Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rollin' With the Homies

So homegirl is ready to get going. For the past two weeks I haven't been able to keep her on her back. If I lay her down to play, she rolls over to her tummy. If I lay her down to change her diaper, she rolls over. This is JUST how Jay was... She LOVES tummy time (yes, I know my kids are weird like that).

So the other day Jay was napping. I had just put Charley down and was ready for my little God-given slice of heaven (aka the nap break!) when she decided she was NOT napping at that time. UGH. I was a little frustrated just because I had things I wanted to get done, and this wasn't party of MY plan.

So I brought Charley into the den and put her on her playmat while I went into the kitchen to get dinner started (I usually do all the prep during nap break- chopping, measuring, etc.. so I can throw it all together about 30 minutes before Ant comes home. Otherwise, it takes to long to do it all with two kids!).

Charley was in SUCH a good mood- just babbling away to her toys. I peeked in on her and saw her on her tummy of course, so I went back into the kitchen and waited until I heard her fuss that she was finished. Well, a good ten minutes or so went by when I realized I hadn't her fuss at all. She was still as happy as can be just talking away. So I walked around the corner and had a minor panic attack when she wasn't on her mat! Then I looked over and found her all the way over here!!!!!!

She had to have gone a good five or six rolls! Whoops! I guess she wanted to come see all the fun going on in the kitchen!

I dropped down so she could see me, and she was SO happy to see a face! I just LOOOOVE this little girl!!! Melt. My. Heart. xoxo

So beyond sad this one is blurry!!!!!

PS- She has now done this several more times... Eek! And she started pulling her knees up under her tummy... What?! Not sure if I'm ready for that!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun in the Sun!!

One of the things I REALLY wanted when we were looking at new houses was a pool. Anthony didn't really want one, I really did.

Fortunately (for me!) the house we fell in love with just happened to have a pool!

Fast forward five months (can't believe we have been in our house that long already!), and that pool has DEFINITELY been used! Jay goes in every single day (there have been a handful of days he hasn't made it in), at least once a day. He isn't super brave or daring, so while I'm holding Charley he usually plays on the steps or holds on to the sides. Occasionally when Charley is napping I will get in with him. We are having a blast and I'm amazed to see how much braver he's already become. He started out only playing on the steps to now jumping in and popping up out of the water. It's too cute!

 This is just too funny not to post... 

Charley got in for her first time last weekend. It wasn't really planned, so we didn't put her suit on or anything, but she definitely LOVED splashing around in the cold water. Then she went for a little naked swim with us. Well, WE weren't naked, just Charley Kate! :)

Daddy and Naked Charley

Mommy and CK 

The first official dip in!

We have also had lots of weekend pool party fun with friends, lots of cousin pool time, and a lot of Tex pool time!

Jay LOVES swimming with Tex (or he actually calls him Sunny)

Learning how to chicken fight!

Cousin Time! The three amigos!

I must say, this pool has already gotten a LOT of use, and I know Anthony has changed his mind and become VERY happy with our decision to have a house with a pool!

And I can't disagree! I can't wait to see what the summer has in store and how much fun we will have!

Charley Kate in her first swimsuit!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Charley got in her big girl bath bucket for the first time yesterday. She LOVED it! She kicked and splashed and TOTALLY fussed when I took her out!  She was PRECIOUS to say the least...

I wanted a point of reference for what Jay looked like when he was in it for the first time... I would say these two are related- wouldn't you?!?!

Friday, May 18, 2012

One Down

Well, our first school year is officially over! How in the world did this year go so fast?!

Jay was in "school" at our church one day a week. It was 9:30-2. It gave me a chance to schedule lots of doctor's appointments in the fall, and then spend some one on one time with Charley in the spring! It also allowed him to deal with his separation anxiety, and I can honestly say there were actually some days when I dropped him off without crying! Woohoo! It was also wonderful for him to interact with kids his own age and listen to other adults. Not only that, but they learned many Bible stories- you can't ask for better than that!

Here is Jay on the first day of school this year...

Old House, no shoes...

Just learning how to walk! 12 months old! 

And the last day of school....
 Almost 21 Months! New house!

It's crazy to me how much he changed in the course of a SCHOOL year! Next thing I know he'll be leaving for college!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just an Update

I don't have anything majorly HUGE to blog about... Just little snippets here and there that I don't want to forget.

