jay showed interest in holding his baby sister! 
And reliving the video "Charlie bit me" from YouTube

We used our new pool A LOT

We celebrated my 30th birthday!!

Two of my very very best friends came (and one came into town for it!)!

Got busy doing Michelle's wedding stuff!

Lots of time as a family!

Jay's first last day of school (did you catch that?)

Lots and lots of cousin time!

 First solids were a success!

Daddy and Jay took their first boys' trip!

...while Mommy and Charley enjoyed a girls' weekend at home!

Baby shower for my sister Kiki!

Celebrated 4th of July!

Charley learned how to crawl!

Charley started Bible Class at church!

We went to the circus!

Anthony and I celebrated our 5th anniversary with a weekend away!

Loving life as a family!

 Lots of time with this sunggly guy!

(big month- lots of pics!)
Celebrated THIS GUY turning 2!!!!

First trip to the lake!

First trip to Wisconsin and Chicago and Mommy's first trip away with the kids and no daddy!
Family Reunion in Wisconsin!

First cab ride!

First Chicago Pizza experience for Jay!

Frist MLB game, First time on MLB field, First Cubs experience!

Lots of birthday celebrations!

Jay's first day of school! 

Aggie Fans- hopeful for a decent season!
Little did we know how great it would be! 

Baby Austen Rose was born! 

Began the NFL season cheering on the Pack!

Mommy's first weekend away from both kids and daddy- 
Michelle's bachelorette party in Santa Barbara!


Michelle's briday portraits in Austin

First family trip to the Austin County Fair!

Texans vs Packers

Mexico Trip with the Squillantes!


Elections... Bummer of an outcome for us :)

Thanksgiving in Dallas

Celebrated Daddy's 31st Birthday!


Christmas with family

Dcotor's visits!

Santa's Farm

And of course...

May your 2013 be as blessed and as FUN as our 2012! Cheers!


the blogivers said...

Looks and sounds like a great year for the Squillantes :)

Meagan said...

I love this..you can really see how the children of grown, too! I hope 2013 brings you as many blessing as 2012!

Jules said...

And I thought we had a busy year! ;) fun fun fun!!
Happy New Year!

J & J Brymer said...

Cute recap! What a fun year! :)

Casey Charles said...

Loved the year in pictures!