Sunday, April 29, 2012


First of all, thanks to all the good advice I got in response to my last post. There were some super helpful suggestions. I should have prefaced by saying usually blowouts in our house come down to needing a bigger sized diaper. In this case we had just moved up prior to the reaction and are in a good size right now.

I found this from my friend Jenni to be super helpful!

This describes EXACTLY what we were dealing with. I can't even explain how awful it was. If it wasn't "that" area I would have taken pics just to prove it!

Anyway, the next issue up. More advice needed from all you nursing mommas...

Charley refuses to nurse during the day. She did this about two weeks ago for 3 days. She would only take a bottle of breast milk during the day- but would nurse totally fine in the mornings and at night.

It started again today. Girlfriend SCREAMED bloody murder every time I tried to nurse her. As soon as I heated up the bottle- she downed it! Ugh!

So she nursed twice this morning just fine. But the four other feedings throughout the day were all bottles- including tonight's feeding.

Is it because my supply is lower during the day and the letdown is slower? She definitely doesn't have to work with the bottle at all. And in the early morning when I'm engorged from her sleeping she gets milk just fine from me.

Does it taste different during the day?

Is she just being finicky?

I'm super frustrated FOR her- not AT her. I hate to see her so upset.

Any suggestions on this one?? Anybody?

Oh, and some extra info- I've never been the "produce a lot of milk momma". I can't keep up with her. I can only pump about 3-4 oz at a time- and girlfriend eats about 5. So I am supplementing with an ounce or two of formula.



So after a few sessions of some awful rash on Charley's diaper area (think swollen, red welts all over in the shape of a diaper. None in creases or cracks, leading doctors to believe it was the diaper itself and not the pee or poo in them), we switched from our beloved Pampers brand to Huggies.

Fast forward a few days and we have been having at least one blowout every day! What the heck?!

We can't go back to Pampers- y'all it looked like an acid burn or scalding from water. It was awful! And clearly the Huggies aren't working for us.

What's a girl to do? Ideas? Oh, and cloth are out of the question for us...

Saturday, April 28, 2012


How lame is my life that a new Handy Manny was on yesterday and I got SO excited that Abuelito and Mrs. Portillo got married?? And how great that the Loparts coordinated it? And the fact that Manny and Kelly are finally showing that they like each other?! It's about time... I mean, this is exciting stuff people!!!!!!!

I reread what I just wrote and determine that I am super lame and think of how my life has DRASTICALLY changed over the past two years.

And I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Monday, April 23, 2012


I have never experienced such guilt in life than I have since becoming a mother. A jillion thoughts go through my mind daily that make me feel guilty.

Some of the most popular ones of the moment...

I'm not holding Charley as much as I held Jay.

Jay is having chicken nuggets AGAIN for lunch today.

Charley has hardly had ANY tummy time.

Jay watches a LOT of YouTube on iPad or Wow Wow Wubbzy while Mommy nurses (which means he watches a lot of it).

I haven't taken as many pictures of Charley

Jay is having chicken nuggets AGAIN

Jay's scrapbook still isn't finished (his birth-one year scrapbook)

Tex hardly gets walked anymore

Anthony and I haven't had a decent evening together at home in months (one of us is either holding/feeding the baby or asleep)

I haven't done as good of a job staying in touch with friends lately

Jay is having chicken nuggets AGAIN

Am I being the best mom I can be for my kids?

I need to read my Bible more.

Jay is having chicken nuggets AGAIN.

Any of you have any mommy (or non-mommy) guilt lately? Ugh- I can't shake it- sometimes I just feel like such a failure... But then Jay says or does something wonderfully sweet and Charley sleeps through the night and gives me ridiculous smiles and I remember that I must be doing SOMEthing right! Either that or that awesome Man upstairs thinks it's time to remind me that the guilt doesn't matter when you are surrounded by such fantastic little beings! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Figured it Out!

There are scenes in your life that you just want to hit pause and never forget or move on from.

We had one of those the other day. We were sitting on the bed in my room while the workers were there (we were hiding out so I could nurse Charley without being on full display). We were watching cows on the iPad (which has now turned into watching mostly nursery rhyme songs or Pink Panther (??) or old Charlie Brown episodes and even some random YouTube videos). All of this is done on YouTube- Jay is obsessed and can navigate it pretty well.

All of a sudden Jay looks over at me and says, "Hold Caryey." He had NEVER held her before. Not because we didn't want him to, but because he was never really interested and it wasn't a big deal. But now he WANTED to!! Melt my heart! So I gently placed her in his arms and helped him hold her. It was so so so so sweet and he was SO giggly! I tried to snap some pics on the iPhone, all while supporting her, so the pics are horrible quality, but at least they are there!!

I kept asking if he wanted me to take her back and he kept saying no. It was UH-DOR-A-BUL! Seriously y'all. I can't even explain how happy my heart was.

She would fuss a little and I would take her back, then he would ask to do it again. We did this several times. Finally I figured out a way to prop her up on pillows so he could "hold" her. Genius.

Then he wanted to show her the cows he was watching on iPad. While he was watching he would point out her head, eyes (while poking them), ears, mouth, nose, etc... Super super cute.
All time favorite picture. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Runner up in favorite pictures. I LOVE how he's showing her!