1) Charley's diaper situation. After Pampers left her with a nasty rash/burn, Huggies led to blowouts (and almost always on Anthony in his work clothes- hysterical to me), we tried Target brand diapers. Many of you loved these and we wanted to give them a try. After two days of using them, Charley's burn/rash is starting to come back :(  So, back to Huggies we go. We can deal with poop on our clothes if it means a healthy little bottom on our baby girl... sigh...

2) Jay's vocabulary. God has blessed this boy with the ability to talk well from an early age. He was saying single words very early (remember how our pediatrician didn't believe us until he heard it?!), then phrases, and now speaking in full and multiple sentences. He can tell a story and most people (those who hang around kids or just most women in general) can fully understand him. His favorite thing is to tattle on himself. For instance... we went to the park with Courtney and Wyatt a few weeks ago. Unbeknownst to the grownups, Jay took Wyatt's happy meal toy. When we drove home and I saw Jay holding it, I asked, "Where did you get that toy?" His reply, "Wyatt's toy. Take it. Wyatt cry- waa, waa, waa." I repeated it just to make sure, "Did you take Wyatt's toy?"  "YES!"  "Did he cry?"  "YES!"  "Should we give it back to him?"  "No..."  ha! And even in the past week he is actually making complete sentences with correct use of pronouns and prepositional phrases and everything. It's truly amazing.

3) Charley is crazy with her rolling over right now. I can't put her on her back without her flipping to her tummy. Jay LOVED tummy time. Apparently Charley is following in his footsteps.

4) I hadn't given Charley a bottle in TWO weeks after her last nursing strike. I was SO scared she would reject me again. But then, I realized she turned three months and that is exactly when Jay quit taking the bottle. What a conundrum! So, I bit the bullet and tried a bottle yesterday- and she took it like a champ! Phew, one crisis averted. Nursing at the next feeding was our next goal. That evening- nursed like a champ. PRAISE GOD. I knew I loved this girl ;)

5) Jay loves his sister. He is so so so good to her. People who come over are amazed at how kind he is to her. If I lay her on on her playmat and go into the kitchen, or grab the laundry or whatever, Jay ALWAYS goes to her, lays next to her, says "Hi Caryey!" and then plays with her. He LOVES trying to give her a pacifier, loves giving her toys, and loves to "tickle tickle tickle" her. It's just the sweetest thing. He also stills loves to hold her and kiss her. I just can't believe what a sweetheart he's been!

6) We have dropped Charley's dream feed and have been putting her down around 8:45-9 the past few nights. She has done fine without that feeding and has been going about 8.5-9 hours between feedings. It's been incredible. Now that I have written this, I will jinx it and we will revert. It's what always happens. Always.

7) We have quite the pool rat on our hands. Jay asks to swim in our pool at least once a day, and for a few weeks before he got sick he was in at least two if not three times a day. I rarely get in with him (too cold!), but he just plays on the steps or jumps in holding my hand (while I sit on the edge) and goes to the side. He LOVES the pool. Makes me happy :)

I think that's it for now. We are loving our little life and having a ball. I finally feel like I'm getting this mom-of-two thing down. I'm honestly getting super excited about this summer and all the fun things we will get to do without having to worry about school and all that!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

They Will Hate Me One Day...

After a rough, SICK week last week (five days of fever over 101, the highest being 103.6) including fever, total lethargy, ZERO appetite (think two chicken nuggets, a few pretzels, and a couple bites of hashbrown over THREE days), double eye infection, and deep chest cough/pouring nose, this momma needed some comic relief!

Last night Anthony and I had both kids in the tub together. Charley was laying in her infant tub and Jay was right by her in the real tub. Jay all of a sudden noticed Charley and her... parts. He was just staring and then had this puzzled/upset look on his face. All of a sudden he pointed to "it" and started talking so fast/gibberish but clearly trying to explain something to us. I tried to slow him and down and asked, "What is that?" He explained something along the lines of "Caryey's poops. Caryey's bootie." Apparently he noticed "that" sort of looked like his own bootie.

It was really cute and super funny and Anthony and I were just dying but trying not to laugh or make a big deal of it. He was deep in thought though...

