Monday, November 12, 2012

Did I Catch a Niner in There?


Charley Kate, how is it possible to have been here in the outside world as long as we knew about you in the inside world?! You know what this means? Baby weight should be GONE by now! Eek!

Anthony, Jay, and I just can't get enough of this girl. She is a hoot and just gets better by the day! We love our little princess and love watching her grow each day!

-She is 28 1/4 inches tall (73%).... Weighs 18 lbs 1 oz (48%), and has a head circumference of 17.5 inches (63%)
-She is wearing size 9 month clothes, size 3 diapers (Huggies only!), and a LOT of bows :)
-Charley crawls FAST, pulls up on everything she can get her hands on, cruises on furniture and walking toys, and stood by herself last week for the first time. To say she likes to be on the go is an understatement!
-Girl loves to clap, wave bye bye, pat everything in sight, give kisses, snuggle, throw things, cuddle with her blanket, do "so big," fake burp, pant like a dog when she sees one, and flash that million dollar smile to anyone who will watch
-She is a great eater- nurses three times a day, takes a bottle 3-4 times a day (5 oz each time), eats just about every table food but DEFINITELY prefers fruit to anything else! This is SUCH a change from Jay who preferred meat to anything. Charley loves fruit cups, cut up fruit, and can't get enough of it! She isn't big on meat, and that usually goes on the floor. She loves grains (rice and quinoa) and cheese!
-She falls asleep relatively easy (knock on wood) for naps and bedtime. She 85% of the time is either nursed to sleep or given a bottle, but will easily go down without anything (read- not dependent on it to fall asleep, it just happens to go that way most days!). As long as she has her blanket and a pacifier, she's good to go. Now, staying asleep? Blech. Working on that one!
-Still has no teeth! Come on- give the girl a break!
-Loves her pets and any other live animals so much! I thought Jay LOVED animals... well, Charley Kate puts him to shame with the live ones! She loves to play and hang all over Tex and Ella, and seriously freaks out so excited when she sees another animal around (even the drug dogs in the airport!). She pants like a dog when she sees Tex! Cuteness!
-She loves balls and drumsticks (or long stick-like objects). But babies take the cake. By far her very favorite toy.
-Loves being in the water. She doesn't mind getting splashed or water poured all over her head. She's a water champ!
-Is a quiet laugher, but definitely laughs. She gets that from Auntie Michelle :)
-Can say ma-mom, bah-buh for baby, pah-pah for pat-pat, and says, "MMMMMM" when we play the "Who likes ____" game (Who likes ice cream? We all scream Meeeee! Who likes to play outside? Meeeeee! Who loves Jay? Meeeee!). She totally joins in when she hears us doing it! She also tries to make the "uh uh uh" sound if we are trying to keep her from doing something she isn't supposed to be doing- she definitely plays with us!
-She loves to be outside over anywhere else! If she hears the door open, she is on her way OUT. If she doesn't get to go out, she has a total meltdown!
-Charley is our social one- loves to chat and see people. She has never cried dropping her in the nursery or anywhere else. She had a blast at the wedding and reception-she LOVES to be around people and be part of the conversation!
-Still HATES the car. When you go to put her in, she straightens her back and legs and tries to flip over. She cries for at least the first five minutes. Sometimes she will calm down and play, but if she's tired, she cries the entire trip. Entire trip.
-She is tough. Her hand gets stepped on, she gets knocked over, or shots- she takes it and keeps going (she cries for shots but its short and quiet- almost like she's offended!)
-Girl has a temper. She's just started fussing at us (yelling or crying) when she doesn't get her way. She can get mad, mad, mad!
-She JUST started drinking milk from a sippy cup with a straw. She was so proud!

Charley girl, you are our world. We love you beyond explanation!


The Torno's said...

Such a cutie! And she was a DOLL at the wedding!

The Moriarty Family said...

Oh what a sweet girl! Loved reading about what she's up to, seems like SO much fun!