Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Part 1

We spent the first part of Christmas in Texarkana at Anthony's parents' house. We love spending time with the Squillantes and always have a blast! 

We drove the 5+ hours (!!!!!) Saturday before Christmas to east Texas. It was a LOOONG drive with the kids. Jay actually did great. Between the iPad, DVD player, and toys, he was great. Charley- not so much. :/   But we made it in one piece and it was worth it!

We opened some presents Christmas Eve. The kids loved playing with their new toys from everyone. And everyone did a great job shopping for them- they knew exactly what they would love!!

Jay LOVED his safari truck from Grandma and Grandpa!

Charley loved her baby and grocery cart!

Christmas Eve night we ate soup and went to Brenda and Andy's church candlelight service. It was a beautiful service and fun to fellowship with family. Both kids were AMAZING at church. Like, best they've ever been at church!!! Thank you GOD! One of my favorite parts of the night was when I was whispering to Jay that we were going to light some candles. His response was to inhale and say, "Then we get cupcakes?!" Cutest ever!!!!

Did I mention Jay is OBSESSED with Uncle Mike?!
This is seriously his best "posed" smile ever- all because Uncle Mike told him to!

Our little family on Christmas Eve

 Jay wasn't a big soup fan, and told me he was hungry during church. 
So Grandma spoiled him and offered for us to go get him some chicken nuggets and french fries.
Nothing says Christmas Eve like Burger King :)

Christmas morning we woke up and opened a few more presents. We opted to do our little family Santa at our house the next morning. We really had little interest in packing up all the Santa gifts (there was a lot- including a drum set and bounce house- not easily portable). So we did "Santa" with the Squillantes and finished exchanging gifts. It was so fun to wake up with Anthony's parents for the second year in a row (they were at our house for Christmas last year!). Grandma and Grandpa really spoiled us (as usual!!).

We loaded the car in the pouring (and almost freezing!) rain and started the trek back home. Nothing like spending Christmas in pouring rain on an empty highway. We looked at the radar and the bad storms were seriously up and down 59. Tornado warnings and all. So we cut across some backwoods roads over to 45. As soon as we got off 59 it seriously stopped raining. So we trekked it home and enjoyed our Christmas lunch at the only thing open- Jack in the Box in Palestine, TX. Sweet!  :)

It was a wonderful trip but we were all glad to be back home together as our little family.

Part 2 to come...  :)

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Jules said...

We spent Christmas Day in the car too :( I am NOT doing that again!
Love all the pics though! Jay is so funny! I love how he wanted a cupcake after the candlelight! Haha!!