Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mish Mash

I have just not been in the blogging mode lately. I have SUCH writer's block. I'm not really sure why. So this isn't a real post, but more of a mish mash of our lives of late....

1) Charley can wear Pampers diapers now! I ran out of her size Huggies, and found some leftover Pampers of Jay's. I put her in one, and when I went to change her diaper, there was no rash! I tried a few more times before I committed to the change (back to Pampers), and no rash! I have NO idea what in the world to make of this, but I'm SO glad she's back in Pampers and even happier her little hiney is perfectly lovely!

2) How is it already October? Seriously, where did September go? I think this might have been the fastest month of the year.

3) Anthony and I went on a date last night. We HAVE to make a better effort of having date night. Not the "go out with a group to dinner" night, but an actual couple-only night. It was SO nice to recharge as a couple. We really really need those times.

4) Speaking of date night, we went to a movie for the first time in who knows how long. MOVIES ARE EXPENSIVE!!!! $10.50 a person! I know it makes me sound like an old fogey, but good grief!!!!! That is just ridiculous!

5) I am so so so happy it's fall! I LOVE this time of year! I love the cooler weather (of course!), the excuse to wear my jeans and boots, the shows that are back on tv, the football Saturdays (and Sundays for that matter), pumpkins and the thought of three holidays in a row... I just love it all! Thank you LORD for this time of year!!!

6) I don't even have more to write in this terrible post... So I will just leave you with some pictures of my kids. Ha! Always a go-to :)

Jay LOVES to push his baby sister down the street! 
I hope she holds on tight!

Um, girl can pose. 
ANTM? Just sayin... 

Tough guy with his icing goatee

I can't find my kids... 
Seriously, their new favorite thing to do!!!!

Charley's first trip to the Children's Museum!

I just love her!!!!

And I just love him (both of them!!)

We showed up to my sister's to watch the Packers game and neither of them had pants on

Jill trying to make Jay look at the camera!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It Makes You Wonder

I walked in tonight from a Junior League meeting feeling like a strong, empowered woman. It's nice to get out every once in a while and talk about things other than kids and household stuff. It felt nice to dress up and put some makeup on. And it felt really nice to drive somewhere and actually be able to listen to the radio. Sometimes I ask myself if I should work. Get out of the house, feel independent. You know, feel like a person again.

But I walked in tonight and was greeted by a two year old boy jumping up and down hugging me screaming, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" and a 7 month old little girl with huge smile, crawling as fast as her little body would carry her, babbling, "Mamama."

And I realized there is absolutely no place I'd rather be. I love my JOB. And while its not glamorous and people certainly don't make you feel empowered for doing it, it IS the most important job in the world and I love it. Every last filthy hand, crying baby, shoe filled sand, sleepless night, dirty diaper, second of it.

I had to chuckle though as I thought about the meeting tonight and the number of girls who likely went out for a glass of wine with their friends afterwards, or to a movie, or something else wonderful and fun.

I thought of them as I sat on the floor of the bathroom, eating my cold dinner, in my nice clothes, as I sang to a cute little boy while he sat on the potty and tried with all of his might to go teetee. And he giggled and I giggled as he tried to push hard to make it come out more. And we laughed and made silly faces at each other. And from the other room I heard my sweet husband playing with our baby girl who giggled away.

And it made me stop and smile. How can I imagine being anywhere but here?

Life is good my friends. Life. Is. Good.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Confessions

Last week I was at my sister's house and lost Charley. We were chatting and I looked up and she was GONE. Don't worry, we found her in my nephew's room that is full of tiny Legos. Perfect.

I can't get out of Target for less than $120. Seriously. It's like they pump something in the air that makes you buy more and more.

Charley, Jay, and I were playing upstairs yesterday. Charley and I were in one room, and Jay took off to play in his closet (it's huge and a second playroom to him). I could hear him kind of crying/fussing and I just called for him to come to me (lazy mom- I should have gotten my butt up!). He cried out a few more times and I tried to convince him to come to me. I FINALLY got up and slowly went to him- and I realized he was locked in his closet with the light off. Poor guy. That crying was legit and I felt TERRIBLE!

I have had only two nights of sleep with at least a three hour stretch of continuous sleep in almost two months. Yes, read it again. I am getting NO sleep (do we have a stinkin newborn again???). Thanks to colds, being out of town, and just plain restlessness, I am past the point if exhaustion. I am counting this as a confession because I feel like people only talk about how perfect their kids are. No one ever talks about how their baby is less than perfect at things. Well, both of mine were this way at this age. Argh!

Sometimes I get dressed up to drop Jay off at school and then immediately change afterwards into workout clothes (and I don't go work out). How lame is that?!? Today I actually dropped Jay off in workout clothes! Gasp!

