Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Confessions

I have strep throat (day 6, day 2 of antibiotics), Anthony has strep throat (day 2, day 1), and yet we are still kissing our kids and snuggling them. It's hard not to!

There has been an excessive amount of tv watching and iPad playing due to mommy's lack of energy. I have felt really guilty about it :/

I was a little bummed that Anthony came down strep too- especially on his birthday- because it meant I had to dig extra deep and fine some positive energy (I can't be a grouch when he's sick ON his birthday!).

I get a little frustrated with how wussy the "stronger sex" is. I mean, I had it too- for FIVE days without going to the doctor and taking care of kids and traveling. Don't you think I want to curl up on the couch and mope too?!?

We had our Christmas lights put up and the top and middle layers of our house were different colors. I had the guys redo them after they worked for a LONG time on them (they looked ghetto and we are the new neighbors this year- you KNOW people would have judged!)!

After unpacking boxes of decorations and trying to place them in our new house, I feel like a TOTAL inadequate failure. Is that really ALL the stuff we have?!

2:00 is my favorite time of day- both kids are napping!

I haven't been able to get any exercise because I feel like I'm on my death bed. I don't feel bad about it at all. I'm grateful for an excuse :)

That's all I got- I need a nap.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Charley Kate Movie Star

So, I remember now how much I LOOOOVE 9 month olds! OMG! Favorite stage! Seriously, I love love love this age! They are so cute and cuddly and baby-ish, but they are SO fun! They are learning new things literally every day (and sometimes a few times a day!)!

Here are some videos of Charley that I am currently obsessed with....

Charley is ALL about pushing things and walking. She's been doing it for almost three weeks and is SO good at it now! This was from about two weeks ago!

Probably one of my favorite videos to date! Girl LOVES the slide! Look how happy she is (and it's the second level of the playset AND a tunnel slide!)!

And one of my favorite things that BOTH my kids have done... They make the "uh uh uh uh" sound when they are doing something wrong! Clearly I do this (instead of saying no- especially to a baby!) and they both picked up on it. Here is Charley at Aunt Andrea's house- she knows she's doing something wrong!

And just for the record, here is Jay doing the same thing! :)  (really it's just about the first 15 seconds of this clip)

Turkey and a Table

So we had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Dallas with Anthony's fam. Andrea was a gracious hostess and the kids loved spending time with their family! We didn't take a ton of pics, but here are a few...

Prepping the turkey

Walking to the park!

Carving the turkey

Charley's First Thanksgiving! 
She enjoyed it!

Jay and Grandma throwing sticks

Aunt Andrea and Charley

The grownups


Unfortunately three of the four of us (Anthony lucked out!!) got sick. Both kids had terrible colds and I came down with what felt like (and still does feel like) strep throat. Fever, stuff neck, headache, awful throat, swollen lymph nodes- the works!

We did some park playing while people cooked and did work around the house and luckily we were able to squeeze in some visits with friends Friday afternoon and meet some cute babies (and bloggy friends!) that I've been anxious to see! No pics of course...

We came home Saturday and caught up with my family. Everyone was in but the newlyweds (still honeymooning!). Jay and CK LOVE their cousins and aunties and uncles and grandparents. And the kids love playing with Uncle Tony!

We all decided to get sitters and have a grown-up family steak dinner. We went to a fabulous restaurant and let loose! It was do fun to hang out with the siblings, spouses, and my parents- all kid free! We don't get to do it often, but when we do it's always a blast! Lots of laughter and hours later we all called it a night! Again, no pics...

Sunday we had a mini-Bday party for Anthony. My family gave him a cruiser bike to take the kids on bike rides! I'm so excited!! I'm secretly hoping for one for Christmas! :) I tested my mom's out the other day- and fell in love! Before you judge, I literally only rode down half the street and back since neither kid had a helmet!

I love love love the holidays, but after the last six weeks we have had, I am so excited to have a month of normalcy! The kids and I just hung around the house all day- we all needed it!

On another note, I have been looking for a new table for our breakfast room. Ours is too big and I wanted a smaller round one. Well, after searching a JILLION stores, I went to an unfinished furniture store and found one I loved. I bought some stain and had them finish it for me!

Table in the store! Love it!

I am so so pleased with it, but now am at a total loss for what to do with my breakfast room! I want to paint the walks maybe, need new artwork, new chairs, and I need a new piece (small china cabinet) to go in there. Ugh.... Ideas?? It all flowed with the last table, but now I'm lost- and too exhausted to decide what I want! I just need a babysitter all day for a few days so I can go hunting for inspiration! :)

See? Blah now.... 
(I won't leave the table like that forever, it just worked for dinner tonight)

So boring... ugh...

