Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Part 2

So after our long drive home from Texarkana, we made it back to our house. Charley took at 45 minute nap (!!!!!!!!- it's usually 2 hours) and Jay took a 50 minute nap (!!!!!!!- over two hours normally).

We did a quick unload of the car, outfit change, packed up what we needed and headed to my parents' house for our "Christmas Eve" celebration. We just pushed the usual celebration back one day- it worked out perfectly!

Our kids were SO happy to be out of the car and to play with their cousins and aunties and uncles!

Watch out Uncle Mike- you've got some competition!

Couple time!

Charley will push ANYTHING she can!


You'll understand our shirts in a sec....

I am SO obsessed with this picture!!!!
Jake is SUCH a good cousin!

So every year for Christmas my mom gets us matching PJs. Well, in the past couple years (since our family has grown exponentially!), we have been getting matching/themed shirts. This year the theme was, "I'm dreaming of a Watt Christmas." JJ Watt plays for the Texans and they are (finally!) doing so well. So we celebrated! 

All the daughters, spouses, and grandkids! 
We always make a pyramid...

 ...and the pyramid always falls!

 The grandsons

The daughters

The mommies and kids

The husbands

The little boys thought it would be funny to get in.
I thought it would be funny for the babies to photo bomb. 
Look at Charley!!!

The granddaughters. This was the very end of the night!

Then our little family of four headed home to get ready for Santa to come (only a day late!). We did the traditional letter to Santa, set out milk and cookies, and got in our Christmas PJs. We talked about Christmas and Santa and both kids went to be EASILY. Then it was time for the parents to get to work! Two of my sisters and their husbands joined us and it was really fun having company that night! We watched Christmas movies and put gifts together!

"Christmas" morning my parents came over and we waited for Jay to wake up. Finally a little after 8 I woke him up. I couldn't stand it anymore!!!!  :)

The rest of the Moriarty family came over after we did Santa and had breakfast! It was SO good and we all had way too much! It was COLD outside (but sunny!), so the kids headed out to the new bounce house. Nothing like laughter in PJs from kids!!! It was an absolutely perfect morning!

Jay got his first lego set and asked Lego Master Jake to help!
It was the safari lego set (of course!)

One of these boys thought it was a great idea to jump with NO clothes on in the freezing weather!

Sweet Jake and Baby Austen

Wonderful, sweet chaos!

Everyone left and went to their houses to play with new toys and nap. Then the girls headed to my parents and we all helped get the big Christmas meal together. Turkey, pies, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, etc etc etc... DELICIOUS.

We ate and opened presents from each other and had a great afternoon/night.

I seriously love the holidays and all this time with family. I love that both families are just growing so fast and we have two families that love us dearly. Blessed is such an understatement!!! Until next year...


J & J Brymer said...

LOVE the bounce house! That is too much fun!

The Torno's said...

Looks like a ton of fun, and it's nice when you can make date adjustments when they're little :)