Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The STATS Are In!

We had little lady's four month check up today. Of course he said we have a baby genius that will discover the cure for AIDS, but that was just a minor thing.   :)

No, it went really well though!

I wanted to get her stats down so I could have them when I make this big, beautiful blog book one day (ha!)...

Length- 25.5 inches (82%)
Weight- 13 lbs 1oz (20%!!!!!!!!!!)
Head- 15.5 in (25%)

Sweet little baby girl is still LONG and LEAN with a little head.... I asked if we should be concerned with her weight and he said absolutely not. It's normal, she has stayed on the same trend, and she will most likely just be a tall, thin kid. Sucks to be her, right?! She will LOVE that one day... :)

Anyway, she got two shots and an oral vaccine and girlfriend did GREAT! She didn't even cry for the first one! Jay NEVER got through half a shot without screaming! HA! She took the first one with nothing, and cried a little for the second. When I picked her up she stopped right away. What a stud (or whatever the feminine is for stud!)...

In comparison...

Here are Jay's stats from his four month check up...

27 inches long (97%)
15 lbs 10 oz (66%)
16 3/4 in head (59%)

I'd say they are quite a bit different!  :)

Here is our cutie enjoying some banana and smiling through it all! Love!

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