Sunday, November 18, 2012

Funny Little Personalities

I love how I am discovering each of my kid's personalities every day. Even with Charley only 9 months old, it is crazy apparent how different they really are! I now remember why I fell in love with the 9 month mark- you can really see who these little ones are becoming!

Jay is so much like his father. He is kind and sensitive and pretty patient. He honestly doesn't have much of a bad bone in his body (notice I didn't say he didn't have any bad bones at all- he does, they are just little!). He crumbles when told no, he is sweet to friends and his sister, and he is usually pretty patient when a certain little sibling messes up his stuff. These are incredible qualities, but it does offer somewhat of a problem sometimes. He gets his feelings so hurt when he is corrected. And the great thing is, he doesn't have to be corrected often! But when he is, it makes it so hard because he takes it so personally! He is also so sweet that sometimes he gets pushed around. He is definitely learning to hold his own, but he won't be the first up to bat for sure. And his patience definitely gets tested by his baby sister. And his cousin Jill (who is like his sister). And when he loses it, he LOSES it!

Um, are you a teenager??? Stop growing up!!!!!!!

He is also very very shy, doesn't like to be the center of attention, and is very OCD about somethings. At the wedding a few weeks ago, he did NOT like the reception and kept asking when we could go home. He met a lot of new people that weekend and definitely stayed on my (or Anthony's hip). It's hard for him to give fives, or joke around at first. He absolutely needs time to warm up. He hates being the center of attention. When we went to visit my nephew at his school last week, all the elementary kids ran up to my kids in the stroller. Jay didn't move a muscle, and he must have been thinking "If I don't move, maybe they won't see me." He is also pretty OCD- I mean, look at all the animal pictures I've ever posted! Anthony's best friend from growing up, Jake, thought it would be funny to treat Jay like he treats Anthony. (Sidenote- in college, all of Anthony's buddies thought it was hilarious to take out all of his perfectly hung clothes from his closet and throw them all over his bed in a big mess. Or rearrange his desk. Or mess up his alphabetically/sized spices in the spice cabinet). So Jay had his animals all lined up the other day, and Jake said, "Hey Jay! Do you get as mad as your dad at stuff like this?" and just swiped all of Jay's perfectly lined up animals on the floor in a big heap. Jay CRUMBLED. He took it so personally and cried! It was awful!

Jay reminds me so much of his daddy in so many ways, but he has a LOT of Moriarty in him too! He's a homebody- loves to be around his family and at his house. He's a creature of habit, he's a thinker/brainy kid (he loves puzzles and things like that- very much a Moriarty thing), and he is a jokester! I love love seeing his personality develop! Jay has a lot of "friends," but he is still really shy around them. When he's around those he knows really well, he lets it all hang loose! His best friends see his silly, crazy, outgoing side.

And then there is Charley girl. I am LOVING watching her little self come out! This is her mother's daughter! Girl has a great sense of humor (if I do say so myself! Ha!), loves to be around people and is super social, loves to perform for people, and has a temper! She can go from happy and laughing and showing off to mad mad mad (maybe that's just a woman thing??). She loves being the center of attention- loves people watching her and talking with her. Often when we are in a big group of people, she will just sit in the middle and be "part" of the grown up conversation. She performs on cue (I was talking to her pediatrician last week and he was asking me different things she was doing. Is she waving/saying bye bye? On cue she looked at him with those big blue eyes, batted them, smiled and waved and said bye bye! He got the biggest kick out of that!).

I can't even get enough of this one!!!! 
I love how it looks like she is almost winking at me! 

But man, lady has a temper! If someone takes something from her, or if she is taken away while she is doing something she likes, she gets MAD. She balls up her fists, juts out her bottom jaw, and grunts and gets red! You KNOW when this girl is not happy! She is so so so easygoing 90% of the time, but when she is mad, she IS MAD. It's hilarious to me!

The other day when we went to see my nephew at school, while Jay was trying to go unnoticed with the kids, Charley stood up in her stroller, and was smiling and laughing and waving at all the kids! If I don't have two totally opposite kids.... Oh, and at the wedding reception! She was over tired, hadn't taken a bottle or been fed, and was in the BEST mood! She LOVED all the lights and music and people! She was in heaven! It was so funny! And dropping the kids off with nursery workers, or babysitters, or just other people in general- Jay was SO clingy and I would have to sneak out and he would still cry! The other day at church I just walked into the nursery and handed Charley to one of the girls. She was perfectly happy!

I love that I have two different kids. I love watching them develop into who they will become. It's crazy to me to know how similarly I have raised them and how different they are. And it's even crazier how much I love them both SO much! Can't wait to see what the next one(s) is/are like! :)

The one thing they have in common- they are BOTH snugglers!
Thank you God for my sweet blessings!

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Leah said...

Funny!! Our kids personalities are similar! Sam is like Charley... MAJOR temper. Kid gets so mad. :)