Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Zoo

Back towards the beginning of November, we headed to Toys R Us to pick up a birthday present for a friend. When we were there, Jay saw this....

I Santa had already bought made his big gift- a drum set! But anytime we asked Jay what he wanted for Christmas, he said "A zoo with all the amamals." Ugh. I couldn't return the drum set, so I was in a pickle. Of course we could totally have gotten it if we wanted, but we didn't think he needed lots of big toys from us (we don't want to set that precedent when he is TWO- we have lots of years of presents ahead), so I was trying to think of how to make it work.

Enter Grandeb. Jay's savior. Grandeb asked what he wanted and of course he answered "The zoo. With all the amamals." So she and PawPaw purchased it for him (without him knowing of course).

We celebrated Christmas with my family and when he opened this gift, his face was PRICELESS!

Unfortunately, we didn't want to set it up at my parents' house (too many little pieces). So we made him wait and brought it home with the promise that we would get it set up the next morning. I took him to bed that night, and afterwards decided I wanted to set it up to have it ready in the morning for him.

UMMMM.... KILLMENOW. It had 256 pieces!!!!!!!!! I mean, I literally put every single flower head on every single plant. ACK! But I powered through it and got it finished (like a jillion hours later!).

And when he saw it all put together the next morning, it was 1,000,000% worth it! Oh my gosh- that boy LOVES his zoo! He has played with it for hours at a time. And it's too too cute!

They even have a "Jay" character! Little boy that carries animals around!!!!!

And you totally don't have to watch these, but I wanted to get him playing with the zoo set just to have. He has so much fun and I honestly could sit and watch him play for hours. I love his imagination and his voice and the things he says. So while Charley napped, I filmed him playing.

If you watch at the 4:00 mark, he starts singing the theme song to Wonderpets. Sweet boy.

The end of this one he asks for me to stop filming him. Ha! Around the 2:00 mark

I am so glad this boy loves animals and I'm so glad he has the perfect toy to play with! :)

More Christmas posts to come....

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the blogivers said...

I can't wait until Davis is old enough to request certain things and then get excited to find them under the tree on Christmas! Glad you were able to get Jay the perfect gift :)