Thursday, May 3, 2012

One of THOSE Days

It started with CK waking up every 45 minutes last night crying (she NEVER does this so I know she probably doesn't feel good!).

Jay woke up in a great mood. While I was making his breakfast (that he didn't eat and decided to throw all over our rug) I hear Tex gagging. I see him start to puke all over the rug (same one with all the food from Jay) and drag him as he's doing so which leaves a trail of vomit. I then put a screaming Charley down to clean it up while trying to keep Jay from playing in it.

As I get everything cleaned up I see Tex standing at the back door to be let out SHAKING. I let him out and as he runs out he diarrheas all over the place. Thank you Jesus for letting him try to keep it in and hold it until he got outside. Note to self to give him a treat.

We then head to Jay's school for splash day. We switched days with the person we share with this week because she couldn't make it to school on Monday because of a death in the family. I was happy to switch even though I had no intention of sending Jay to school on my birthday. We show up to school for splash day and the kid isn't there anyway. Boo. We totally could have gone today had we known. Oh well.

So then it's time to play and splash and Mr. Clinger won't leave my side and sobs the whole time thinking I'm going to leave him. Clearly that was a bust.

So we leave and head to City Centre to run around and so that I can exchange some pants. Jay was an ANGEL in the store! Seriously, he was perfect and fussy Charley slept in the Moby. Yes!

As we tries to leave though, Jay threw a HUGE tantrum on the floor. He did NOT want to leave. Sweet. A woman walked up to me and said "Don't worry honey. We have all been there. One of THOSE days." I was so grateful for her kindness and the fact that she wasn't judging me. My response was, "Yup. And it's not even noon."

So I carry Jay to the car while Charley is strapped in the Moby. We make it and Jay is back to being his sweet, adorable self. Now that we are in the car, Miss Charley remembers how much she HATES riding in the car and starts screaming her little head off.

We drive through McDonalds (yup, judge away) and I get Jay a happy meal and a smoothie. I hand him smoothie as always, he says thank you, and I am pleased.

Then he spills it. The whole darn thing.

It's 12:05 now.

We get home and God had mercy on me because somehow Charley stopped crying just long enough for me to clean up the spill. Y'all, it was EVERYWHERE!!! I had to take the Caesars out and lift the actual seats OUT of the car and clean under them. I had to get carpet cleaning spray and I had to sop up the smoothie. It was ridiculous.

Just as I was finishing Charley started to fuss again. ThankyouLord for the perfect timing!

The rest of the day consisted of food throwing, naps, and swimming- uneventful at least! Now it's dinner time and I'm HOPING the worst is over..

Famous last words, right?!?

Somehow, I didn't cry or scream- I have pretty much just laughed through it. Because lets be honest, we ALL have one of THOSE days every now and then! :)


the blogivers said...

We are having one of THOSE days, too :( doesn't sound as bad as yours, but I'm still tearing my hair out over here!

B said...

Best post ever. Loved it! I laughed while reading but I know I would have cried had it been me....

Meagan said...

I laughed through reading this thinking about all of the many days we have a lot like that...minus the second child part. Ha! :) Tomorrow is a new day, right?

Misty said...

Ok for real, I was laughing out loud here too! Don't you love the timing of newborn crying on top of managing a toddler?! Hope tonight was an easy one for you!

Emily said...

Oh girl... I'm laughing and so sympathetic for you at the same time. Glad you kept it together and were able to laugh it off. Carson loves those smoothies and Sonic cherry limeades, and I haven't been brave enough to give one to him in the car AND actually let go of the cup... :-)

Jenni said...

Haha...glad you had a good attitude about it. My morning started today with Connor yelling "MOOOOOMMM!!!! I need HELP!" from the bathroom. Apparently he got distracted and only about half of his pee ended up in the toilet. He told me "It spilled!" At least it's Friday and not Monday! Ha!

The Torno's said...

Nice. I would have lost it! Probably about the time of the smoothie spilling!

Michelle said...

Haha I"m glad you stayed sane!!!

The Moriarty Family said...

Haha ohh man, I totally feel your pain on days like that! Glad you were able to laugh through it, such a good Momma! P.S. can you tell I'm on my laptop since I'm commenting like crazy?! Yep, blog stalking!!