Monday, June 25, 2012

The Animals Made Me Do It

After MUCH urging from people on the blog, facebook, and personal emails, I finally decided to get a post together of Jay's animal designs...

For those of you who don't know, haven't followed, or haven't noticed, Jay is slightly obsessed with animals. While some of you might remember his pacifier fetish, they are still around and high in demand. But the animals trump. We can't go anywhere without his animals. Every single morning he comes downstairs, gets some juice, we take off his diaper, grab a few pacifiers, and get the animals out. And they stay out and with us ALL DAY LONG. We bring them to the gym, to church, in the car, to the store, to a restaurant, to friends' houses... you name it, we've got at least two handfuls of animals.

His obsession began around 10 months old when he decided he LOVED the app on my iPhone Tapping Zoo. We would show it to him (a real picture of an animal and their sound) and scroll through the pictures. By 11 months he had 9 animal sounds down. He began playing with the passdown animals at my parents' house in their little dollhouse. We were thankful that he started playing with animals and Little People- he had previously been obsessing over the LAMP from the dollhouse and walking that up and down the dollhouse stairs. For his birthday I asked for people (only those who asked for ideas!) to get him the Fisher Price Noah's Ark and Farm. From there it was over. He's in love with animals. And while he gets that from both of his parents, I wanted to be a zoologist for as long as I could remember (until I found out you might have to scoop poop. I was over that one). I digress.

My favorite part of his play with the animals is HOW he plays with them. He sets them up ever so carefully in very distinct ways. Most of the time I don't have a clue how he came up with their placement. But he is VERY deliberate in where they go. He takes a LOT of time getting them just where he wants them. I would give anything to read his little mind as he does it. What amazing things must be going on in there!!! The pictures are in chronological order... They start simple and one of the most recent ones is unreal. Please keep in mind, these are only the pictures I happened to snap. There have been MANY more setups and MANY that I missed!

The first time he brought an animal with him somewhere.
To my OBGYN appointment. 
Yes, he has an elephant on the stirrup. HA!

The beginning. Lining them up at the old house.

Starting to bring them everywhere. 
Even the new house while we got the inspection done.

Stacking them on the candles. 
Notice ALL of them on the floor to the left.

This is when the imagination part came in.
They were sliding down the "slide" yelling "WEEEE!"

Everyone needs their own space. Except Noah.
He's getting frisky with the girl in the middle. 

Getting pretty fancy here! 

A close-up. The horse even has two so it stands properly. 
Gifted child? I think yes! hahah :)

Inside the holes on the back of the blocks. 

The cow was eating hay out of his "trough" aka dresser drawer from the dollhouse.

The animals wanted to pretend they were on a boat. 
What's the big deal??

Yes, the monkey's "hat" as Jay called it was a PeePee TeePee. 

 Don't YOU like looking at the family pictures??

Looks like they are all listening to the "king"

Sitting on chairs at the farm. No big deal. 

Everyone needs their own hole. Duh. 

 But watching PeekaBoo Wild is SO much fun!

Just hanging out reading. At least it's the Bible, right??

They wanted to play outside this day. 

Apparently they are eating hay. I was a little concerned so I asked what they were doing.
He told me, "Ammals eatin' hay mommy." 

 One of my all-time favorites. They are being held hostage I believe. 
Look, they are all facing the same way hoping to break out. 
My money is on Cookie Monster with the drumsticks big scary branches.
This took a LONG time for him. 

I feel like this should be labeled "Grand Finale." 
His most difficult one by FAR. 
All on his own. Makes a momma proud :)

He said, "Shhh. Ammals seeping."

They must have been AWFULLY tired that day. They even shared beds!

Gotta use the stairs!

Who says train tracks are for trains?? 
Please notice they are all heading in the same direction! 

Look at this brigade of animals coming at ya!! Scary!

Now the panda is just showing off.... C'mon!

One of the things I want to STRESS about this is every single one of these has been done 100% on his own. He comes up with the idea, sets them up, and does every bit of it on his own. I have NEVER given him the idea of where to put them. It's ALL him. Not only does he love to place these animals, but he can name EVERY single animal and tell you their sound (or what they do- like for a giraffe he just says they eat leaves because what sound does a giraffe make?!). He even knows arctic wolf and calls kangaroos hoparoos (favorite thing ever!!). The only he has trouble with is tiger- he either calls it a lion or a leopard. For some reason that one gives him trouble. I have taken countless videos of him with his animals just so I can remember how he says everything and how enthusiastic he is when he plays with his animals. I wish we could ALL be so happy about life!

I love this guy and his creative little mind. I'm looking forward to adding more pictures as they come!! :)


Lynn Moriarty Rickert said...

Absolutely adorable! What a clever boy!

Emily said...

Love that creativity!!!

the blogivers said...

I'm just glad you have been photographing all of these instances so it could be documented!

The Joiners said...

This is seriously too funny!!

Meagan said...

I love this. You will be so happy that you got all of these pictures compiled in one place...well, unless these animals are going to his high school graduation with him. ;)

Sarah said...

This is too funny! What a smart little boy! And so creative!

Ashley said...

Unreal. I'm glad the animals laying down were "eatin' hay" and "seeping". The "Grand Finale" may be my fave!

Leah said...

Holy crap that is hilarious!! I totally love this. And I think you are right that he might just be brilliant... :)

Casey Charles said...

Love your blog Courtney! This is too funny!

GranDeb said...

Just precious!!! His little conversations with the ammals are so freaking cute!!! Love this little guy!!! xox


GranDeb said...

Just precious!!! His little conversations with the ammals are so freaking cute!!! Love this little guy!!! xox


The Torno's said...

This is AWESOME. Hopefully Charley won't figure out that it's fun to knock them all over :) The one in the toy store made me laugh!

Jenni said...

So cute...what a creative lil' guy!!