Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eating My Words

One thing that I'm sure most parents would agree with is the fact that a lot of times you eat your words when you have kids. You are saying one thing about them and the next minute they have totally done a 180 and you have to retract your statement.

This post cracks me up. Since I am lazy and rarely go back to prior posts, I will just tell you one part of it. I said that Jay isn't very brave or daring in the pool. HA! At the time, he wasn't! At all. Like I had a conversation with my oldest sister about me being stressed out that he was a huge wuss and was scared he would never learn to swim. He loves to play on the steps, but getting his face wet was a whole other story.

We kept swimming in our blissful little world- one where Jay would only play on the steps or let Mommy or Auntie JJ carry him around in the water. Then Jennifer put some goggles on him and showed him that there was a whole other world under the water. I don't know if that did it, or if it was just him getting more comfortable with the water, but this kid is TOTALLY different!

He now jumps off the side, jumps off the steps, puts his face under, tries to swim like the big kids... Y'all, it's CRAZY how different he became in a matter of DAYS. Seriously, I said this to my sister on a Wednesday and by SUNDAY he was a WILD man in the pool. Anthony didn't believe me until he saw videos. And then finally witnessed it in person last weekend. We had some friends over and not only did Jay do all of the above, but he also rode his roller coaster car INTO THE WATER off the side of the pool!!! What?!?!

I am seriously confused where this little daredevil came from, but I am LOVING it! It is so fun to watch him- but we have to really watch him. No more one parent with two kids. Jay is too crazy for that now.

Here are two SHORT videos- only like 30 seconds each. You should watch them. Seriously- they are cute.

How stinkin' funny are those!? He looks so tiny! And always wants more!

The best part is that he is getting JUST strong enough to kick really hard and get the top of his head above water. His little eyes just get over the water's edge. Soon he will be able to get his mouth and nose and I will feel MUCH better!

Love this little guy!!


the blogivers said...

Definitely doesn't look like a wuss now! :)

Brooke said...

Cute!! Max is the same in the pool and it makes me nervous, but it's fun to watch them learn to swim.