I have literally banned myself from checking my Zulily app in my phone every single day for the past three and a half weeks. I got in a little trouble with the husby and am seriously afraid that if I even look I will purchase. The habit is THAT bad. I peeked yesterday and they had some insanely cute stuff. So I immediately closed out if it. I think I have a problem.

I let both my kids play on the floor of my sister's hospital room last week. I am the furthest thing from a germaphobe, but that even grossed me out. Unfortunately I was so exhausted and trying to keep them them from fussing that I let them continue to play on the ground. Fail.

As much as I wish I didn't, I totally "keep score" on time spent away from the kids between Anthony and me. He has a work dinner? I set up a dinner with my girlfriends. He has a weekend trip planned? I plan something just for me. He gets three hours every Saturday morning by himself while he does the lawn? I set aside time for just me to get stuff done. I should be more of a servant and all that- but I'm not with this one. I need to get better and just let it go. (And for the record- Anthony does a TON for me and is around ALL THE TIME. Really. Which makes me keeping score that much worse.) Darn him for being such a great guy.

Until next time...

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Great Excuse!

So, I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately, and the lack of my weekly confessional. However, I have a GREAT excuse for not being tied to my phone/computer...

And THIS is the reason....

My sweet sweet (name to be determined/announced later on!) niece!!!!

In case you weren't familiar with her (LOOONG) journey to get here, this post and this post might help remind you...

Needless to say, we are THRILLED she is here! She is a doll! After a little scare and some breathing trouble, she is happily camping out in the NICU for a while- but what better place is there with round the clock care and monitoring?! She is doing better and getting stronger every day! And her cannula and IV came out this morning!

Sweet sweet baby, we are SO glad to finally meet you!!!

Charley had a GREAT seat on Auntie Kiki's tummy!

Heading to the hospital!

Owen snuggling with mommy!

Jay enjoyed playing hide and seek in the curtain. Ha!

Beautifying! Can you tell she hadn't had the big contractions yet?! :)

Meanwhile, Jay had his first slumber party!

Charley in her makeshift "crib"
She's on the floor :)

Owen heading up to the hospital to meet his baby sister!
He's got his own scrubs!

Jay LOVING life on the Amy's cow!

Sweet sweet baby girl!

Dangit! Blurry!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Remembering Charley Things

Charley is doing some awesome stuff right now that I really don't want to forget! I am afraid if I don't write it down, then I'll never remember- and it's not really baby-book worthy stuff...

Charley said MaMa this week (that IS baby book worthy and it's already written down!). She started babbling it last week, but I wasn't really sure if it was directed at me. Then later that day I was in the bathroom getting ready and she was crawling around looking for me kind of whining saying it! The next day she saw me and said it! Music to my ears, y'all! I love that sweet little voice!

She loves to go! She seriously crawls so much more than I remember Jay crawling. She does laps around the house- and that is the truth. She is so content to just go and play and go and play and go. She doesn't mind crawling in the grass, on the rocks, in the mulch- she just wants to get somewhere!

She is pulling up to standing on everything! She is starting to cruise on the things she is holding onto! It's wild!

Her little personality is really starting to develop and let me just tell you- she is a FIREcracker! That little stinker's favorite thing to do is to crawl to whatever Jay is doing and mess it up. He will leave what he's playing with sometimes to give it to her to play with, and then she wants no part of it. She JUST wants to mess with him! Little toot! I think I'm going to have my hands full with that one!

She is starting to have some MAJOR separation anxiety. If I am holding her and someone takes her (and she can still see me) she will melt down! Or if I leave a room and she watches me go- she cries.

She loves crawling under things and has a really good sense of things around her. For instance, she was crawling through a tunnel of chairs the other day. When one chair was pushed up a little further than the others (thus making the "tunnel" lower to the ground where the chair legs were next to each other), she immediately dropped her head and body really low to the ground, went under, then popped back up and kept going. I distinctly remember Jay hitting his head a few times figuring out spacial awareness. I just thought that was pretty cool :)

Charley waves bye bye and hello and I just loooove it! It's the happiest little wave! I also think she's signing more when we feed her, but it's one hand banging on the table. She only does it after she's eaten a bite and we ask her if she wants more. Girl is starting to communicate!

She is a TERRIBLE nurser/bottle feeder during the day. She is just too distracted and wants NO part of sitting still long enough to eat. Occasionally I can get 2 oz in her, but that's about it. Otherwise, she is getting solids and snacks so that she stays full enough. I can count on a good feeding before or after her mid-day nap, but otherwise, she is totally uninterested!

LOVES quinoa! 

So I think that is it for now. I just needed to document when these things happened so I could remember. She is such a fun, happy little girl and I am loving watching her grow into who she is. Can't wait to learn even more about her! xoxo

Not happy to stop playing at the birthday party to pose for a picture.

SUPER happy to sport my girly Aggie gear!!!