Then a few minutes later we noticed Jay pushing and pulling on his "part." He was distressed and kind of whimpering/whining. When I asked what he was doing, he looked down and said something like "Jay's penis. Jay's bootie. Caryey's bootie. Jay's poops." He was 100% trying to get them to "match" and find his bottom and make himself look like Charley's!! Unbelievable!

I'm sure I'm not doing this story justice, but it was AMAZING and Anthony and I were beside ourselves!

We didn't really address it much. But I just asked "Yes. Does Jay have a penis?" His response was an overly enthusiastic, "YES!!!!" "Does Charley have a penis?" He sadly answered, "No..."

And that was that.

Love my babies :)

Oh, and we don't have names for anything yet... I'm not going there- at least for now. I'll just call Jay's the clinical term of penis (I figured he and his buddies will come up with ENOUGH names for that thing one day), and Charley's... well, I'm not going there for a LOOOONG time. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Quarter

Little Miss Thang is already a quarter of a year old (or 3 months for those who failed second grade math!)!!

How in the world did three months go by so quickly (and thank you GOD for letting three months go by quickly- the newborn stage is NOT my forte!)?!?

Charley continues to be a wonderful baby. She is SUCH a joy to us and adds a new, wonderful dynamic to our family.

-Size 2 diapers
-Size 3 months clothes (only for the length- she is such a skinny little thing!)
-Will scootch (sp?) around when put on her back. She loves to move all over her playmat- especially to crane her neck to see the TV (yikes!)
-Nurses every 3+ hours during the day
-Catnaps but will take at least one GOOD (meaning 2+ hours- usually 3 hours!) nap during the day! AMAZING!
-Falls asleep usually around 830 in someone's arms, then we wake her up for a dream feed before we go to bed, and she will typically sleep until 4-5 am depending on when we last feed her. She usually gets a 7 hour stretch between the dream feed and the first morning feed.
-Has rolled over SEVERAL times from front to back and back to front. She beat her brother in this stat by the way! She is so cute when she does it because she looks so teeny! We aren't safe in high places anymore!!
-Definitely eats, plays, then sleeps- and has done this routine from about 2 weeks on (a doctor's dream!)
-Coos and babbles a bit, but not NEARLY as much as Jay did at this age
-Smiles like it's going out of style! And has giggled a few times! When she smiles her whole body smiles- I just adore this!
-Still sleeps in the bassinet by our bed and will sleep in bed with us after the early feeding in the morning. This has less to do with her and more to do with my exhaustion. Her bedroom is upstairs and ours is downstairs and I'm not willing to trek it up and down the stairs in the middle of the night yet, so she is staying put for a while!
-Likes a pacifier sometimes, likes her thumb if she can find it. Can't decide which way she is going to go!
-Has recently discovered how to lift up her dresses and flash! Ha! She also likes to put her dresses/clothes/lovey in her mouth.
-Is just starting to grab on to things or toys. She will legitimately reach out and try to grab something!
-Still takes bottles! Phew. This is the age when Jay ditched them altogether!
-She still poops 3-6 times a day. Fast metabolism!
-She will be awake for at least 1.5 hours between naps now, and a lot of times it's closer to the 2 hour mark.
-Is overall a pretty chill, easy baby. She will happily lay on her playmat or in her bouncy seat (or on the floor, or on her brother, or bed or WHATEVER) for a LONG time and just talk to herself and play!
-Loves to be snuggled
-HATES HATES HATES riding in the car. Seriously hates it. Screams EVERY car ride until recently. Now she only screams in about 75% of the car rides. I think the change is that she can see things now, so she's happy for a bit to look around or spin her carseat toys. If we have her in the carseat OUT of the actual car, she is fine. Weird. 
-Loves the Moby still and LOVES to face forward in the Baby Bjorn.
-LOVES looking at her brother and he LOVES being with her. He still asks daily to "hold it" and checks on her constantly. He loves to give her pacifiers, show her toys, or just lay down next to her and say, "Hi Caryey." And each night he doesn't forget that goodnight kiss for his baby sister. It amazes Anthony and me how affectionate he is to her.
-Has blue blue blue eyes! They are gorgeous!!

