Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Potty Talk

The week before we left for Mexico I was convinced that we were just a few baby steps away from Jay being pretty much potty trained.

I didn't go at it "trying" to train him. But he has been telling me for a LONG time every single time he needs to go, or actually does go, teetee or poopoo.

Then we tried getting him to go outside- which he was super successful. Eventually we moved it inside to the potty and he was kicking butt! Anytime we were at home he was not wearing a diaper and was going to the bathroom in the toilet every time. We had just started underwear and still kept a diaper on for naps and bedtime, but we were at the point of him asking to go potty every single time he needed to go- he'd either ask or just run in there and go! We were definitely on the right track.

Then we went to Mexico.

And now he can't go without a diaper without peeing. It's like he can't feel it coming anymore! I took his diaper off in the morning like I used to, and one morning we had three accidents by 9:00! Eek!

I am so not caring about the actual potty training part- it's actually more work on me to train him and have him trained (finding and using public toilets- yuck!).

It's just so bizarre! Is that normal? Either way we are back in diapers and not pushing it AT all! When he's ready again we will give it another try.

In the meantime, I leave you with these... My little snuggly guy! Xoxoxo :)


Emily said...

Do you have a little potty for Jay? If so, which one? I don't think Carson's even close, but no worries here. I'm just waiting for you to figure it all out and share your secrets! :-)

Ashley said...

Tully started asking sometime in August or September when he started school, so I went with it. Then he stopped completely for a couple months. Then a few days ago he started asking again and even demanded we stop multiple times on our road trip to Texas over Thanksgiving, so he could pee on the side of the road. Like you, I've just been following his lead. We did have a huge break in there though. Jay will come back around--and I agree, it's not worth a battle.