So so so sad this is blurry. Cutest picture!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Confessions

This week's edition of my guilty conscience being freed a little...

When I left to go out of town last week, I actually cried when Anthony dropped me at the airport. Not because I was sad to go, but because I was so happy for a weekend of freedom!

I hate canceling appointments. I feel so guilty. So I put it off for a few days which makes it so much worse to cancel a day or two before. I did that today. Oops.

I am terrified of roaches (even dead ones). So last week when we found a dead one in our house, I put a cup over it so I couldn't see it and waited until Anthony got home to pick it up. I forgot to mention it to him that night, so I was pleased to see the cup had been picked up the next morning. The roach was still there though! (How did he not see the roach under the cup?!) So I put another cup on it. Lame, I know. But NO WAY could I pick that thing up! YUCK

I spent way too much on a matching Jon Jon and Smocked Dress for Jay and Charley. Anthony just about killed me because he HATES smocking on boys (no offense to those of you that do it- I think it's precious!). Anyway, the catch is that it supported a really good cause so I could kind of talk Anthony into us having it and Jay wearing it. Jay has worn it once. Oops.

I laugh when Charley harasses Jay. I should probably intervene and help, but it's just too funny.

I don't know how to correct people when they call me (or my kids) by the wrong name. It's like the "something in your teeth" conundrum. Do you quickly point it out? And if you don't, then you certainly can't do it later on in the conversation- then it's just super awkward. So I usually just let it go- and hope I don't see them again!

I hate the word verification things on blogs. I try to comment on people's blog ALL THE TIME, but they have those anti-spam things. Today, I tried to write on someone's and after SEVEN wrong attempts, I just quit trying. Those things are the death of me!

I spell embarrassment wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME I write it. I have to spell check it and there has honestly not been one time when I spelled it right. I am a pretty decent speller- but for some reason, those dang double r's get me every time!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Animals Made Me Do It (Part 2)

In case you are new to the blog (or have been in hiding/not paying attention to just about every single post I've written in the last 2 years), my eldest, Jay, is OBSESSED with animals. All things animal. Books, toys, games- you name it- we love it as long as animals are involved.

The beginning of the love affair with toy animals is documented here in case you needed a recap.

Over the past month and a half, we have had some more animal escapades. The animals are getting more creative. It's harder to capture them now because they don't just "stand still." Now they are moving and playing and pretending so I imagine I will be slowing on the pictures of the animals and increasing the number of videos. For example, the animals new favorite thing to do is to slide down things yelling "Wheeeee!" Or they "jump" off of high things (aka Jay throws them) all while yelling, "Oh no!"  Let me just remind you that at no time EVER have I prompted Jay to do any of this- this is 100% on his own. He gets SOOOO proud now and if I'm not around while he's doing it he comes and gets me and says, "Come wook, Momma! Wook at amamals!"

Here is the latest installment of the animal adventures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.   :)


Lining up the elphies in size order

We've now gotten into shrinking the animals on the iPad games (yes, he knows how), and then lining them up. Yikes!

Wow Wow Wubbzy characters were taking a nap and each got a pappy.

Jay said the amamals were hungry and wanted some chicken!

Love these two boys. But poor Wyatt. Jay is SUCH a non-sharer hoarder.

Cow needed a pappy too!

Jay lined up all the animals according to type. 
And Tex just happened to lay right by the dogs! 
GENIUS dog!!!!

 One of his proudest- that bar is not that thick and it took him a while.
He ran inside yelling for me to come look. It was adorable! 
Notice they are all going in the same direction of course. 

Another shot 

Jay's pizza was hot. He would take each animal and they would BLOW on his pizza.
Then they watched him eat it.
Meanie! Hard work for the animals and they got nothing!

One of my most favorite to date!!
The animals playing hide and seek in the rice AND beans! 

This picture truly melts my heart.
He is showing his elphy to the real one.

Donkey is gettin' a little tricky on that barn!

 Lion and Elphy playing some bball

Shhh... Animals seepin'

We can't get off the mat! 

Extremely creepy... Giant cow is watching him sleep.
He was out and it was pitch black. 

 Animals watch TV everywhere- even in Wisconsin!!

 Obsessed. He was so happy!

Do you see the animals on the cups to left of him? 
They had front row seats to the iPad show apparently.

So dang sweet. Showing the real cows his cows. 

Once in a lifetime opportunity- we are standing on WRIGLEY FIELD watching batting practice...
And Jay is playing animals!

I bet YOUR animals haven't eaten the Wrigley "hay"!

 Now we've started accumulating GIANT animals. 
Thanks grandmas!

You can't really tell in this one, but the football players are asleep on the field.
All of them. 

Jay's first time playing playdough!
And the animals had to join.

One of my favorites... I walked into the den and saw this...
The cows are eating hay. 
Or doing a yoga pose.

I've already started to collect pics for Part 3...