Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Confessional

Welcome to another week of me spilling my shameful secrets. Enjoy!

I count red pasta sauce as a vegetable for Jay. Also, veggie noodles. Hey, if your kid doesn't eat vegetables, you gotta take what you can.

Last week Anthony was away at a work conference one night. I let Jay stay up about thirty minutes longer to have some one on one time. We ate pretzels and nutella talked about the deeper meaning of life. It was a good, and very informative, night.

I know my credit card number by heart. I can recite it at the drop of a hat. Online shopping much? Anthony was horrified when he learned this. However, it DOES come in handy when you are ordering pizza for your babysitter on your way to a date- getting out the wallet isn't necessary! See what I did there? Just saved us some energy!

I realized that I tend to eat FAR healthier and far less when I'm around other girls. When we go out to dinner with a group of girls, I eat way better than if it was just Anthony and me. Or my sisters and me. Or my best friends. Why do girls do that? It's so dumb, but it SO happens. That's going to be my new weight loss incentive- go out to eat with friends more! Yes!

I took a pregnancy test yesterday. It was negative, thankyouGod. If you aren't sure why this is relevant, you can read this confessional.

I obsessively picked up my house before Jay's new teachers came over to meet us. I didn't want them to judge us for that right off the bat! Poor Jay was relegated to reading a few books and playing iPad for the fifteen minutes before they got there.

I find myself excited to go to the bathroom at restaurants or when I'm out (without the kids) even if it is in a public place because I get to pee in PEACE. No one is standing in front of me watching me or talking to me.


Mindy Rives said...

Shameful girl, just shameful! And I love it!! :)

Christina said...

I like the last one!

Ashley said...

I know our CC# by heart too. Totally useful. Love this week's confessions.

GranDeb said...

That memorizing your credit card # thing just blows me away!! My sister does it, too! I've tried. Can't remember past 7 numbers....which is normal and why we have seven digit telephone numbers....well, we did before the whole area code thing....and now I can't remember phone numbers either.....
Pretty amazing talent and I have heard you do it....pssstt! More than once!!!