Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun in the Sun!!

One of the things I REALLY wanted when we were looking at new houses was a pool. Anthony didn't really want one, I really did.

Fortunately (for me!) the house we fell in love with just happened to have a pool!

Fast forward five months (can't believe we have been in our house that long already!), and that pool has DEFINITELY been used! Jay goes in every single day (there have been a handful of days he hasn't made it in), at least once a day. He isn't super brave or daring, so while I'm holding Charley he usually plays on the steps or holds on to the sides. Occasionally when Charley is napping I will get in with him. We are having a blast and I'm amazed to see how much braver he's already become. He started out only playing on the steps to now jumping in and popping up out of the water. It's too cute!

 This is just too funny not to post... 

Charley got in for her first time last weekend. It wasn't really planned, so we didn't put her suit on or anything, but she definitely LOVED splashing around in the cold water. Then she went for a little naked swim with us. Well, WE weren't naked, just Charley Kate! :)

Daddy and Naked Charley

Mommy and CK 

The first official dip in!

We have also had lots of weekend pool party fun with friends, lots of cousin pool time, and a lot of Tex pool time!

Jay LOVES swimming with Tex (or he actually calls him Sunny)

Learning how to chicken fight!

Cousin Time! The three amigos!

I must say, this pool has already gotten a LOT of use, and I know Anthony has changed his mind and become VERY happy with our decision to have a house with a pool!

And I can't disagree! I can't wait to see what the summer has in store and how much fun we will have!

Charley Kate in her first swimsuit!!!!


the blogivers said...

Haha thank you for clarifying that you weren't ALL naked in the pool :) Though that would be a pretty funny thing to blog about!

Christina said...

A pool is hours and hours of fun! You're going to have a great summer in your new home!

Sarah said...

Ahh Texas! I can't wait! Glad you guys are enjoying the pool!

Emily said...

So cute! Carson went swimming in a pool for the first time this past weekend and LOVED it!!!

The Moriarty Family said...

I'm loving that first pic of Jay ;) ...and did you really just have a baby 3.5 months ago?! Lookin fantabulous!