Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gifts and Carbs and Reffing

As of Monday I was officially done Christmas shopping. This is by far the earliest I have ever completed the task, and I would like to pat myself on the back for this one considering I had to shop and buy for 20 people, plus teachers and neighbors and friends. Our family is getting huge- and I love shopping for everyone!

I am pretty sure I bought 90% of the presents online. But when you get free shipping and don't have to battle it out with two kids in tow, how do you pass that up?

I made Oreo balls last night as treats for our neighbors and friends- omg!!! They were so good!!!! Somehow I used every bit of self control and just had ONE (no tasting them along the way either!). They were so so good.

Speaking of self control, I am so proud of myself. I heard from several people lately (including one of you blogger friends) about the wheat belly diet. I looked into it and it was so interesting. I know I could not (and did not WANT to) commit to going 100% wheat free. However, I have severely cut my carb portions down and after 1.5 weeks- have noticed a change. I am not as hungry during the day between meals (leading to less snacking!), and have even dropped a few pounds!

Now, let me go on the record and say that I am not trying to tell you that I cut out carbs for good. I live them too much and honestly believe a healthy balanced diet is so important. BUT, instead of having a bagel every single morning for breakfast., I have had protein heavy breakfasts (eggs, yogurt, etc). Y'all, I kid you not, I haven't felt the need to have a morning snack in over a week! That is crazy! I also have been eating less carbs at lunch and dinner (one slice of thin bread for an open faced sandwich, extra veggies at dinner instead of a starch). I am really loving this so far.

I also give myself a break over the weekend- we went and had Mexican food and I had fajitas (with the tortilla- gasp!). But I felt like I could treat myself since I had been good about it otherwise.

Anyway, I wanted to share because I feel like the way I am doing it is healthy and something that I can genuinely keep up. Go me!

On an unrelated note, I feel like most of my days are spent reffing. I am either keeping Charley away from Jay's animals, or making him share the blocks with her, or distracting one so the other can play. When I told one of my best friends that having two kids wasn't as hard as I thought (when CK was about 3 months old), she replied, "Until the second gets mobile and has a mind if their own." Boy, isn't that the truth.

Anyway, today has been one of those GOOD days where you feel like you are doing something right. Minimal fighting, everyone is generally happy- a "life is good" kind of day. I'm so thankful for these kind of days. It reminds me how wonderful my life is. And it is. :)

Lunch with my faves! :)

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