Friday, January 4, 2013

Food for Thought

Here are a couple foodie things I've been doing lately and wanted to share.

I always LOVE getting new recipes and trying new things out!

I make smoothies a couple times a week because its just about the only way I can get ANY fruits or veggies into Jay. Or dairy. He has become one of the pickiest eaters I know (I know a lot of toddlers are). But he eats ZERO fruits or vegetables and only has dairy in yogurt because he hates milk. Healthy boy, right?

So typically I make all fruit smoothies. But lately, I have tossed a handful of spinach in an he hasn't noticed. I've also swapped milk for Greek yogurt Well, most recently I added some puréed baby food veggies.

Today our smoothie was:
A handful of frozen strawberries
A banana
A handful of ice
A handful of spinach
One container of puréed carrots
A can (small!) of crushed pineapple in its juice
A couple spoonfuls of Greek yogurt (plain, but I bet vanilla would give it a nice flavor)
A dash of milk and water to make it easier to sip through a straw

I blended it all. Both kids (and me!) were big fans. And it was the perfect after nap snack! And Jay is getting some type of nutrition! Phew!

Another favorite afternoon snack is air popped popcorn. I get a pot with a lid and pour a little canola oil (just enough to cover the bottom) and then pour some truffle oil in and swirl it around and mix it up. Then I get popcorn kernels and pour just enough to have one layer on the bottom of the pot. Then I put the lid on and turn the heat to about 3/4 high. Then wait! Keep an eye on it once it starts popping and have a bowl ready! When the lid is about to blow off pour it in the bowl.

I usually add some season all type stuff (Tony Chachere's) and a little truffle salt. Both my kids GOBBLE it up. And no butter and no nasty oils- just a little to flavor! MUCH better than the bags- even if they are low fat- they are still caked with nasty chemicals!

And finally, something TOTALLY unhealthy but insanely delicious...

We had everyone over on Christmas morning for breakfast. When you have a lot of people at once you can't really sit by the stove and cook. So I premade a couple breakfast casseroles. We had a regular one for the picky eaters (bread, cheese, eggs, milk, sausage). But then I came up with a little concoction of my own and it was AWESOME! All from an idea in my head! Looking back it was probably not a great idea to try out a brand new food on Christmas morning (what if it had been a bust?!), but since it was good it turned out to be a great idea!

Mexican Breakfast Casswerole
1 pkg chorizo sausage
1 pkg breakfast sausage
1 pkg corn tortillas
1 bag grated cheese
2 cups Greek yogurt
1 small can diced green chiles
Green onions
8-10 eggs
1 cup milk

Spray casserole dish with Pam. Brown both sausages together in pan and set aside. Mix 1 cup grated cheese, a couple diced green onions, and 1 cup Greek yogurt together. Spread can of green chiles on bottom of pan. Tear apart ~5 corn tortillas and layer on bottom. Layer half of sausage mixture on tortillas. Then spread cheese mixture on meat. Layer again- tortillas, sausage, rest of cheese/yogurt/green onions. Then mix eggs and milk together and pour over everything. Bake right away or let sit overnight. Bake at 375 for at least 45 minutes or until eggs have congealed.

It's basically like a giant breakfast taco- so so good!!!! Also, as long as you double check the type of corn tortillas, it's gluten free (which my mom has to have!), so it's a win win! You can use sour cream instead of Greek yogurt, but they taste a lot alike and have the same "holding" property so I used what I had already!

And the last note- I have been doing a LOT of substituting of Greek yogurt in my cooking. If I want to make anything creamy without adding fat, I use it in place of milk or creams or sour creams or cream cheese. It's yummy and Anthony has never noticed so it must not change the taste TOO much!

Hope you can use some of these! Happy weekend! :)


Jenni said...

Great ideas!! I have been using Greek yogurt, too. I did read somewhere recently that you shouldn't use it when cooking in metal pans, so I thought I'd pass that tip along. (-: I guess there can be some reaction with the acidity of the yogurt?

The Joiners said...

Um, will you please come over to my house and sneak fruits and veggies into my diet so my babies aren't deprived of all things healthy? Thanks :)

Casey Charles said...

Love the popcorn! so much better! Also will be stashing away your breakfast casserole recipe. Always on the look out for a new one!