That's about all I can think of for now. Charley is truly a wonderful little girl. We have loved learning about her and seeing her grow and develop. She is a precious little lady who loves people and loves being out. While Jay had a hard time going to others, Charley enjoys looking at other faces and is happy with anyone who wants to snuggle her. She loves to sit up against you and see the world from that point of view, but is also happy to lay down and relax. Where her brother needed constant stimulation, she is happy to sit back and look around at the world.

 Charley, you are a JOY. The love that you added to our family is something we could have never dreamed of. There are times when both of you are snuggled against me and my heart feels so full it could burst! We love love love you little girl!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dont Give Up

I don't know if you guys remember this post. It was a sad time for this special couple.

This is an update on that post...

The couple I talked about in the post above is my sister, Kiki, and her husband Aaron. Here is their story...

Kiki and Aaron have a precious son named Owen. Owen is six and a half years old. They got pregnant with Owen after over a year of trying. They were getting frustrated and were about to begin some fertility treatments, when all of a sudden they found out they were pregnant with him! What a blessing! As soon as Owen was born and they got the OK, they started trying to get pregnant again.

That was about six years ago. Kiki and Aaron have struggled with infertility (or is it struggling with fertility?) for six years. They have had four failed IVF attempts, numerous failed IUIs, and countless other failed options. They have spent a small fortune on pregnancy tests that were negative, ovulation predictor kits, and other "no fail" pregnancy options. Not only was there a LOT of money spent, there were even more tears shed and emotions running wild at the prospect of a pregnancy that never came to fruition. We were there for each failed IVF. It was awful for us. I can't even imagine how awful it was for THEM.

Not only that, but Kiki's sisters have had three kids since she started trying six years ago- Jill, Jay, and Charley. You can imagine how hard that is for her. There was a lot of anger and hurt over those six years. Questions to God wondering why it was happening to them. Disappointment. Resentment. The list could go on and on. There was talk of adoption, talk of egg donation, surrogates. Ultimately, there was just no baby.

So back in October our family took a trip to Hawaii to help Kiki and Aaron celebrate their 10th anniversary. The third day of the trip Kiki SHOCKED us all with a positive pregnancy test!!!!! NO fertility treatments involved! Blessing doesn't even scratch the surface of this!! We were all elated and had a blast celebrating them. It was FINALLY their time. Over the next four weeks, there were problems. There was spotting, bleeding, cramping. At their 8 week appointment they discovered they had lost their baby. Their hope. Their blessing. I don't know if you can even imagine their devastation.

Kiki had a hard winter holidays. Not only that, but I was pregnant with Charley and due to deliver soon. More disappointment.

My mom and I went to Austin at the end of January because Michelle and Scott were in town and we wanted to visit with them. We met up with them at Stubbs when Kiki announced they were expecting AGAIN! No fertility treatments this time either!!!!! We were elated, but cautious.

Kiki and Aaron lived in fear for the next four weeks. Waiting. Any uncomfortable feeling in her tummy sent her head into a tailspin- and rightfully so. After 8 weeks passed there was a little tension lifted. But there were still another 5 to go until the "all clear" was given. Kiki and Baby Fountain made it to 13 weeks. And 14 weeks. Then 15 weeks. And so on. She is now 20 weeks ALONG! Her belly is growing, and she is feeling so much better. Not only that, but they recently found out that they are HAVING A GIRL!!!!!!!! A sweet, perfect little sister to Owen, and a perfect little cousin to Jake, Josh, Jill, Jay, and Charley!

This is SUCH a deserving couple (aren't most couples?!). They are incredible parents. Owen is a fantastic, smart, kind, and loving kid. I honestly can't think of too many other couples that should have a baby more than them (but again, I'm a little biased). I am so beyond excited for them!! God delivers His blessings and fulfills His promises!

I wanted to write this post because I know there are A LOT of people out there who struggle with fertility. I have witnessed the hurt, devastation, frustration, and other roller coaster emotions felt by those directly affected. I have learned so much from them- what not to say, what helps, etc... It's definitely an education and a process that you can't understand unless you've been there (so I've been told- clearly I don't FULLY understand it).

My point is- DON'T GIVE UP HOPE. It can happen. It might not be on your timeline, but it IS on God's timeline. DON'T GIVE UP. Remember Abraham and Sarah. Remember my sister, Kiki. And DON'T GIVE UP.