And get ready, I'm about to post some seriously awesome videos of Charley (total overload!).... I know you're all sitting on the edge of your seats ;)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

So Very Thankful

I love that this one day of the year everyone stops to count their blessings. For one day, we aren't asking for more, but just thanking the One who gave it all.

Reflecting back makes me so happy- what an amazing year The Squillantes have had!

We welcomed a beautiful daughter to a loving big brother, we transitioned to life with two kids rather seamlessly, we bought a gorgeous new home, sold ours in a bidding war, and Anthony's business had another record breaking year. We gained three new members of the Moriarty family- and thankfully lost none.

To say we are abundantly blessed is such an understatement!

I am feeling so very thankful tonight...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Funny Little Personalities

I love how I am discovering each of my kid's personalities every day. Even with Charley only 9 months old, it is crazy apparent how different they really are! I now remember why I fell in love with the 9 month mark- you can really see who these little ones are becoming!

Jay is so much like his father. He is kind and sensitive and pretty patient. He honestly doesn't have much of a bad bone in his body (notice I didn't say he didn't have any bad bones at all- he does, they are just little!). He crumbles when told no, he is sweet to friends and his sister, and he is usually pretty patient when a certain little sibling messes up his stuff. These are incredible qualities, but it does offer somewhat of a problem sometimes. He gets his feelings so hurt when he is corrected. And the great thing is, he doesn't have to be corrected often! But when he is, it makes it so hard because he takes it so personally! He is also so sweet that sometimes he gets pushed around. He is definitely learning to hold his own, but he won't be the first up to bat for sure. And his patience definitely gets tested by his baby sister. And his cousin Jill (who is like his sister). And when he loses it, he LOSES it!

Um, are you a teenager??? Stop growing up!!!!!!!

He is also very very shy, doesn't like to be the center of attention, and is very OCD about somethings. At the wedding a few weeks ago, he did NOT like the reception and kept asking when we could go home. He met a lot of new people that weekend and definitely stayed on my (or Anthony's hip). It's hard for him to give fives, or joke around at first. He absolutely needs time to warm up. He hates being the center of attention. When we went to visit my nephew at his school last week, all the elementary kids ran up to my kids in the stroller. Jay didn't move a muscle, and he must have been thinking "If I don't move, maybe they won't see me." He is also pretty OCD- I mean, look at all the animal pictures I've ever posted! Anthony's best friend from growing up, Jake, thought it would be funny to treat Jay like he treats Anthony. (Sidenote- in college, all of Anthony's buddies thought it was hilarious to take out all of his perfectly hung clothes from his closet and throw them all over his bed in a big mess. Or rearrange his desk. Or mess up his alphabetically/sized spices in the spice cabinet). So Jay had his animals all lined up the other day, and Jake said, "Hey Jay! Do you get as mad as your dad at stuff like this?" and just swiped all of Jay's perfectly lined up animals on the floor in a big heap. Jay CRUMBLED. He took it so personally and cried! It was awful!

Jay reminds me so much of his daddy in so many ways, but he has a LOT of Moriarty in him too! He's a homebody- loves to be around his family and at his house. He's a creature of habit, he's a thinker/brainy kid (he loves puzzles and things like that- very much a Moriarty thing), and he is a jokester! I love love seeing his personality develop! Jay has a lot of "friends," but he is still really shy around them. When he's around those he knows really well, he lets it all hang loose! His best friends see his silly, crazy, outgoing side.

And then there is Charley girl. I am LOVING watching her little self come out! This is her mother's daughter! Girl has a great sense of humor (if I do say so myself! Ha!), loves to be around people and is super social, loves to perform for people, and has a temper! She can go from happy and laughing and showing off to mad mad mad (maybe that's just a woman thing??). She loves being the center of attention- loves people watching her and talking with her. Often when we are in a big group of people, she will just sit in the middle and be "part" of the grown up conversation. She performs on cue (I was talking to her pediatrician last week and he was asking me different things she was doing. Is she waving/saying bye bye? On cue she looked at him with those big blue eyes, batted them, smiled and waved and said bye bye! He got the biggest kick out of that!).

I can't even get enough of this one!!!! 
I love how it looks like she is almost winking at me! 

But man, lady has a temper! If someone takes something from her, or if she is taken away while she is doing something she likes, she gets MAD. She balls up her fists, juts out her bottom jaw, and grunts and gets red! You KNOW when this girl is not happy! She is so so so easygoing 90% of the time, but when she is mad, she IS MAD. It's hilarious to me!

