Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Animals Made Me Do It (Part 2)

In case you are new to the blog (or have been in hiding/not paying attention to just about every single post I've written in the last 2 years), my eldest, Jay, is OBSESSED with animals. All things animal. Books, toys, games- you name it- we love it as long as animals are involved.

The beginning of the love affair with toy animals is documented here in case you needed a recap.

Over the past month and a half, we have had some more animal escapades. The animals are getting more creative. It's harder to capture them now because they don't just "stand still." Now they are moving and playing and pretending so I imagine I will be slowing on the pictures of the animals and increasing the number of videos. For example, the animals new favorite thing to do is to slide down things yelling "Wheeeee!" Or they "jump" off of high things (aka Jay throws them) all while yelling, "Oh no!"  Let me just remind you that at no time EVER have I prompted Jay to do any of this- this is 100% on his own. He gets SOOOO proud now and if I'm not around while he's doing it he comes and gets me and says, "Come wook, Momma! Wook at amamals!"

Here is the latest installment of the animal adventures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.   :)


Lining up the elphies in size order

We've now gotten into shrinking the animals on the iPad games (yes, he knows how), and then lining them up. Yikes!

Wow Wow Wubbzy characters were taking a nap and each got a pappy.

Jay said the amamals were hungry and wanted some chicken!

Love these two boys. But poor Wyatt. Jay is SUCH a non-sharer hoarder.

Cow needed a pappy too!

Jay lined up all the animals according to type. 
And Tex just happened to lay right by the dogs! 
GENIUS dog!!!!

 One of his proudest- that bar is not that thick and it took him a while.
He ran inside yelling for me to come look. It was adorable! 
Notice they are all going in the same direction of course. 

Another shot 

Jay's pizza was hot. He would take each animal and they would BLOW on his pizza.
Then they watched him eat it.
Meanie! Hard work for the animals and they got nothing!

One of my most favorite to date!!
The animals playing hide and seek in the rice AND beans! 

This picture truly melts my heart.
He is showing his elphy to the real one.

Donkey is gettin' a little tricky on that barn!

 Lion and Elphy playing some bball

Shhh... Animals seepin'

We can't get off the mat! 

Extremely creepy... Giant cow is watching him sleep.
He was out and it was pitch black. 

 Animals watch TV everywhere- even in Wisconsin!!

 Obsessed. He was so happy!

Do you see the animals on the cups to left of him? 
They had front row seats to the iPad show apparently.

So dang sweet. Showing the real cows his cows. 

Once in a lifetime opportunity- we are standing on WRIGLEY FIELD watching batting practice...
And Jay is playing animals!

I bet YOUR animals haven't eaten the Wrigley "hay"!

 Now we've started accumulating GIANT animals. 
Thanks grandmas!

You can't really tell in this one, but the football players are asleep on the field.
All of them. 

Jay's first time playing playdough!
And the animals had to join.

One of my favorites... I walked into the den and saw this...
The cows are eating hay. 
Or doing a yoga pose.

I've already started to collect pics for Part 3...


Ashley said...

Jay is very, very passionate about those animals! My favorite is lining them up on the bar under the table...or maybe the yoga cows. Downward cow, anyone?

Erica said...

These are my favorite posts.

Brittany Sciba said...

Love it! My favorite is for sure the rice and beans... That is GREAT! :)

Emily said...

Ditto... these are definitely some of my favorite posts! SO FUNNY!

ChelseaSalomone said...

I love this!! It always makes me laugh. And I think he is super smart for real. The one with Tex is HILARIOUS! Elephant seeing an elephant- sweet and funny. But my favorite was the paci's. I mean seriously- sweet!!!

The Torno's said...

I love these! My favorite was when he gave the animals paci's for their naps!