Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is It Really That Close?

Today Charley is 11 months old! 11 months! Just one shy of a year! Eek! I remember thinking a year was so old with Jay, but now I see that they are really just still a baby.

As crazy as it sounds, I love that she's almost a year. I just love watching her precious personality develop, I love seeing her learn new things, and I love that each day brings something totally new and unexpected.

This girl is Fun with a capital F! She is busy busy busy and rarely stops! She can have us in stitches in a second! Honestly, He broke the mold when He made her- and I absolutely love every single bit of Charley Kate!

-She is so close to walking full time! She will take about 6 steps at a time and stop and crawl (she knows what method is faster!)
-She climbs and hangs on everything! She tries to pull herself up on our tall bar stools, hangs from the top of the baby gate (with her toes off the ground and dangling!). If I'm doing something and not watching her closely (putting clothes away, cooking dinner, playing with Jay) I will often find her at the top of the stairs- yikes! Girl is fearless!
-She is TOUGH. She will get in the bounce house with the older cousins or with Jay and his big boy friends. She's been jumped on and tossed around and nary a tear was shed. Not only is she physically tough, she is mentally tough too. I know I won't have to worry about her ever being a doormat. Get it girl!
-She is communicating great. Her signs have really taken off this month as have more words. She signs more, all finished, and hungry really well. She is saying bye bye, pat pat, baby, mama, dada, bubba (brother Jay), JJ (day day), PawPaw, no no no, hot (pronounces it hop- so cute), hi (she says "hiiiiiiiy" in a southern twang), pop pop, high five (says hi pie as she does it!)... Obviously a lot of these aren't super clear (she doesn't say baby perfectly- it's like a bahbeh), but she definitely makes the same sounds for the same things over and over.
-She still loves to feed herself fruit more than anything, but homegirl can eat. Just about anything put in front of her she loves- as long as she can feed herself. And if she lets you feed her off a spoon, you'd better be quick. Because she will fuss at you if you are too slow.
-I haven't given her much out of the sippy cup this month. Oops. She drinks out of a straw and if she's thirsty she will chug it down (water, formula, juice). If she's not thirsty then she'll just spit it out down the front of her. Fun.
-Still only one tooth! Cuteness!
-She's learned to crawl more efficiently without tearing up her knees or tripping on her dresses, or slipping in her pants- she now bear crawls the majority of the time. I'm telling you, she wants to walk.
-She's still a terrible sleeper. As usual, if she's not teething or sick, she is a pretty decent sleeper- 8;00-4:30 then back down while I hold her or lay next to her until 6:30ish. If she's teething or sick then I'm up with her sleeping in our recliner/glider most of the night (or in the guest bed). This is exactly how Jay was- and now he's a phenomenal sleeper so I just keep reminding myself it's a phase.
-She is barely nursing anymore- maybe 2 times a day. She hardly gets anything. We will work on weaning this month.
-Still drinks a lot of milk during the day- probably about 5 times a day and 3-4 oz at a time. All from the bottle. I think I'm supposed to work on transitioning away from the bottle by now. But I'm not overly worried. We will get there one day :)
-Takes a pacifier but doesn't seem quite as attached as her brother. She is just starting to grab for it want it more. Might have to slow that one down so I can wean them both at the same time :)
-Loves her blankie and snuggles it often
-Size 3 diapers, size 12 month clothes.
-Loves to "flirt" with everyone and is so so personable. She really does love people and faces and being part of the conversation. We haven't had much separation anxiety. She will reach out for most people and loves going to the nursery and Bible class.
-Charley hates having her diaper changed but will do her "twinkle twinkle" stars if you sing to her while you change her diaper.
-She also loves to sing If You're Happy and You Know It. And pat-a-cake. Oh, and her favorite song of the moment is Happy Birthday. She will sing and pretend to blow out a candle at the end- and she really blows! She LOVES to dancey dancey and will shake her bootie!
-She loves to talk and play and sing and read.
-She loves her toys and most of all loves her babies.
-She loves animals and knows all the pets of the people around us.
-She will sit in your lap and be content for a while, but is also wild and rowdy and busy.

Here are some "outtakes" from our photoshoot today. If you don't believe me that this girl is busy, then here is your proof! Nuts!

Charley really has been a fantastic baby. She has the most beautiful, spunky personality. God absolutely knew what He was doing when He made her. We are so thankful for this precious one.


the blogivers said...

I just can't believe she is almost a year old! That is nuts!

Jules said...

She is so fun!! I'm in shock that she's almost 1.....I can only imagine how shocked you feel!
And way to go CK on being a tough cookie!!

The Scott Family said...

Time flies! I think her and Cora would be good friends:).

J & J Brymer said...

Say it aint so....?! I thought I just came over to meet her and she was a tiny little thing in a moby!? She is beautiful and I am sure more and more fun each month!

Jenni said...

I feel like you were just announcing your pregnancy! She's a doll...!

Emily said...

Such a doll!! I can't believe she is almost a year either!!