Monday, December 17, 2012

Party With Our Peeps

I love to have people over. I love entertaining.

Anthony doesn't. He doesn't like the mess, the preparation, or the people in his comfy spot on the couch. He doesn't like lingerers (the people that overstay at the end of a party). He doesn't like feeling like he has to "chat" and be a host.

I am so thankful though that he's a good sport and puts up with my need to entertain. He lets me have parties (kid parties, football game watching parties, Cinco de Mayo parties, Christmas parties).

We had our Sunday school Christmas party this past weekend. It was a "progressive" party- it started with appetizers and dinner at our house and we ended up doing desserts and coffee and hot chocolate at another couple's house that lives down the street from us. It was SO fun and went well.

But leading up to it? Ha!

We arranged for childcare at our church so the adults could have a night out and the kids wouldn't tear either of the houses apart. That was tough to coordinate, then one of the sitters got sick the day before! We were searching high and low for someone to cover. Thank goodness for kind and willing people!

Planning the food, the decorations, keeping the house clean, organizing the invitation, etc...- there is A LOT that goes into party planning. But I know all of you fellow party planners out there will agree- it's SO worth it once the party starts!

We had a great time and seriously love our Sunday school class. It's the Young Marrieds class. Most of us have kids or are thinking about kids at some point. We've all been married for at least 3 years and we are all generally close in age. It's such an incredible group of people. Anthony didn't grow up going to church or in a church home. He always talks about how much he loves this "family" of ours. In fact, a couple years ago we were at a crossroads with where we wanted to be and if Anthony needed to change jobs. We talked about moving to Austin (yeah!!). Ultimately, one of the MAJOR contributing factors to why we didn't move was our church. It's that incredible and means that much to him (us).

So we had a great time visiting with friends and hanging out outside of church. And the progressive part was a great idea! It was fun to break the party into sections- you never really felt like it dragged on or anything.

We put the kids down after it was all over, and then the fun part- cleaning up :/    It didn't take too long- the worst was cleaning out that dang chocolate fountain (THAT DIDN'T EVEN WORK)!!!! Ugh!!!

As I was finishing, I experienced my first bout of vertigo! It was awful- I felt like I was going to faint. I sat on the couch next to Anthony and the whole room was spinning. I tried putting my head between legs and just sitting still- nothing was helping and I was getting so nauseous. I laid down next to him and thought I was going to fall off the couch because I was that unsteady. I walked into the bedroom to lay down and almost fell over- I bumped into shelves and things on the way because I seriously couldn't walk straight. It was CRAZY! Every time I closed my eyes it was the same thing- lots and lots of spinning. Eventually (around 3-4 am) it stopped, but I had a rockin' headache to go along with it! Boo.

My mom has had to deal with this, but I haven't before. All I know was, it was pretty terrible and I felt like I had just inhaled an entire bottle of liquor. Yuck.

Anyway, that was such a small part of the fun times. I'm so so very thankful for the friendships we have gained from our church family. We are so blessed!

Oh yes, there were games... Ha!

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The Moriarty Family said...

Sounds WAY fun! Glad it went well! And FYI, your cousin is the SAME way about entertaining!!