Monday, September 10, 2012

Lucky Number 7!

Charley Kate is SEVEN months old now! She has turned into a full-fledged baby and can no longer be described as an infant! Her personality is really starting to develop and I just can't even describe how happy that makes me! We are getting into the "sweet spot" of the first year in my opinion! I am just loving this stage!!

At 7 Months she...
-is crawling everywhere! Girl has some tough knees. She can get anywhere she wants but her favorite two things to do are to crawl under the kitchen table and chairs and crawl to wherever her brother is!
-is pulling up to her knees consistently and in the past week has been pulling up to standing.
-is loving standing! This is the only way she likes to play now! She even is VERY beginning cruising- she will slide her hands holding onto something then very roughly pick up her feet and move them along. She also let go of her playtable the other day and stood on her own for about .5 seconds!
-is wearing size 3 diapers, almost too short for size 6 month clothes (thank goodness for dresses!)
-has learned how to grab her headbands and pops herself with them!
-eats three-ish solid meals a day, has a bottle or nurses every 3-4 hours, and snacks consistently all day long. Girlfriend loves to eat!
-is eating all fruits and veggie purees, cereals, and lots of finger foods- yogurt melts, crackers, mum mums, rice, bread, tortillas, etc... I was so worried I wasn't going to have another good eater- clearly I was wrong!
-sleeps from 8ish-430 am, wakes to eat, then back down until 7ish
-takes three naps most days- around 1045, 145, and 6- though if she gets a long afternoon nap then she'll skip the evening cat nap. Otherwise each nap is around 45 min
-has a mischievous side. LOVES to crawl over to her brother and either pull up on him or crash his games. He will leave his toys and go find something else to do and that's not satisfying her. Little stinker!
-loves splashing and crawling around in the bath tub!
-generally does ok in the car now- its really just hit or miss! As long as we aren't in it for a super long time, she's good!
-is definitely beginning some major separation anxiety. She fusses if I leave. But if she can't see me she does GREAT being passed around! She loves the attention!
-has a cheese smile just like her brother did
-has really found her voice and is experimenting quite a bit! Babbling some consonants now
-loves looking at pictures of her family!
-loves to pat pat things and give kisses
-has NO teeth
-plays really well by herself
-is definitely a momma's girl so far :)

Charley Kate- we just can't get enough of you! The happiness you bring to our little family is wonderful! We love you!!


The Torno's said...

What a cutie! It looks like she's changed a lot this month!

the blogivers said...

I feel like every time I blink, you are doing the next monthly update for her... can only imagine how it will be whenever I have a 2nd one!

ChelseaSalomone said...

She is so ute and looks sooooo much like you in that last pic! Oh my gosh.

She is also really advanced it seems to me. You Squillantes breed them advanced, ha! But seriously- she is doing the things that Logan is doing at almost 9 months. I know they say girls mature faster, but man! Go CK!!!!

ChelseaSalomone said...

ute = cute in case you couldn't figure that out ;)