Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Man is 2!

Holy Time Flies Batman!!!!!

Jay Andrew- You are TWO years old! Where in the world did these last two years go??

I can with 100% certainty say that the last two years have absolutely been the happiest years of my life. There is just nothing greater in the world to me than my family. Nothing better in my eyes than a being mommy to Anthony's kids. How in the world did God bless me so much?!

Jay is just an amazing little boy!

He talks 90% of the time in complete sentences. He can tell us everything- how he's feeling, he asks questions, remembers things we told him days/weeks ago, explains what he needs, says social-appropriate things (I'm sorry Mommy, Bless you Daddy), makes jokes- this is an AWESOME stage!

His love for animals runs deep. As I was looking back over his 6 month post I made a comment about how much he seemed to love animals. Fast forward 18 months and this is still very present. Maybe a vet?!

He is so genuinely kind. He loves people and animals and things. He is so respectful. He loves his Bible, his friends, his family, his books, his toys. It just melts my heart how sweet he is. He's a sensitive little soul.

But he's all boy, too! He can rough-house with the rest of them! And he LOVES to boom (aka punch) his cousins Jill and Owen. ?? He loves to "shoot hoops" and throw rocks. He loves getting dirty and playing with buggies. He likes wrestling with his daddy and jumping off high things- everything that makes mommy nervous!

He plays hard, sleeps well, and eats like a bird. He loves his pappies and blankies. He loves being home but is a great little errand-running buddy. He travels well. He's shy at first, but will talk about a new friend forEVER.

He loves games. He loves puzzles. He loves playing Memory (finding a match). He likes Hide and Seek and chase. He loves interacting with those close to him and finds unequivocal joy in sharing something he loves (like animals!) with someone else!

Jay has a great memory and is always making sure he knows where things and people are. He knows exactly which pacifiers he carries and notices when one is missing. He keeps count of his animals and knows when one isn't in the same spot. When we are with people and someone walks out of the room he wants to know where they are. You can't slip much past this guy!

One of my favorite things is his sense of humor. He finds humor in everything. He can laugh at jokes, he finds typical boy things silly (tooting noises, funny faces, spitting, burping), he giggles and laughs all day long. This momma LOVES that so much! It makes him such a joy to be around!

I could honestly go on for days about this little boy. I just love him so much and am so proud of who he is!

It's wild to me to think back to the day he was born. I LOVE reading back over this post. It is truly one of my favorite days in the history of my life. I can't believe that was TWO years ago! I can't believe all of the wonderful memories we have made in just two years. I want to bottle up every single day so I will always remember them. Seriously, even the tough days are such a blessing. It overwhelms me to think about how many more fun times I am going to have with this little boy in the future. What a BLESSING from the Lord!

Thank you, God, for making me this boy's mommy. It has been SUCH a pleasure so far.

Two year stats from the doctor...
37.5 inches tall (99%)
29 lbs 10 oz (81%)
19.5 in head (82%- moving on up!!!!)
14.8 BMI (we are into that phase now!!!)


the blogivers said...

Happy birthday, Jay!

And happy 2nd anniversary of becoming a mom to you! :)

Meagan said...

What adorable pictures! :) Love these kids....and no surprise, Jay and Preslie are so similar in their ways!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Jay you are too cute!!! And so are your shoes. Happy birthday!

The Kerr Family said...

Happy Birthday Jay!!