Monday, July 30, 2012

A Little Slice of Heaven

Last week we gave Jay a little glimpse into what his Heaven might look like (ok, not really- and I'm not getting into the debate on what Heaven is really like- it's a figure of speech people!).

We took him to the circus!

Look, I was a little hesitant at first. Taking an almost 6 month old and an almost 2 year old without the husband is tough. The only redeeming quality is that there would be lots of grown ups there to help- and I could always leave early if it was a bust!

So we loaded up the car- Jay, Charley, cousin Jake (11 years old and a big help!), and me. My mom and Michelle followed. We parked insanely close- but still really far for a little guy's legs. We got there over an hour early which was on purpose so that we could see the Animal Open House. And it did NOT disappoint!

Elephants, horses, and tigers up close?! Jay was running from elphies to horsies to lions (he canNOT figure out that they are tigers and not lions!!!) and back to elphies. He was seriously so happy. I almost teared up several times because of his pure enjoyment. Nothing makes you happier in the world than seeing your child truly happy.

These next two might be some of my favorite pictures of all time. The pure innocence and sweetness of this little boy never ceases to amaze me.... He was showing his elphy to the big elphy. Be still my heart.

One of Jay's favorite parts was watching the elephants poop. He would get his deep voice and say, "Big elphy. Big poop." Such a boy. Ugh.

He also loved watching them clean the elephants off before the show with a leaf blower and then put their headwear on. This was one focused little boy!

Once we got to our seats and the show started, he was just as engaged! I was so excited! Everyone did a great job of explaining what was going on and he kept looking at the big curtain and saying, "Elphies comin' next Momma!" He was so sweet!

Auntie Michelle feeing Charley- while she watches the pre-show! Ha!

Just clownin' around before the show.
Terrible pun. I know. 

It was loud for little ears! :)

This is what ended up happening with the little one...
I love the lines on her face :)

And we only made it to two chunks of the show after intermission. Jay started falling asleep on JJ's lap! So I loaded up both kids by myself and headed out. That was TOUGH.

We made it to the car in one piece and before we got out of the parking lot, I turned around to this...

Definitely a SUCCESS! And he is STILL talking about... What a wonderful experience! :)


the blogivers said...

The picture of him showing his elephant to the big elephant ALMOST made me tear up - so sweet :)

J & J Brymer said...

Jay is so so so sweet... i love how much he loves his animals. The photo of him showing the elephant his elephant makes me want to bawl!

Emily said...

How fun!!! Love the elephant pictures!! I was sad we missed the one here due to a wedding... I think Carson would have been just as excited as Jay!

The Torno's said...

Glad the circus worked out! We took our kids last year and Tyson loved it... Hailey, not so interested! How precious he was with the elephants!

Jules said...

How fun?! We might have to go if the circus is still in town :) Although, I feel like I live at the circus right now- haha!!

Michelle said...

So fun!!