Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wednesday Confessions

Confessions Mexican Vacation Style!

While on vacation, the four of us stay in one room. Anthony and me in the queen bed, Charley in the crib, and Jay on the pullout couch/bed. If Charley fusses in the middle of the night, I try to get to her as quickly as possible so she won't wake Jay up. Since I can't rock her back to sleep without a rocking chair in the room, I just put her in bed with us. Well, three of us in the bed is a tight squeeze. So as soon as Jay makes the slightest peep, I tell Anthony to go lay next to him to "keep him asleep." In reality, I kick him out of the bed so I can have a little more room. Bad wife.

I am not in bikini shape- at all. So I didn't pack one for our trip to Mexico. We got there, and just about every single other woman was wearing one- and I can say with complete confidence that I should NOT have felt bad about choosing to wear a bikini. I just wonder if these people don't look in the mirror, or if they just don't care. Either way, I should probably have more of that in me.

Did I mention that it was a dream come true to eat Mexican food for 7 straight days (day and night)?!? This did not help my "not in bikini shape body" though.

We watched the last debate with two people who have very opposite views than us. All four of us were trying to stay quiet and respectful of the others, but that is no fun and I don't want to do that again! It's hard for me to bite my tongue!!

I love having cute kids with me all the time. This takes every ounce of attention away from me and allows me to look as awful as I want. Didn't shower in two days after being in the beach water? Who cares! At least Charley has a cute swimsuit and coordinating bow!

I am having serious issues/withdrawals from not being able to use my phone 24/7 (or at least whenever I want!). Who knew life was so hard without the Internet and texting?

Jay threw a toy over the rail at dinner (on a second floor patio overlooking the marina) the other night. I told him we couldn't go get it and that it was gone. His hero daddy found a way to get down there and get the toy back. As we gave it back we explained he couldn't throw it down there again, blah blah blah. Someone else told him if he threw it down there that bad things would eat it up. That's not my normal approach with him, but I just let it slide. Not five minutes later the BIGGEST crocodile I have ever seen in person was RIGHT down under us just sitting on the edge of the water. Boom proved me wrong about bad things eating toys and THANKYOUGOD it didn't gobble Anthony up!!!!!!!!! Eek...

When you travel you eat a lot of meals out. When you have two kids that are young, you don't normally eat a lot of long leisurely meals out. Mexican time at a restaurant is different than normal for us. They take their time. My two kids don't sit for long. Jay has played iPad at every meal time. And we have seriously brought every toy and snack we could to each meal for Charley. Girl hates to sit in her highchair. Well, halfway through the trip I was tired of wrestling and/or getting up to take her out mid-meal. So I plopped her on the filthy Mexican restaurant floor and let her dig around in the diaper bag. Bought me a meal at least (and probably eighty diseases).

One of my favorite meals in Mexico was this hole in the wall pizza place. Delicious!


the blogivers said...

Jealous that you were/are on a Mexican vacation! Hope it was/is fun :)

Jennifer said...

The diaper bag on the floor is funny! One of our biggest adjustments has been restaurant time with a kid. We have to get in and get out.