Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mish Mash

I have just not been in the blogging mode lately. I have SUCH writer's block. I'm not really sure why. So this isn't a real post, but more of a mish mash of our lives of late....

1) Charley can wear Pampers diapers now! I ran out of her size Huggies, and found some leftover Pampers of Jay's. I put her in one, and when I went to change her diaper, there was no rash! I tried a few more times before I committed to the change (back to Pampers), and no rash! I have NO idea what in the world to make of this, but I'm SO glad she's back in Pampers and even happier her little hiney is perfectly lovely!

2) How is it already October? Seriously, where did September go? I think this might have been the fastest month of the year.

3) Anthony and I went on a date last night. We HAVE to make a better effort of having date night. Not the "go out with a group to dinner" night, but an actual couple-only night. It was SO nice to recharge as a couple. We really really need those times.

4) Speaking of date night, we went to a movie for the first time in who knows how long. MOVIES ARE EXPENSIVE!!!! $10.50 a person! I know it makes me sound like an old fogey, but good grief!!!!! That is just ridiculous!

5) I am so so so happy it's fall! I LOVE this time of year! I love the cooler weather (of course!), the excuse to wear my jeans and boots, the shows that are back on tv, the football Saturdays (and Sundays for that matter), pumpkins and the thought of three holidays in a row... I just love it all! Thank you LORD for this time of year!!!

6) I don't even have more to write in this terrible post... So I will just leave you with some pictures of my kids. Ha! Always a go-to :)

Jay LOVES to push his baby sister down the street! 
I hope she holds on tight!

Um, girl can pose. 
ANTM? Just sayin... 

Tough guy with his icing goatee

I can't find my kids... 
Seriously, their new favorite thing to do!!!!

Charley's first trip to the Children's Museum!

I just love her!!!!

And I just love him (both of them!!)

We showed up to my sister's to watch the Packers game and neither of them had pants on

Jill trying to make Jay look at the camera!


the blogivers said...

I love Charley's little Aggie polo dress!

GranDeb said...

Love my two precious Pantless Packer petunias!!! xoxox