Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life Recently in iPhone Pics!

What in the WORLD did people do before iPhones?!?

Showing some auntie love!

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it- this swimsuit shows WAY too much cleavage!

Much better! Everyone's happier!
PS- Look at her bedhead! Ha! 

This Texas girl couldn't be more in love with this picture!

Ball pit was a hit! 

First time in Bible Class! Look at that smirk! 

Apparently the straps were WAY TOO loose for this car ride!
Look at the death look! Ouch!

Fine... I'll just eat the bag. 

First time in a highchair! 
Thanks Ninfas!

Um, I love her. 

Jay desperately wanted to feed his baby sister. 

Dad- won't YOU help me?!

And then Jay broke free of my help- you can imagine how clean this was....
PS- Look at Ella creeping in the back...
She LOVES baby food... Weird cat. 

Best buds... Love sweet Wyatt R!

Daddy's boots... Most fun ever!

Mommy's sunglasses and Charley's pink pappy...
I think we need to hang with Daddy more.
PS- We were parked, I promise!

Jay asking, "Is this heaven?"
Clearly, he did not say that. 

I thought this was just the sweetest ever. 
Then I realized they were probably plotting against me. 

Because it's just too cold in Houston in July!

OT much?

I showed Jay these the other day. I asked, "Hey, what are these?"
He replied, "GaGa, Mommy, Baby!"
This boy needs guy time. STAT!

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J & J Brymer said...

hahahaha! So much fun! I love the second picture of CK in her swimsuit- she is SO ADORABLE, I can't stand it! And I also love the picture of them in the tub- heart melting! Was Jay really cold in the picture or does he just love his blankies? I am sensing he likes collections of things (his animals, etc)- it is so fun to see his little personality shine through!