Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Little Talkers

Both kids communication skills have just blown up lately.

It amazes me how much Charley is "talking" with us. Not only is she saying some words, but her signs are really blossoming. She also is starting to use expressions and pointing and gestures a lot, so you can really understand her needs. Her eyebrows and voice inflection go up when she's surprised- you just totally know the point she's trying to make!

Jay's vocabulary is through the roof. He is a little person now when it comes to talking. He speaks in full sentences all the time and they are complex! Really, he is speaking in full paragraphs. Boy can talk! I love when I'm telling him something and he doesn't fully understand it. He'll stop and ponder, and if he still doesn't get it then he asks for clarification. Anthony was telling him about a scar on his foot the other day and Jay listened to the story then said, "What does scar mean, Daddy?" We explained what a scar was and he said, "Just wike this scar on MY hand!" He made a connection instantly- it was awesome.

He's also connecting what he sees on TV or on his iPad games to things he's read or stories he's heard. This was my dream as a teacher! Oh how I begged kids to make connections!

There really isn't a point to this post other than for my personal file. :)

But moms- don't stop talking with/reading to/singing with your kids. They hear it. And they will eventually repeat it back. I promise.

I love those times!

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Brittany Sciba said...

How fun!!! I am so excited for Reid to start talking more...it never gets old seeing them learn (just like teaching, but better)! :)