Monday, June 4, 2012

Boys vs Girls

This was a big weekend in our house- we had our first ever Boys' Weekend and first ever Girls' Weekend!

Anthony's cousin got married in Iowa on Saturday, and so Anthony decided he would take Jay with him! Actually, the conversation went more like this... (it was back in January)
A: My cousin is getting married the first weekend of June. I should probably go.
C: You know we will have two kids by then, right?
A: Yeah.
C: So you are going to leave me with two kids for the weekend?
A: Well, do you think we should all go?
C: Um, no. Definitely not.
A: Well, I'm not sure what to do. I need to go.
C: Really? Again, you know we will have two kids by then, right?
A: Hey, I have an idea! I can take Jay with me!!!

So, Anthony came up with the idea ALL ON HIS OWN of taking Jay with him! And as it got closer Anthony got more and more excited. In turn, as it got closer, I got more and more nervous.

They had to leave the house at 6:30 Friday morning to get to the airport. I decided it would be best for me not to see him and make it harder on both the boys. So I kissed him goodbye a jillion times Thursday night as he slept. Anthony got him up Friday morning and they were off.

Reports were that Jay was AWESOME. He stood in the security line right next to Anthony as they waited to go through, he ate breakfast at the airport, he sat on Anthony's lap and played the whole time during the flight, and even napped about an hour there! Here is a picture I got once they landed...

Sleepy boy...

Then, they drove the two hours from Omaha to Dexter, IA with Aunt Andrea. Jay watched Wubbzy in the car. Once they got there I received reports that they went and saw COWS! You can imagine Jay's excitement!! I got a call as they were standing in the middle of some cows petting them and Jay was saying, "Come on cows! Come on!" So stinking cute! I wish I could have seen the look on his face!!!! If you know Jay at all you know this is his FAVORITE animal/thing in the whole world! The kid loves cows!!

Making the two hour drive after the flight. What a champ!

They played on the tractor, picked and ate some strawberries and raspberries from Aunt Mary's garden, and chased the kitties around. They cooked up some fresh caught fish and ate around a campfire. A little boy's heaven? I think so!

Jay and (second cousin?) Drew

Jay and Great Grandma Peggy.
I think this is the sweetest picture ever. 

Needless to say, they were both tuckered out that night (Anthony said he was BEYOND exhausted and tried to explain what hard work it was watching him all day! HA!!!!!). I loved the pic Andrea sent me :)
I got this a little after 9 :)

While the boys were away, the girls decided to play! I had a fabulous day just hanging out one on one with Charley- something I haven't gotten to do much. She is such a happy, wonderful little girl. She has just really woken up in the past few weeks and is now ready to go! She definitely needs to be entertained now and is OVER laying around in one place! We went to the chiropractor (where mommy got a mini-massage), hung out with Grandeb, played with Auntie JJ and the kids while mommy got her hair trimmed (first cut in six months- what what), and then we napped together for over an HOUR this afternoon. Perfect? I think yes!

The girly weekend begins!

 Charley LOVES her first baby doll!

She also discovered my parents' cat, Cher- the fattest and sweetest cat in the world!

That night we had dinner together- just the two of us- and of course shared a basket of chips ;)  Anthony was so funny when I told him it was just us- he said, "Oh babe. I'm sorry you had to go to dinner alone." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This was heaven! I could eat as much as I wanted, and take as long as I wanted without worrying about a squirmy little boy. Perfect! Plus, Charley and I had our first mommy/daughter dinner date.

Someone found their feet!!!!!!
Next up, learning to sit like a lady :) 

End of the day... But Charley has decided she is hair holder as she falls asleep! 

Saturday was harder on both of us to get pictures... I had high hopes for Team Girls. We started the morning out well- she slept until 9 when I woke her up- YES! I laid around in bed with her for a long time and then took my time getting ready. Also because I woke up ridiculously nauseous. Not pregnant- don't go there. Anyway, I had a Crossfit Intro Class at 9:45 and my mom was keeping Charley for me. I didn't know if I was going to make it though because I felt that sick. Fortunately, this class was a lot of explanation and instruction and very little working out. Halfway through the talk, I ran to the bathroom and threw up the oatmeal I ate that morning. Ugh. I stuck it out through the class but felt even worse on my way home. Luckily, Charley ate shortly thereafter and then went down for a nap- and I laid down with her. I woke up feeling better, but not 100%, and had a splitting headache... Sheesh... I planned on manis and pedis for me us and some fun in the sun.

We ended up meeting the fam for dinner that night (I didn't eat). We went to this fantastic German/Austrian restaurant with a live "band"- two older people who play the accordion and yodel and everything! It was super fun!!

Watching the music and dancing with Grandeb and Josh

Me and Jenn at dinner

On the flipside, Jay woke up at 5 after going down super late, so he was kind of out of sorts with Anthony. They went "fishing" which mainly consisted of Anthony's cousin Rob doing the fishing and Jay throwing sticks in the pond, watching frogs, and running around. Not a bad morning and even better that it was 59 degrees there! Reports were that he went down for an early nap and then got ready and headed to the wedding.

Jay had a blast at the wedding and played all over the dancefloor with Drew and a little girl he had a crush on... Silly boy...

Saturday night EVERYONE went to bed early...

Sunday we were ready for our boys to get HOME! I missed them both so much! We hung around, Charley got some good quality time with Uncle Aaron, and Jay and Daddy spent an extra three hours at the airport after a flight delay.... Sigh...

It was a SUPER SUPER fun weekend for everyone but it was SO wonderful to have our little family reunited! This will definitely continue in the future, and Anthony is already daydreaming other fun trips for them to take. I am SUCH a lucky lady to have a wonderful husband who is also a wonderful daddy. #Blessed   :)

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