Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dont Give Up

I don't know if you guys remember this post. It was a sad time for this special couple.

This is an update on that post...

The couple I talked about in the post above is my sister, Kiki, and her husband Aaron. Here is their story...

Kiki and Aaron have a precious son named Owen. Owen is six and a half years old. They got pregnant with Owen after over a year of trying. They were getting frustrated and were about to begin some fertility treatments, when all of a sudden they found out they were pregnant with him! What a blessing! As soon as Owen was born and they got the OK, they started trying to get pregnant again.

That was about six years ago. Kiki and Aaron have struggled with infertility (or is it struggling with fertility?) for six years. They have had four failed IVF attempts, numerous failed IUIs, and countless other failed options. They have spent a small fortune on pregnancy tests that were negative, ovulation predictor kits, and other "no fail" pregnancy options. Not only was there a LOT of money spent, there were even more tears shed and emotions running wild at the prospect of a pregnancy that never came to fruition. We were there for each failed IVF. It was awful for us. I can't even imagine how awful it was for THEM.

Not only that, but Kiki's sisters have had three kids since she started trying six years ago- Jill, Jay, and Charley. You can imagine how hard that is for her. There was a lot of anger and hurt over those six years. Questions to God wondering why it was happening to them. Disappointment. Resentment. The list could go on and on. There was talk of adoption, talk of egg donation, surrogates. Ultimately, there was just no baby.

So back in October our family took a trip to Hawaii to help Kiki and Aaron celebrate their 10th anniversary. The third day of the trip Kiki SHOCKED us all with a positive pregnancy test!!!!! NO fertility treatments involved! Blessing doesn't even scratch the surface of this!! We were all elated and had a blast celebrating them. It was FINALLY their time. Over the next four weeks, there were problems. There was spotting, bleeding, cramping. At their 8 week appointment they discovered they had lost their baby. Their hope. Their blessing. I don't know if you can even imagine their devastation.

Kiki had a hard winter holidays. Not only that, but I was pregnant with Charley and due to deliver soon. More disappointment.

My mom and I went to Austin at the end of January because Michelle and Scott were in town and we wanted to visit with them. We met up with them at Stubbs when Kiki announced they were expecting AGAIN! No fertility treatments this time either!!!!! We were elated, but cautious.

Kiki and Aaron lived in fear for the next four weeks. Waiting. Any uncomfortable feeling in her tummy sent her head into a tailspin- and rightfully so. After 8 weeks passed there was a little tension lifted. But there were still another 5 to go until the "all clear" was given. Kiki and Baby Fountain made it to 13 weeks. And 14 weeks. Then 15 weeks. And so on. She is now 20 weeks ALONG! Her belly is growing, and she is feeling so much better. Not only that, but they recently found out that they are HAVING A GIRL!!!!!!!! A sweet, perfect little sister to Owen, and a perfect little cousin to Jake, Josh, Jill, Jay, and Charley!

This is SUCH a deserving couple (aren't most couples?!). They are incredible parents. Owen is a fantastic, smart, kind, and loving kid. I honestly can't think of too many other couples that should have a baby more than them (but again, I'm a little biased). I am so beyond excited for them!! God delivers His blessings and fulfills His promises!

I wanted to write this post because I know there are A LOT of people out there who struggle with fertility. I have witnessed the hurt, devastation, frustration, and other roller coaster emotions felt by those directly affected. I have learned so much from them- what not to say, what helps, etc... It's definitely an education and a process that you can't understand unless you've been there (so I've been told- clearly I don't FULLY understand it).

My point is- DON'T GIVE UP HOPE. It can happen. It might not be on your timeline, but it IS on God's timeline. DON'T GIVE UP. Remember Abraham and Sarah. Remember my sister, Kiki. And DON'T GIVE UP.

Please continue to pray for this special family! :)


Sarah and Justin said...

wow, thats so emotional and I'm crying....She must be due about the same time as me since i'm going on 21 weeks! That's such wonderful news and I pray for a heathly pregnancy for her.

the blogivers said...

Love this :) very excited for your sister (and your whole family)! Hoping to be able to get the same wonderful news from my own sister SOON!

J & J said...

What a joy! Praise the Lord!

Jules said...

Praise God!! What a wonderful time for your family!

Sarah said...

So so happy for them!! What a wonderful story!! Lots of prayers heading their way!!

Erica said...

Yeah! Here's hoping for a happy, healthy Kiki Jr.!

Brittany Sciba said...

What an amazing story!! Thanks for sharing. I love hearing stories like this! What an exciting and special time for your family! :)

Kelly said...

Wonderful news and definitely a story I will pass along.

The Joiners said...

Thank you for sharing this - it was exactly what I needed to read today, and I know God knew that long ago before they even knew they would be facing infertility! I am rooting for them!

Leah said...

Thanks for sharing with us Court! So exciting for them, and thankful for God's perfect timing.

The Torno's said...

I'm reading this at work and trying not to tear up! I'm so happy for them! I only knew bits and pieces of the journey - now I'm going to figure out what Kiki's email is and send her a happy-gram note :)


GranDeb said...

Just read this tonight, the end of Mother's Day.
That was so sweet Courtney, and so very well said.
I can only add to Courtney's story to say, it is overwhelmingly difficult when you are a mother and your daughter is facing such tough times, such disappointment, such heartache, and you know there is nothing you can do to fix it!! You've said all the words, all the pc things, and all you can do is hold her, feel her heaving body as she sobs - hurt for the loss, and her body full of hormones which didn't help and now only exacerbate the problem.

I was reading the story with tears streaming down my cheeks, as if I was reading about someone I didn't know. I had to keep remembering, this is someone I do know!! This is my daughter who has been hurting for so long.

I am so grateful to God that in His wisdom, He has decided it is time for Kiki and Aaron to have a daughter, and Owen to have a baby sister! Thank you, God, for answering all our prayers. If there is a name that means God has answered our prayers and this little girl is a genuine gift to us all, then please name her that!!

I'll tell you one other thing that will rip your heart out of your body, that is to listen to the earnest prayers of a little boy who longs for a sibling, begs God to give him a brother or sister, and now prays that she will grow and that her heart will keep beating.

Please, parents everywhere, love and appreciate the gift of your children!!! It was a miracle that they got here! You just might realize it until you read about this special family who knows this truth.

Love your children, be kind to them, try not to lose your patience with their waiting or their countless questions. And most importanly, raise them to know God and Jesus and to know it was God that brought them to you!

Happy Mother's Day, Kiki!


And if there was a Happy Sister's Day, then Happy Sister's Day, Courty!!

The Moriarty Family said...

We couldn't be happier for them!! Such wonderful, wonderful news. Praying for that precious angel to continue to grow healthy and for Momma, too!