Friday, October 19, 2012

Austin County Fair

I LOOOOVE this weekend of the year! If you have never been to Bellville, TX for the Austin County Fair, I highly suggest you go! It's SUCH a fun time and Bellville has some of the NICEST people in the world!

This past weekend, we visited for my TENTH time!!!!!!!!!

I started going back as a freshman in college. I had a wonderful professor in one of my education classes that asked me to tag along to be a judge for their pageant. I LOVE me a good pageant, so I said yes!

The following year one of my best friends invited us to go with her (she was from Bellville), and it became a tradition every year after that!

The times in college and post college as single gals were FUN FUN FUN. We have way too many stories to tell!

As we got older, we started bringing our boyfriends/fiances/husbands, which was also a great time (just different!).

A year or two after that, I brought my nephew to show him a good time.

And this year, I happily brought my two babies!!!!!

We met up with my friend (back in Bellville with HER husband and baby) and another one of our college friends! We laughed how it had come full circle to us being back with our kids! Who would have thought?!

While this past weekend was definitely different than it was years ago, it will always hold a special place in my heart with special memories- made better by good friends! Until next year ACF....

My sweet baby girl and me at the fair!

SOMEone was creeping in the picture!
Photo bomber!

Family shot!

We loved having Auntie Michelle with us!
EVEN if the horses were more exciting! :)

 Tractor fun!

Love this one!

He LOVES her!

Ok, I know this picture is absolutely disgusting, but Jay was BEYOND fascinated with the cow peeing!

If you know Jay, you can only imagine his excitement!

Pizza and acorin (yes, that's how he says acorn which means corn)?

Not enough hands....

Redneck frito pie (made with brisket!) and roasted corn!
Yes, she's the bride and she gets to eat like this because she's so skinny!

The before...

Jill and me and our babies!!! Charley LOVED Baby Beck!

There, just regular smiles


And I tried to find pictures of the past fairs, and I only came up with two. I'm sure I could find more, but I'm lazy and have limited time! :)


The Joiners said...

Fun, fun! And glad to see pics of Jill and baby Beck on here since she isn't on fb :)

Christina said...

Ahhhh! I miss the fair!!

The Torno's said...

Tyson would love the cow peeing too, he loves watching the elephants and goats poop at the zoo! LOL. Had no idea about this fair, might need to check it out next year!

Leah said...

Jay is toooooo cute! And C, too. And I love how in the College pic yall are all tan. I remember my Fresh year of college, coming home for Thanksgiving break, and my sister had been working nonstop in an accounting office and her skin was all white and mine was all tan (probably from walking to and from class and going to football games). Oh the good ol' days!