Thursday, November 1, 2012

Charley's Turn!

This week marked a big first for Charley- she started Gymboree!!!

We were SO in love with Gymboree with Jay- we found it to be the perfect mix of climbing/gymnastics and singing and music. At about 18 months Jay was over the musical part of it, but for the baby/early toddler age it's just great.

So I took Charley to her first class this week while Jay was in school. She is a little young for the age group (8.5 months in the 10-16 month class), but this age group was the only one that worked with Jay's school schedule. I was a little anxious to see how she would do with the bigger kids.

Well, it was a PERFECT fit for our little climber! Girl didn't stop "talking" the entire time there! She climbed and crawled and played and patted and had a BLAST! She is a pretty active little thing, so her age/ability wasn't a problem at all! Oh, and bubble time? She LOVED it!

It's so different with her than Jay. In circle time Jay would stick pretty close to me or just play around in the middle. Charley took it as socializing time- she visited every mother and child and chatted it up. It was so funny! Our little butterfly!

I am so excited that she gets to participate in this! Can't wait for more fun memories!

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The Scott Family said...

What a little go-getter! Love it:).