Thursday, September 27, 2012

It Makes You Wonder

I walked in tonight from a Junior League meeting feeling like a strong, empowered woman. It's nice to get out every once in a while and talk about things other than kids and household stuff. It felt nice to dress up and put some makeup on. And it felt really nice to drive somewhere and actually be able to listen to the radio. Sometimes I ask myself if I should work. Get out of the house, feel independent. You know, feel like a person again.

But I walked in tonight and was greeted by a two year old boy jumping up and down hugging me screaming, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" and a 7 month old little girl with huge smile, crawling as fast as her little body would carry her, babbling, "Mamama."

And I realized there is absolutely no place I'd rather be. I love my JOB. And while its not glamorous and people certainly don't make you feel empowered for doing it, it IS the most important job in the world and I love it. Every last filthy hand, crying baby, shoe filled sand, sleepless night, dirty diaper, second of it.

I had to chuckle though as I thought about the meeting tonight and the number of girls who likely went out for a glass of wine with their friends afterwards, or to a movie, or something else wonderful and fun.

I thought of them as I sat on the floor of the bathroom, eating my cold dinner, in my nice clothes, as I sang to a cute little boy while he sat on the potty and tried with all of his might to go teetee. And he giggled and I giggled as he tried to push hard to make it come out more. And we laughed and made silly faces at each other. And from the other room I heard my sweet husband playing with our baby girl who giggled away.

And it made me stop and smile. How can I imagine being anywhere but here?

Life is good my friends. Life. Is. Good.


The Joiners said...

Sweet post :) Also, don't judge me, but I am a recent JLH drop-out!

Emily said...

Amen! (oh, and we've had a tee tee in the potty TWO nights in a row before bath time (FINALLY)... thank you Peanut Butter M&Ms! haha)

The Moriarty Family said...

Amen, Sister! No better place on earth than with your precious blessings... even if it includes eating cold dinner on the bathroom floor while your little man goes tee-tee!!! ;)

Kimberly Hixon said...

So sweet!! Your kiddos are absolutely precious!!

The Torno's said...

Trust me, from a working mother's perspective - we'd rather be in your position! :)

Jules said...

So true, so true! You are a great Mommy!!

Sarah said...

So sweet! And I often wonder the same thing. It's hard to think about. You are an awesome mommy. Also, you and your children will be thankful for the memories with you.