Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas-y Things

I love this season.

I mean, when it's 82 and you go to a Christmas party in shorts, crocs (Jay, NOT me!), and a tshirt, it's a little hard to get in the Christmas spirit! BUT, no matter what, it's a wonderful time and all of the Christmas-y things make me so happy!

Last weekend we went to the Houston Zoo's Zoo Lights with the Waldrops. It was SO fun for us- LOTS of Christmas lights (fun for me!), animals (fun for Jay), and good company (good for us all!).

Mommies and Kids

Being boys. 

 Talking about poop and laughing hysterically. 
No really. 

Last week we headed to a Cocoa and Crafts party at our church. The boys weren't so much into crafting, but we got some good things out of it! And the boys had a great time running around together, the mommies got to visit, and we all enjoyed CUTE snowman snacks and a story! It was perfect!

 This is how boys "craft"

Proof that we did get stuff done!

Seriously, she is gonna be a tough cookie. 
I love her. 

As far as we got on our snowman craft- it was too tempting for him to eat!

Someone loved powdered sugar donuts for the first time!

Who doesn't love spinning in circles while "crafting"?

That night we headed to the local FFA Barn for Santa's Farm. We can't pass up an opportunity to go see animals when Jay is involved. Plus, it supports high school kids working hard- perfect if you ask me!
Proof of Charley's big girl bow!
And a random guy in the back!

Love my babies!

Daddy and Jay petting the goat

Charley loved her first taste of candy cane!

Tractor ride!

Sunday we met Santa for the first time (this year for Jay). I thought Jay would be scared and Charley would be her usual happy-go-lucky self. HA! We explained to Jay all about Santa and how he was going to sit on his lap and tell him what he wanted and take pictures. He was nervous at first, but then loosened up and was a champ! He and Santa were talking elphies and cows- Jay loved it! Charley, on the other hand, was HORRIFIED! Poor baby! But because we like torturing helpless babies and other things like kittens we needed a photo, we powered through. Once everyone started snapping pictures and calling her name and cheering for her, she FLIPPED the switch and totally started smiling for the camera. It was hysterical!

We love JJ and Jill!

I know Jay's not looking, but I just LOVE this one!!!!

Here is Charley's new "smile" when she sees the camera! Ha!
Please don't mind me- I look terrible- but she is still so cute!

Poor poor baby. 
But pretty funny.

This is when Jay settled in and realized this guy was important!

She's starting to smile, and I LOVE Jay's little look. 

 Close enough to both kids smiling, right??

Jay and his Gubby
(her name is Grandeb but he calls her Gubby)

After our successful visit with Santa, we headed to Auntie JJ's house to make Gingerbread houses. Jay actually had a really good time decorating his... But we didn't let it set long enough so on the way home it collapsed. Oh well...it's all for the memories?

I just love this one of her. She looks so big!

The gang!

Jay was super impressed apparently!

Ha! The collapsed/roofless house... Oh well... 

And most recently, it got COLD outside (in the 40's!). So we were able to dress a little more Christmas-y! I made a big pot of chili for dinner one night, and then we got on Christmas PJs, cranked up the Christmas tunes, and (finally!) decorated our tree! I know lots of you post pictures of your beautiful trees, but that's just not our style. Ours is a kid-friendly, non-breakable ornaments only, kind of tree. We will get to the beautiful tree one day, but until then, we love our "childproof" tree!  :)

We are looking forward to lots more Christmas memories to be made this year! Stay tuned!


The Torno's said...

I love the crying Santa picture. And it's hilarious that you somehow got her to turn it around and smile! Cute kids!

Ashley said...

Is it just me or do #2 babies seem to get bigger and do things faster, and did Jay ask Santa for real elphies?! Precious pics with the Old St Nick. My favorite is when Charley is screaming. I'm tempted to take Tully to see Santa knowing full well he will make a scene just so I can get a ridiculous photo of him. Is that mean? He melted during his first hair cut, and I stinkin' love those pics.

The Moriarty Family said...

LOVE Charley's donut face :) AND I think the child-proof tree is great!