Please continue to pray for this special family! :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

One of THOSE Days

It started with CK waking up every 45 minutes last night crying (she NEVER does this so I know she probably doesn't feel good!).

Jay woke up in a great mood. While I was making his breakfast (that he didn't eat and decided to throw all over our rug) I hear Tex gagging. I see him start to puke all over the rug (same one with all the food from Jay) and drag him as he's doing so which leaves a trail of vomit. I then put a screaming Charley down to clean it up while trying to keep Jay from playing in it.

As I get everything cleaned up I see Tex standing at the back door to be let out SHAKING. I let him out and as he runs out he diarrheas all over the place. Thank you Jesus for letting him try to keep it in and hold it until he got outside. Note to self to give him a treat.

We then head to Jay's school for splash day. We switched days with the person we share with this week because she couldn't make it to school on Monday because of a death in the family. I was happy to switch even though I had no intention of sending Jay to school on my birthday. We show up to school for splash day and the kid isn't there anyway. Boo. We totally could have gone today had we known. Oh well.

So then it's time to play and splash and Mr. Clinger won't leave my side and sobs the whole time thinking I'm going to leave him. Clearly that was a bust.

So we leave and head to City Centre to run around and so that I can exchange some pants. Jay was an ANGEL in the store! Seriously, he was perfect and fussy Charley slept in the Moby. Yes!

As we tries to leave though, Jay threw a HUGE tantrum on the floor. He did NOT want to leave. Sweet. A woman walked up to me and said "Don't worry honey. We have all been there. One of THOSE days." I was so grateful for her kindness and the fact that she wasn't judging me. My response was, "Yup. And it's not even noon."

So I carry Jay to the car while Charley is strapped in the Moby. We make it and Jay is back to being his sweet, adorable self. Now that we are in the car, Miss Charley remembers how much she HATES riding in the car and starts screaming her little head off.

We drive through McDonalds (yup, judge away) and I get Jay a happy meal and a smoothie. I hand him smoothie as always, he says thank you, and I am pleased.

Then he spills it. The whole darn thing.

It's 12:05 now.

We get home and God had mercy on me because somehow Charley stopped crying just long enough for me to clean up the spill. Y'all, it was EVERYWHERE!!! I had to take the Caesars out and lift the actual seats OUT of the car and clean under them. I had to get carpet cleaning spray and I had to sop up the smoothie. It was ridiculous.

Just as I was finishing Charley started to fuss again. ThankyouLord for the perfect timing!

The rest of the day consisted of food throwing, naps, and swimming- uneventful at least! Now it's dinner time and I'm HOPING the worst is over..

Famous last words, right?!?

Somehow, I didn't cry or scream- I have pretty much just laughed through it. Because lets be honest, we ALL have one of THOSE days every now and then! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gonna Party Like It's Yo Birfday

30! I am 30! No longer in my wild and carefree 20's- I am 30!

Just in case you hadn't noticed, I am 30 on the 30th! That means it's my GOLDEN birthday! Woohoo!! (And just in case you were wondering, Jay's Golden Birthday will be his 21st birthday which makes me a LITTLE nervous!) 

Alright, back to it... Let me tell you about my FUN celebrations! I was SPOILED this year!

Anthony threw me a FABULOUS party last weekend with the help of my mom and sisters. It was a FABULOUS party and just what I wanted. One of my very best friends in the whole world came in from out of town. And Michelle flew in just for the occasion! It couldn't have been more special! Way to go honey- I couldn't have asked for a better time!

Love my sweet husband :)

Scandalous! ;)

Two of my very very BFFs... Love you girls more than you know!!

Seriously love my friends!

Brandon- friends since 2nd grade

Anthony toasting me... Apparently Michelle is amused :)

My precious cake!

Sisters being good hostesses!

The jazz band playing me "Happy Birthday"

Sweet Sunday School friends

End of the night!

I am just SICK because I got no pictures of the decorations, and not ONE group picture with my family members. I also missed pictures with a LOT of guests... I was too busy having a good time and parading around chatting- dangit!!! My parents were there and there is no proof of that either... Argh..

Yesterday (the day before my actual birthday and Michelle's REAL birthday- she was in Chicago), we had a family birthday party at my sister, Jennifer's house. The kids played on their big blowup slide and we had birthday ice cream sundaes! My mom's birthday is the 26th, Michelle's is the 29th, and mine is the 30th- we were a little caked out by this point!

