Monday, November 26, 2012

Charley Kate Movie Star

So, I remember now how much I LOOOOVE 9 month olds! OMG! Favorite stage! Seriously, I love love love this age! They are so cute and cuddly and baby-ish, but they are SO fun! They are learning new things literally every day (and sometimes a few times a day!)!

Here are some videos of Charley that I am currently obsessed with....

Charley is ALL about pushing things and walking. She's been doing it for almost three weeks and is SO good at it now! This was from about two weeks ago!

Probably one of my favorite videos to date! Girl LOVES the slide! Look how happy she is (and it's the second level of the playset AND a tunnel slide!)!

And one of my favorite things that BOTH my kids have done... They make the "uh uh uh uh" sound when they are doing something wrong! Clearly I do this (instead of saying no- especially to a baby!) and they both picked up on it. Here is Charley at Aunt Andrea's house- she knows she's doing something wrong!

And just for the record, here is Jay doing the same thing! :)  (really it's just about the first 15 seconds of this clip)


the blogivers said...

Ha, the last 2 videos remind me of Davis at that age - when he was doing something he wasn't supposed to, he would just turn around, look at me, and shake his head "no"... and then continue doing it :) Stinkers!

Michelle said...

I love that they both picked up on that noise! And those videos of Charley are SUPER cute!!

Brooke Christopherson said...

I do that noise to my kids at school! And my dog. :)