The other day when we went to see my nephew at school, while Jay was trying to go unnoticed with the kids, Charley stood up in her stroller, and was smiling and laughing and waving at all the kids! If I don't have two totally opposite kids.... Oh, and at the wedding reception! She was over tired, hadn't taken a bottle or been fed, and was in the BEST mood! She LOVED all the lights and music and people! She was in heaven! It was so funny! And dropping the kids off with nursery workers, or babysitters, or just other people in general- Jay was SO clingy and I would have to sneak out and he would still cry! The other day at church I just walked into the nursery and handed Charley to one of the girls. She was perfectly happy!

I love that I have two different kids. I love watching them develop into who they will become. It's crazy to me to know how similarly I have raised them and how different they are. And it's even crazier how much I love them both SO much! Can't wait to see what the next one(s) is/are like! :)

The one thing they have in common- they are BOTH snugglers!
Thank you God for my sweet blessings!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Potty Talk

The week before we left for Mexico I was convinced that we were just a few baby steps away from Jay being pretty much potty trained.

I didn't go at it "trying" to train him. But he has been telling me for a LONG time every single time he needs to go, or actually does go, teetee or poopoo.

Then we tried getting him to go outside- which he was super successful. Eventually we moved it inside to the potty and he was kicking butt! Anytime we were at home he was not wearing a diaper and was going to the bathroom in the toilet every time. We had just started underwear and still kept a diaper on for naps and bedtime, but we were at the point of him asking to go potty every single time he needed to go- he'd either ask or just run in there and go! We were definitely on the right track.

Then we went to Mexico.

And now he can't go without a diaper without peeing. It's like he can't feel it coming anymore! I took his diaper off in the morning like I used to, and one morning we had three accidents by 9:00! Eek!

I am so not caring about the actual potty training part- it's actually more work on me to train him and have him trained (finding and using public toilets- yuck!).

It's just so bizarre! Is that normal? Either way we are back in diapers and not pushing it AT all! When he's ready again we will give it another try.

In the meantime, I leave you with these... My little snuggly guy! Xoxoxo :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Confessions

It's been a while since I've confessed- I blame it on the craziness that has been my life lately.

But I'm back and ready to bare it...

I bought a game on the iPad today for Jay that cost $6.99!!!!!!! I've never spent that much on anything on the iPad! But it kept him busy while I fed Charley and got dinner ready... Totally worth it! Anthony would have my head though! Thank goodness for gift cards!

I only let Charley nap for 20 minutes this morning because Jay was at school and I needed to run errands. It paid off though- she took a 2 hour nap this afternoon!

The other night at Michelle's wedding they did the anniversary dance. It was the only time I was able to dance with Anthony, and after 10 seconds I cut us off so we could go to the photo booth with no line!

I put Jay and Charley in the bath yesterday at 1230. It was too early for naps but I was already running out of entertainment. Did they get dirty the rest of the day? Yes. Did I bathe them again? No.

I wore leggings with a shirt that only half covered my butt the other day. Sorry world.

I got some yummy sandwich rolls at the store on Monday. I was totally looking forward to having one for lunch today, but there were spots of mold on them (after two days!!!! Waste of money!!!). I seriously contemplated cutting the spots off and eating it anyway. I'm surprised I didn't.

We played with sidewalk chalk today and Charley started to chew on one. I let her because it kept her busy and happy for almost 15 minutes!!

I stepped in a pile of fireants today. About five minutes later (once we went inside), I found one in my bra. ?????

Until next time...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just to Compare...

I love looking at the differences (and similarities!) between the two. I feel like 9 months is when Jay really started to look a lot like he does now! I'll be anxious to see if the same holds true for Charley Kate!

Jay at 9 Months

Charley at 9 Months

Jay Waiting at the Doc at 9 Months

Charley Waiting at the Doc at 9 Months

Jay's 9 Month Stats:
30 inches (94%)
20 lbs 5 oz (49%)
46% head

Charley's 9 Month Stats:
28 1/4 inches (73%)
18 lbs 1 oz (48 %)
63% head

I knew you were wondering :)

Did I Catch a Niner in There?


Charley Kate, how is it possible to have been here in the outside world as long as we knew about you in the inside world?! You know what this means? Baby weight should be GONE by now! Eek!

Anthony, Jay, and I just can't get enough of this girl. She is a hoot and just gets better by the day! We love our little princess and love watching her grow each day!

