Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Confessional

Chapter 5

Last week Charley woke up EARLY and was super fussy. Jay was also really whiny that morning. I knew it was going to be a rough morning, so what did I do? Headed to the gym and dropped the kids at the nursery! I didn't even feel like working out that day, but the thought of having a break from my fussing kids sounded AMAZING! I handed the kids over, left a bottle for Charley, and took off. I spent ten minutes in the locker room just sitting there in silence. God bless those ladies!

We spent a week in Wisconsin and Chicago- without Anthony. We were with my family and they were super helpful of course. But being a single parent is NO JOKE! I am beyond exhausted!

Speaking of, I noticed my milk supply went up 100 jillion percent while we were there. I am 99% sure it was from the ridiculous high fat foods I consumed all week (brats, cheese, cheese, pizza, and cheese). Add that to no exercise and just call me a Holstein!

I had a random man at a Truck Stop tell me Jay was too old for a pacifier. So many insults went flying through my mind, but I just bit my tongue and muttered something like, "Thanks for the advice" under my breath. Really Mr. Trucker???

I ate so few fruits and vegetables this past week that I actually counted the bell peppers and onions in my deep dish pizza part of my veggies for the day. Sad? Very.

I stay up way too late every night. The feeling of freedom after the kids are down far outweighs the lack of sleep. But then I complain I'm tired. Another vicious cycle.

While we were traveling, I didn't want to buy (and then pack) a new package of diapers for Jay. So when we got down to the final TWO diapers to get us through the day, we had a choice- buy a new pack, or hope for the best. Let's just say, my bag was light- we traveled all day (car ride, airplane ride, and another car ride) with two diapers. THANKYOUJESUS for letting that one work out. What a mess that would have been!


Ashley said...

These always make me smile. Kudos on the two diaper travel day.

the blogivers said...

I am also impressed on the 2 diaper travel day - that is a brave move!

Brittany Sciba said...

I always love your confessions! :) What a rude truck stop guy! I'm pretty sure Reid will have a paci until he's 6 (I really hope not) because he's obsessed with them. He always has one in his mouth and is carrying one in his hand at the same time. :/

Kate said...

Haha i live for these! :-)

Mindy Rives said...

Love these posts...always make me giggle!

GranDeb said...

I'm not gonna lie....traveling with only two diapers stressed me out just a bit. However, I felt better when I changed Jay the night before and accidently put Charley's diaper on him and it actually almost fit!!! I mean in a pinch it would do!!! Plus I am not above begging for diapers from mommies at the airport! I had Plan B just in case!!

And also, Mr. Trucker Man went a step farther and told Jay not only was he too old for his pacifier, but that he was practically old enough to ride a motorcycle!!! What??? He is two years old today!!! I was so impressed....Mommy Courtney flashed a very sweet words! I was dying laughing on the other hand!! I don't have to behave at my age!!!

Love, love....GranDeb


p.s. At the family reunion in Wisconsin, we sat around our porch camp fire roasting marshmellows, making s'mores, reading Wednesday Confessions!!! Stylin'.....
Hey, Uncle Bruce loved the excerpts!!!