Jill is happy to celebrate!

The set up!

Whoops! Sprayed myself in the face! Ha!

The big boys are WILD going down the slide!

Love my nephews/niece!

PawPaw sending Jay down the little slide

So sweet

Love those eyes!

LOVE this! Jay was trying to push Jill down the slide! Ha!

And how does it always end with the big boys?
Wrestling of course!

Poor Josh. Totally getting picked on!


Wearing a skirt :)

My bottle girl!
I love how relaxed she is... 

Singing HBD to me!

Blowing out the candles!

Her favorite way to be held... All snuggled!

My ACTUAL birthday started with a certain someone wanting to wake up and nurse every 2 1/2- 3 hours. Thankyouverymuch darling Charley! I think that was her way of spending some quality time with me on my birthday! Then my sweet eldest child woke up at 545 coughing from his sweet little cold. Can you say GLAMOROUS start to my 30th?!

So, we did what anyone would do on their big day- we went and got breakfast together! The three of us went to Shipley's (we HAD to indulge- it was my birthday!!) and got donuts, kolaches, donut holes, and chocolate milk. Mmmmm....

Then, we went for a jog together (ok, they rode, I jogged- duh). Some might think that's silly to do on your birthday. But I LOVE the feeling of jogging and I love my babies getting some fresh air first thing in the morning. Plus, I love the sense of accomplishment that I can check another day off my Couch to 5K program. Not to mention we burned off some of those donut calories... By this time it was about 8ish and Jay was ready to crash. He was tired from his short night of sleep. So he went down at 8, and Charley went down (for TWO HOURS) and what did that leave me to do?? Shower and take a nap, too! Nothing like a nap at 8 am! Ha!!!

Jay was supposed to go to school today (we switched days with the friend we share with) but since he was sick and tired (ha!) we skipped. Plus, I would rather have hung out with him on my special day anyway!

We all got ready and headed to Anthony's new office. Nothing like visiting Daddy to brighten our day. Jay and Charley both loved the attention they got from everyone. We LOVE Anthony's work people. Truly wonderful people.

Jay getting some work done... Makin' cold calls. NBD.
PS- this is NOT Anthony's desk :)

After our visit we went to lunch! Seeing as a GLAMOROUS lunch was out of the question with two crazy kids, we headed to Southwells- a delicious burger place. And ohemgee it was GOOD. Anthony and I had burgers and fries and Jay had chicken fingers- duh. I wanted a group picture but I'm pretty sure Anthony would have DIED had I asked for one. Ha!

Backlit- boo...

Mommy and Charley... And the awkward arm to get her upright! :)

I LOVED my lunchdates and was so happy to spend time as our little family. Not many things make me much happier!

After lunch Jennifer and Jill came by and went swimming for a bit, then Mom and Auntie Karen came over. Mom watched the kids while I went and did a little shopping with my birthday money. It's amazing what I can accomplish without kids!  I decided to spend my $$ on some clothes from Lululemon in the hopes that I would want to work out even more! I am SOOOO pleased with my decision! I have seriously LOVED running the past two days because of my COMFY work out clothes! I got some of the running shorts and these tops- which I think are the best thing EVER! Seriously- the tops are perfect because they are light and cool for our hot summers and baggy to hide my belly! Yes!

After some afternoon playtime (and a 3 hour nap from Charley!), we headed to birthday dinner! Where in the world would I want to have dinner?! Lupe's of course! The kids and I met my mom and Anthony  there. We sat out by the playground (which I know grosses some of you out that I let my kid play in a public sandbox- but he's just fine and I don't mind so don't preach to me!) and Jay played and played while we relaxed on the patio with a GREAT breeze and yummy food and drinks. Such a perfect evening. Charley even sat in her carseat without fussing! Win! 

Jay and Grandeb on the cow (of course!)

Family Pic!
Charley is looking at Jay's bottom like he just tooted or something


It was such a GREAT GREAT birthday! I spent lots of time with my family and friends and was so blessed by so many! Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes, who gave their time to help celebrate, and to my mom for birthing me 30 years ago :)

The first 30 years of my life have been so incredible. I can't wait to see what God has in store for my next 30!