Friday, August 31, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Jay's two favorite things this summer have been swimming and animals. It's no secret that this boy loves both of these things more than life itself.

So it was only natural that we have his 2nd birthday party at Noah's Ark! It's a cute little waterpark perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. We rented it out and it was absolutely the best idea for Jay!

We invited all of his little friends, and had a great turnout. Unfortunately, some couldn't make it, but a lot did! We had cookies instead of cake/cupcakes (animal cookies of course!), lots of animal balloons, animal and fish party favors, sunglasses for everyone (it was a swimming party of course!), goldfish and animal crackers for snacks, and lots and lots of fun!

Courtney and Stacy and my mom came early to help set up... I'm so grateful for them because the place only gives you 15 minutes to set up.... I definitely couldn't have done it alone!!

Jay was in SUCH a great mood- I hardly saw him the entire party! I would stop him every once in a while to check in and make sure he was ok (and ask for a kiss)- to which he smiled and hardly even stopped. He was a busy boy and I think this is just a taste of my future :)




Party Favors

Instead of gifts, we asked everyone to bring something to donate for a care package to our favorite soldier!
My cousin Kelli's husband is currently serving in Afghanistan. 
People had some great ideas!!

Inaugural slide down!
Let the party begin!

Grandeb was so sweet to hang on to Charley for me!

Wyatt W- one of Jay's best buds

Love how the boys play!

Sweet Hunter

Jay in his shades- except he didn't like them on his eyes :)

Jack posing! So cute!

I honestly don't think this picture could be any cuter!
Riley is ADORABLE! And wore her glasses the entire party!

My little princess!

Noah at Noah's Ark!

Charley loved all the attention!

Wyatt W rocking his glasses!

Wyatt R rocking his- and his cookie face and hands!

Sweet friends Julie and Jude!

Valerie and Norah!

Auntie JJ and Charley playing!

Jay splashing all around!

William and Lauren!

Jay and cousin Josh! Jay loves to follow him around!

LOVE this picture!

Even some daddies came! 
Anthony is so lucky to have his best friend so close!
And I'm lucky to be great friends with his wife!
And Jay is lucky to be best buds with their son! :)

I just love this picture!
Race time!

Daddy and his little lady

Another race!

Just talking!

My little blue-eyed baby doll!

Love love love these three... :)

Charley and Grandeb playing in water

Jay's set-up! A cow candle on an elephant cookie! How perfect could it be?!

My birthday boy!! xoxo

Blowing out the candle! 

And a kiss for mommy!
I'm pretty sure this will be the last birthday party I can get away with this!

Cousin Jake is SO SO good to Charley!

Silly in our little glasses :)

We are so lucky to have such great friends!!

These three boys have so much fun together! 
PS- Jay is swimming and eating his cookie. Gross. 

Oh to be a fly on the wall...

Jay and Wyatt R are best buds... 
They actually interact now and ask for each other instead of just playing side by side. 
So much fun!

Our little family!

Jay came home and opened presents- he is a pro at that now! He went to bed worn out. When he woke the next morning I went into get him. He was laying in bed, so so sleepy, eyes barely open, and started talking about his party.... "I go in tunnel with Jakey and Joshy."   "Go down swide with Jill."   "Pway with ParksBrooks."   "See JoJo."   "Miss Michelle, and Riwey, and Baby Reese come to pway with me."    "Noah's Ark, Mommy."    I just listened and watch him smile as he remembered some of the things from his party. I asked him some questions and he remembered it all. Then he said, "Do it again, Mommy. Go back Noah's Ark and all my friends."    

I am so beyond thankful that he had a good time. And I'm so beyond thankful for such good friends in his little world!

Now I leave you with what he learned after three birthday parties....

Until next year little man... :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Party Time!

We had a blast celebrating Jay's 2nd Birthday this year!

We dragged it out as long as possible, and had three different parties, plus lots of little celebrations along the way! Jay enjoyed it a TON this year- he definitely got the fact that it was his day, he got to open presents, blow out candles, and play! Not only that, he learned how to sing Happy Birthday. And it's his new favorite song (second of course to Old De-Donald!).

First up, we headed to Dallas to celebrate with Anthony's family! It was Brenda's birthday two days before Jay's, so we had a joint celebration! It was great to see Anthony's side of the family! Of course, he loved chasing the dogs, playing with the toys, and getting tons of attention. Oh, and Mike. He was obsessed with Mike.

The family singing Happy Birthday to him. 
He wasn't sure about it at first. 

The cake that Mike made.
Candles courtesy of Andrea and me!

Grandma and Jay blowing out candles! 
I love Jay's face in this one!

Jay sneaking a taste!
It was SOOOO yummy! 
Snickerdoodle cake! 

Jay on his new present from all the Squillantes!
Looking at his card from Grandma and Grandpa!

On the morning of his actual birthday, we hit up Shipley's for donut holes! Jay LOVES him some donuts these days! Then, we headed to my parents' house where we met up and had breakfast with Kiki, Owen, and my mom.

Donut holes in the car.
Don't worry, we were still parked!

Birthday donut!

We met up with Courtney and the boys for lunch at one of Jay's favorite places- Chick Fil A! He loves those dang Chick Fil A cows so much! He was SOOO happy! Not to mention he got to eat and play with two of his best buddies. And mommy was happy because she got to eat and play with one of her best buddies! :)

That afternoon after naps, my mom, all the cousins and almost all the sisters came over for a family party! It was low-key... swimming, cupcakes, and pizza! Jay LOOOOVES his cousins and aunties so much and seriously asks about them ALL. DAY. LONG. So sweet  :)

Group in the pool (minus Grandeb who was taking the picture!)

Charley struttin' it in her bikini!

Charley didn't get the memo that it was NOT her party... and she could NOT cry if she wanted to!
*Cue drum beat for corny joke :)

Jay sneaking a taste- yet again!



After that fun it was time for presents- and boy did Jay get spoiled!!! LOTS of animals of course- cow this and that, animal safari, and a scooter! Daddy isn't sure where all the new toys are going to go yet... Ha!

I love how he's peeking in!

Definitely getting the hang of it!


Ha! Trying to get the hang of how it works!

Daddy starting us in two-a-days next week!

Jay was WORN out that night! It was so fun celebrating him and thinking back over the past two years. What a joyous time it has been!

I will post separately about his big party- I just looked at the number of pictures to post and realized this one was long enough... :)