Monday, December 10, 2012

10 Months!

Are we really in double digit months? My little girl is so close to being one- which means we will soon have TWO toddlers on our hands!

There is so so much I love about this age! And having a little pumpkin as sweet as the one I've got makes it so much better!

Some things I'm LOVING about CK:
-She is sweet and snuggly. She loves to pat pat and give kisses and snuggle right into you. When she's tired we give her a pacifier and her preferred blankie and she lays her head right down on you. If she's tired she will go grab both those things and lay right down on the floor.
-She goes to sleep pretty easily- within 10-15 minutes. MUCH easier than her bro!
-She is an observer. She takes it all in.
-She is standing on her own and twice now has gone from sitting to standing herself up. She took one lunge/step last week
-She listens and responds so well. She will go get things or do things we ask her. Cute!
-She's got some words- looks like I'll have two talkers- bye bye, mama, baby (buhbh), dada, nonono, eh eh eh, hot (hop), uh oh (uh uh). She's starting to repeat words (sounds we make). I was telling her we were going out to the car and she said cah over and over
-She's physical. She loves to jump and climb and push things and go through tunnels
-She's fearless. She will go down slides and not hesitate to do things (things that her brother is still scared of). She loves climbing on EVERYTHING
-She loves looking at pictures
-She loves to blow kisses, play pat-a-cake, and "blow" out the birthday candle after we sing happy birthday (it's Jay's favorite song!)
-She's a great eater but still prefers fruit to anything else. We haven't eaten purees baby food in over a month
-She nurses three times a day (mainly for comfort) and I'm ok with that!
-She naps twice a day (short one in the morning and long one while Jay naps)
-She goes to sleep around 8ish and wakes up around 7ish
-She is in 9-12 month clothes- 9 months fit better but are too short!
-She likes to drink out of straws- but really only likes water
-She still nurses or gets rocked to sleep. I love this so much!
-She is independent! She will reach out and go to just about anyone (except Santa- he was NOT a hit). She is great getting dropped off in the nursery or anywhere else!
-She just had her FIRST tooth poke through on her 10 month birthday! Yay!
-She is a HAM! She just started trying to "smile" for pictures! Man, when she sees the camera she gets so excited and busts out a smile. Now she is starting to "pose" and smile. It's hilarious! And the other day when we were taking pictures with Santa, she was SOBBING. There was a huge group behind her trying to get her to smile by calling her name and shouting. She saw/heard all the people and saw the camera flashes and in a SPLIT second went from wailing to smiling. It was unreal! 
-She finally has enough hair on her head to hold a bow! Yippee!

I am just so so thankful for this precious baby girl God gave us. She is a doll and is developing into who she will become. I love her so much!

I just wanted to include these pictures also because I think she looks SO OLD!!!!!! Where has my teeny tiny baby gone?!


Jules said...

She just always makes me smile.... Such a cutie :)

Samantha Jones said...

She is so cute! I definitely love the idea with her in her chair every month, I want to do that! Great pictures and blog. Awesome, thank you.

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The Moriarty Family said...

Happy 10 months, CK!!!!! Such a precious girl!