-She is 28 1/4 inches tall (73%).... Weighs 18 lbs 1 oz (48%), and has a head circumference of 17.5 inches (63%)
-She is wearing size 9 month clothes, size 3 diapers (Huggies only!), and a LOT of bows :)
-Charley crawls FAST, pulls up on everything she can get her hands on, cruises on furniture and walking toys, and stood by herself last week for the first time. To say she likes to be on the go is an understatement!
-Girl loves to clap, wave bye bye, pat everything in sight, give kisses, snuggle, throw things, cuddle with her blanket, do "so big," fake burp, pant like a dog when she sees one, and flash that million dollar smile to anyone who will watch
-She is a great eater- nurses three times a day, takes a bottle 3-4 times a day (5 oz each time), eats just about every table food but DEFINITELY prefers fruit to anything else! This is SUCH a change from Jay who preferred meat to anything. Charley loves fruit cups, cut up fruit, and can't get enough of it! She isn't big on meat, and that usually goes on the floor. She loves grains (rice and quinoa) and cheese!
-She falls asleep relatively easy (knock on wood) for naps and bedtime. She 85% of the time is either nursed to sleep or given a bottle, but will easily go down without anything (read- not dependent on it to fall asleep, it just happens to go that way most days!). As long as she has her blanket and a pacifier, she's good to go. Now, staying asleep? Blech. Working on that one!
-Still has no teeth! Come on- give the girl a break!
-Loves her pets and any other live animals so much! I thought Jay LOVED animals... well, Charley Kate puts him to shame with the live ones! She loves to play and hang all over Tex and Ella, and seriously freaks out so excited when she sees another animal around (even the drug dogs in the airport!). She pants like a dog when she sees Tex! Cuteness!
-She loves balls and drumsticks (or long stick-like objects). But babies take the cake. By far her very favorite toy.
-Loves being in the water. She doesn't mind getting splashed or water poured all over her head. She's a water champ!
-Is a quiet laugher, but definitely laughs. She gets that from Auntie Michelle :)
-Can say ma-mom, bah-buh for baby, pah-pah for pat-pat, and says, "MMMMMM" when we play the "Who likes ____" game (Who likes ice cream? We all scream Meeeee! Who likes to play outside? Meeeeee! Who loves Jay? Meeeee!). She totally joins in when she hears us doing it! She also tries to make the "uh uh uh" sound if we are trying to keep her from doing something she isn't supposed to be doing- she definitely plays with us!
-She loves to be outside over anywhere else! If she hears the door open, she is on her way OUT. If she doesn't get to go out, she has a total meltdown!
-Charley is our social one- loves to chat and see people. She has never cried dropping her in the nursery or anywhere else. She had a blast at the wedding and reception-she LOVES to be around people and be part of the conversation!
-Still HATES the car. When you go to put her in, she straightens her back and legs and tries to flip over. She cries for at least the first five minutes. Sometimes she will calm down and play, but if she's tired, she cries the entire trip. Entire trip.
-She is tough. Her hand gets stepped on, she gets knocked over, or shots- she takes it and keeps going (she cries for shots but its short and quiet- almost like she's offended!)
-Girl has a temper. She's just started fussing at us (yelling or crying) when she doesn't get her way. She can get mad, mad, mad!
-She JUST started drinking milk from a sippy cup with a straw. She was so proud!

Charley girl, you are our world. We love you beyond explanation!

The Wedding!

This weekend was my baby sister's wedding- and it was the most amazing time. It was a joyous celebration uniting two incredible (and incredibly beautiful) people!

Michelle is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met- inside and out. She is kind, giving, thoughtful, caring, honest... I could go on and on. She has one of the purest hearts I've ever known. I was so honored to be her Matron of Honor during this process.

It was a fun, busy, and emotional weekend. It didn't hit me until about two minutes before we were to walk down the aisle- and then I lost it. She was radiant and stunning and I was so beyond happy for her. My baby sister- all grown up!

Enough talk- here are some pictures of the weekend!
(some are out of order, but I'm too lazy to change it! Sorry!)

Jenn and Me at the Rehearsal Dinner

Scott and MeeMaw dancing!! Hilarious!

Love love love!

Pretty luncheon flowers!

Bridesmaids Lunch Hostesses

MOB and B   :)

Girls at Lunch



Here they come!

Woohoo! They did it (practice!)!

Such a great auntie!

Getting primped!


She is so pretty!

Love the dresses!

Sisters are the best!

Fun (and mostly brunette!) girls!

Day after BBQ at Salt Lick

Love having fam in town!


Auntie JJ held Baby Austen a lot! :)

Yes, we did this on purpose!

Table assignments!

Kelli came in from Germany! With a 15 month old!
She wins!

My cute date!

I just love this one so much. SO much.

The Moriartys and Scott :)


This just makes me laugh so hard. 

It was a perfect wedding! Many many prayers for this amazing couple!