Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Confessions

I often stick both kids in the car and then come back inside to clean up. Trying to get things picked up with both of them following me or taking toys back out is impossible!

If Charley wakes up during her nap, I go grab her and rock her back to sleep taking extra precautions to make ZERO eye contact. If she "sees" me, she's ready to talk and play! As much as I want to gaze into her beautiful eyes, I want her to sleep even more.

I count running up and down the stairs in the middle of the night as exercise.

I think it's really funny when Jay chases Charley around (while he's naked) pretending to teetee on her. I should be more of a grown up, but I die laughing EVERY time!

I spent an INSANE amount of money sending a birthday cake up to Anthony's work last week. I am actually horrified thinking back about it.

I have ordered a few (little) things for myself as I've been Christmas shopping for others.

I have received several Christmas cards from people I wasn't planning on sensing ours to (I haven't mailed mine yet but I have ordered them!). I don't think I ordered enough to cover all the extras, so I will probably have to take back the cards I give to my family. Ha!

And the kicker...
I commented on this little girl's precious ponytail today at Gymboree. It was like 4-5 inches long and the kid was barely walking. The mom said they have to put it up because their hair only grew in the front and not on the sides. I said, "Oh that's crazy! Well, at least you have a little girl. That would be so tough and awkward if it was a boy." To which the mom replied, "It IS a boy!" Oh yeah- true story :/


the blogivers said...

The last one: aaahhhh! I am squirming just thinking about the awkwardness!

Emily said...

Over the phone I called the Lowes person "ma'am"... to which I realized later was a "sir"... I blame their Indian accent... whoops. :-)

Michelle said...

Ohhhhh man, hahaha that last one had to have been SO Awkwaaaad :)

Evan, Courtney, Porter & Eli said...

I love your Wednesday confessions :)

The Moriarty Family said...

I think I may have pee'd a little on the last one!!!!!!! Read it to Nick and we died laughing together!! Please don't ever stop posting these fabulous moments in your life :)