Monday, August 6, 2012

River Rats!

We just got back from a weekend at the lake with some of our friends! We had SUCH a great time!

I know the couple from high school, and they have twin boys that are 11 days older than Jay. They are the sweetest, most fun family ever and we had a great time with them. They were so great to open their house(s) to us on McQueeney! Hopefully we will get to go back soon!

We had lots of boat riding, playground time, jet ski fun, swimming in the lake, swimming at the Lodge pool, eating, running around outside with the cool lake breeze, ping pong and LOTS of playing! All four kids (and all four grown-ups!) were totally wiped out by Sunday! Definitely a success!

Day 1-
The boys on the front of the boat!

On the way to dinner at the Lodge-
Charley Kate was NOT a fan of the life jacket!

Day 2-
Daddy taking Jay for his first jet ski (or is it wave runner??) ride!

All the kids and me in the front of the boat! Ha! 

How precious is Brooks in his glasses? 

Again- Charley NOT a fan... at all :)

Jay decided to take over the front of the boat for modeling. 
Seriously, though... I am so obsessed with this kid! 

Jay and Brooks- they became BFF this weekend... 
You can barely see it, but Brooks has his arm around Jay. CUTE!

 Just hanging out... Checkin out the ladies... You know. NBD.

So if you can't tell, Jay NEVER wears a hat. 
He did after he saw the twins and I became slightly obsessed!!!!

Parks watching for Daddy on the wave runner. 
LOVE those curls!!!

Daddy and Charley Kate on the boat.
This might be one of my favorite pictures from the weekend...
Look at him holding her little hand. SO SWEET. 

Poor little thing!

Joanna and Parks

Parks feeling the wind!

Charley hanging out on the back of the boat
(Don't worry- we were right out of the picture to grab her in case!)

Jimmy, his boys, and Charley and me!

What happens after a long day on the water? You pass out on the floor while the big kids play!

Boys playing SO well together!

 Parks was over it and these two had a ball! 

Charley wanted to watch the iPad, too! 

We really had a great great time together! Unfortunately, we MIGHT have created a monster with Brooks... Sorry Board Family :/

Hiding animals from his brother

Playing with/lining his animals up just like Jay :)

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