Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Report

Y'all, to say things have been crazy right now is an understatement. Seriously. I have been so MIA in the bloggy world lately- and I hate that! 

Between my little sister's wedding happening in less than four weeks (!!!!!!), my mom getting sick (tests are being run, but some prayers would be awesome), visiting Baby Austen in Austin, sisters in town, wedding showers, trips, school, parties to be planned, meals for friends, etc., life has just plain gotten in the way of blogging. I can't promise I'll be back at it regularly any time soon, but it does feel good to sit down at the computer for the first time in a while!

In the midst of all the big stuff, the little stuff has become plain awesome. I have fallen more and more in love with my precious kids (if that was even possible). They have started to play together- which warms this mommy's heart more than anything else to date. Serious cuteness. They ENJOY each other! Every morning when the other wakes up, I bring the one that is already awake to greet them. The excitement they get when they see each other is seriously amazing. Inevitably, Jay gives Charley some kisses and tickle-tickles, and it's the cutest. Then we come downstairs to play and they honestly have a good time together. They have started "chasing" each other around and (gently) tacking the other. Ugh, I can't describe it. I have to get it on video. SO sweet. 

Bagel Breakfast Date

Playing Together in the Tent

Look at ME big brother!!!!


And loving it!

Charley SERIOUSLY loves this!!

Between the fun the kids have been having, I've been having a BLAST with my little sister around! It's been so fun to hang out with her so much! I HATE that she lives in California :(   I miss her so much and it's so great having my best friend around all the time! 

I have these funny pictures from my phone from our last visit to Austin to see Austen (and take Michelle's bridal portraits!!!!)... Don't worry, I'm not posting her bridals YET, but man, was she a knock out!!!! Scott is one lucky guy!

Jay seriously loved him some Baby Austen!

My kids were obsessed. Charley was ALL OVER HER. 
A real life baby doll!!!!

This is how Charley was for the portrait-taking!

Moby's let you do ANYthing!!!!!

Jay! Hysterical!
He LOVED Owen's robe and Owen's lion towel!

Jay has grown quite the personality of late. He is hysterical. He is a serious talker and NEVER STOPS EVER. But I'm not gonna lie- I love it. I could sit and chat with him all day long. Oh wait, I do! :)    He's super into the Lion King right now (we have it DVR'd- he's never actually sat still through the entire thing, but he watches it while he plays). He loves to say, "Where the King go, Mommy? He can't go back!" when Simba contemplates going back to save the pride. And man, that movie gets me EVERY TIME. 

Jay's also learned to say his last name- it's the cutest thing ever! He has actually perfected it in the last few days which makes me sad that it isn't the LONG version, but I know it was going to happen at some point. 

Seriously, where did my baby go??

And Charley! What a doll she is! She is learning new things DAILY! She does "so big" and peekaboo and chases her brother all over! She's got the sweetest personality and I can't get enough of her!! 

All the neighborhood kids LOVE playing with her!

But girl can get into trouble! 

She's also QUITE the flirt! 
She's holding Lance's hand while laying on the couch/pillow watching football.

In the midst of all the chaos, we did get out to watch our beloved Packers take on the Hometown Texans! I was SERIOUSLY torn this game, guys! I have grown up a Packers fan and have loved them from birth, but I'm a Houston girl and love my Texans. Needless to say, I was going to be happy with whatever team won, but the Pack pulled it out and it made for a FUN night with the fam!

Well, hopefully this can hold everyone over for a bit. I hope to be back blogging regularly soon, but in the meantime, happy October! I LOVE this month!!!  :)

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So I'm wondering if Squillante or Moriarty would have been harder for him?! Both are kinda tricky for a little kid!