Sunday, November 4, 2012

Liebster Award

Chelsea, at The Life We Love, tagged me in the Liebster Awards. Not gonna lie, I don't really know what it means, but I do know I get to answer some questions about myself, which while it seems kind of lame, makes me happy because it's one less topic I have to THINK about for blogging! So it's a win-win for everyone... or just me because it helps my laziness!

Thank you to Chelsea! I actually didn't know Chelsea in college, but our circle of friends definitely intertwined. Now that we've been out of college, I have LOVED getting to know her through her blog! I can't wait to actually hang out in person with her cutie son... one day! You should definitely read her stuff though, because she's a great writer and very entertaining and very real! You don't get much better than that!

One of the first things I am supposed to do is list 11 facts about myself. Unfortunately, I am so exhausted (kids don't get the Daylight Savings Time memo!) that I can't think of anything clever or interesting and am skipping that part!

Then I am supposed to answer questions she asked! So here goes...

1. What is something you've always wanted to do but never have? Why not?
Hmmm... be a sushi lover! I just can't get past the texture! But I have always thought it was cool and would love to love it! I just don't. Blah. 

2. Fill in the blanks. People sometimes think I'm ___ but really, I'm ___.
Um, I don't think I want to answer this one. I don't want to say that people think I'm one thing, yet they really think something else and then point and laugh at me for being completely off. So I'll just pretend that everyone thinks I'm super wonderful and really guys, I'm not ;)

3. What are your favorite kinds of gifts to receive?
Anything thoughtful really. I don't care if it costs a penny or a jillion dollars- if it is well thought out and sentimental at all, I LOVE them! I would take a scavenger hunt date or a planned out vacation over some expensive gift any day. Now, that's not saying that I WON'T receive them with open arms of course... :)

4. What is something someone has done for you that really touched you?
Ohhh... where to begin? Honestly, people are so kind sometimes. Especially when Charley and Jay were firstborn, it was so incredible to have people who knew what I needed and did it without asking or making me ask them. For instance, there were times when all I needed was to sleep. And my mother, or mother-in-law, or sisters or friends would take the baby for an hour and go outside and just let me be. No matter what happened, they just let me rest. 

I think the thing that makes me happiest in life is when people compliment my children. I can't think of anything that makes me happier than hearing someone say something wonderful about my babies. Not just "They are so cute! Wow, they are big! Oh, look- he's so happy!"... but genuinely complimenting them. That warms my heart more than anything in the whole world. 

Also, random acts of kindness. I love when people do nice things out of the blue. I need to do more of that! 

5. What are three things you really like about yourself?
Eeeek, they always ask this in interviews for jobs. I will probably skip this one! How about I answer three things I like about my husband- and just three (it's hard to narrow it down people!)...
1) His love for Christ and his desire to be a Godly husband and father. Anthony is a newer Christian, but the amount of effort he puts into learning and being a leader for us is incredible. He puts God first, and that trickles down to his family. I am so thankful that my children will grow up with a father who loves Jesus and will teach them about Him. 
2) His forgiving nature. I am terrible at forgiving. I would rather act like a brat and hold a grudge then just admit when I'm wrong, apologize, and move on. Even when I am wrong and act like a brat, Anthony forgives with NO hesitation. I truly don't understand how he can do it. He's amazing!
3) His commitment. When Anthony commits to something, he gives himself fully. To me, to his children, his job, his faith, his friends. You know you can count on Anthony. What an amazing quality! 

6. If you have kids, what are three attributes you hope to instill in them?
Number one would be to love Jesus and believe in Him with all of their heart, all of their mind, and all of their soul. He is number one in everything. The second is simple really and only one word- respect. When I was a teacher I told my class I had only one rule- be respectful. Everything falls under this category. Respect others, respect property, and respect yourself. I don't even think you need a third- this pretty much covers it :)

7. What is something you struggle with?
Ha! Where do I begin? I struggle with the fact that I could be better at everything- I could be a better Christian, a better wife, a better mom, a better friend, a better sister... you get the point. I hate that I feel like I don't do a good enough job. I struggle with body image- I am so so sad when I look in the mirror now. I have a lot of extra weight from these babies- and I know I should be grateful for the extra weight because it shows the two incredible things I have created, but in reality, society doesn't see it that way and neither do I. I want to show my beautiful babies, but I want to have a rockin' bod that I'm proud of, too. It's frustrating because I haven't always been this way. Up until the end of college I was blissfully unaware of my body. I didn't think it was perfect, but I didn't think it was bad. I just didn't think of it. What a freeing time in my life- I honestly couldn't have cared less what my body looked like (and people, it wasn't perfect- I look back at pictures and think- what in the world?! I was huge!). One day I will get back there... I promise! 

8. What are you really good at?
Time Management. Seriously. I am OCD about time and I know it. I can plan anything (effectively) down to the minute. It's a gift and a curse- especially when you marry a guy who thinks a time is just a suggestion. Or when your best friend, or mom, or sister aren't big "time" people... Sigh... Opposites attract :) 

I also like to think I'm really good at loving (and being patient with) my babies. They have my whole heart- and pretty much nothing gets in the way of that. You might not agree with choices I make on raising them or disciplining them- but one would have a hard time arguing that I am impatient with my kids. 

9. What do you wish you could be better at?
Ha! See question 7!

10. Tell a funny joke.
A mushroom was sitting at bar. The waiter came up and said, "We don't serve your kind here." And the mushroom said, "Why not? I'm a fun guy (fungi!)" Ha! 

11. How many hours do you sleep per night, on average?
What a sad, sad answer I have for this. I would say for the past few months, about 5 hours total. It's interrupted. I don't get in bed until around midnight (Charley typically wakes around 1145 each night, so it's pointless to get in bed before then). Then, she wakes a couple times each night (not awake, awake- just needs some comforting). So between going to bed late, being up with her, and getting up when she does, I would say about 5 hours. Boo hiss. 

There you have it! I probably won't tag anyone because I'm lame and don't want to pressure anyone, but if you want to answer the same questions I did, please do! I love reading and learning about people outside of the normal "blog" topics! 

PS- Betcha didn't think it would be so deep... Ha! I wanted to be clever and upbeat, but dangit- I'm so not in that mood!


the blogivers said...

I liked reading these! Although I think you should be forced to go back and answer #5 about YOURSELF - because I know there are plenty of wonderful things to like about yourself :)

I'll give you three: you're a great mom, you're encouraging, and you planned a mean sorority party in college ;)

Jules said...

Can you please teach me how to be better with time? Haha! Instead of being productive while both kids nap, I'm reading blogs and watching Friends re-runs! Slacker!

Leah said...

I loved reading about you Court, and sort of agree with Allison. :) And even though no one technically gave me this award, I might play anyway.