I also happened to get some video. Well, the video is long (two minutes). But seriously you guys, watch at least the first 45 seconds. It HITS me like a ton of bricks! I figured out WHAT he was doing... What a FUNNY FUNNY guy!!!!! It all clicked... Right about the 20 second mark I figured it out!!!!!!! Not to mention it's SO sweet him holding her hands!!!!

So one of his favorite videos to watch is the "Charlie Bit My Finger" video!!!!!!!! And he was seriously trying to recreate it!!! Finger in mouth! OMG!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the video in case you need a reference. One of my personal favorites as well..

This is just too funny to me you guys... Seriously!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I feel like everything in my life is a work in progress right now.

Let's start with MY BODY. I know I'm just two months out from having a baby, but I am so BEYOND ready to have a semi-decent body back. Look, I'm not going to pretend I was in any kind of great shape before I got pregnant with Charley. But I wasn't embarrassed to wear tight shirts or even a bikini. Right now? Ugh... So I started Couch to 5K. I'm halfway through week 4 (even though it's only been 2 weeks- I can do more than 3 days a week people). I know it's only been 2 weeks since I've been given the clear to workout, but I am SOOOO ready to be in shape. I wish it was like Hollywood and I had a personal trainer, makeup artist, personal chef, and stylist to make me look fantastic. I just have to keep reminding myself- I'm a work in progress.

Secondly, OUR HOUSE. Over the past four weeks we have redone our half bath, laundry room sink, and upstairs bathroom. Replaced the counters, floors, bath tub, tile, etc... Everything except the cabinets. Not only that, but we are replacing our 50 year old windows. They look FABULOUS. Seriously. And the noise/heat reduction is amazing. And then add to the list our landscaping. The front yard was pretty great, except we had some HEINOUS ground cover. We ripped that junk out and sodded (we meaning we wrote the check to the yard guys). But the back yard is undergoing a TOTAL overhaul. EVERY single plant was ripped out, new beds were made, new stones brought in, and they are planting now. Can't wait to see it finished.

However, with all the wonderful home improvements we are making, we are living in an inch of DUST everywhere. Not to mention workers in our house EVERY SINGLE DAY. AND outside of our house. Jay now knows some of the workers by name. They pick up Charley when she cries. They shepherd Jay when I'm trying to get him in or out of the house. We love them. But there is just something about being able to nurse wherever I want in my house (instead of hiding all three of us in my bedroom) all day long. Or not getting out of my PJs until 2 pm (yeah, go ahead and judge).

Needless to say, just like my body, I'm ready to BE THERE. DONE. Call me a kid from the instant gratification era.

And then of course there is sweet Charley I'm working on. Not that she's not perfect in EVERY way. She is. But you know, I'd like a full night of sleep. And she's getting there. MUCH faster than Jay got there. But it's still a work in progress.

All of that being said, I'd say we are pretty blessed. Blessed to be able to get out and run and have a baby that changes my body. Blessed to be able to make improvements to our new home. And blessed to have a baby at all- and a great baby at that!

Anyway, if you want to know what's been going on with us, that's what. Lots of stuff. And if you need to find us, we'll be under the dust and mulch. Come visit  :)

Oh, AFTER pictures to come- not of the body of course, but of the house. It's looking GREAT!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two Month Stats!

We had our two month appointment yesterday! Sweet baby got her shots- she was a trooper. She screamed BLOODY MURDER until I popped her in the Moby. And as usual- she calmed right down until she fell asleep in there. Her crack. I love that thing!

Her stats are...

23 3/4 in long (95%)
10 lbs 9 oz (32%)
15 in head (47%)

As typical for our babies they are tall and skinny- wish that could be channeled into this post partum momm!

Oh, and I haven't mentioned that one day this week homegirl went 8 hours between feedings!! What what!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Charley is 2 Months!

2 Months!

Whew- what a QUICK 2 months it's been!

Charley is just as wonderful as ever. I have decided she really is just a dream baby and she's here to stay! What a sweet little thing she is!

-She is still eating every 3-3.5 hours for about 15-20 minutes. Great eater, efficient. Can't ask for more. Oh, and if she goes a little past 3 hours she usually doesn't scream and freak out right away. THANKYOUGOD.

-Smiles GALORE. Her favorite things to smile at are her mommy, daddy, brother, Tex, and the fans. Oh, and her Grandeb and aunties of course! Jill is up there, too!

-Sleeps great at night- last feed is usually around 10-10:30 and she will go until around 4 most nights. We have even had a few nights of 10-5!!!!! Please please let this stay! She starts in her bassinet and will stay in there for only an hour or two- then squirm and wiggle. I will usually put her in bed with us until she is ready to eat.

-She loves to bury her head when she sleeps. She is SUCH a nuzzler (which apparently I was, too). If she's in your arms she will try to flip nuzzles your elbow crease. If she's in the Moby, she will nuzzle down into the crease. On the bed she will nuzzle into my pillow (or armpit, poor thing). She likes to have her head buried which makes me SUPER nervous. Let's just say I check on her ALL day long!

-She is staying awake for super long periods of time! She usually eats, then is awake for about an hour (or more most of the time!), then naps from 5 min-1 hr, then is awake until it's time to eat again... She is an alert little thing just like her brother. The difference is she is SUPER content to just be awake and looking around.

-The moby wrap is her crack. If she is fussy or tired I will put her in there and she is OUT in less than a minute. I'm not even kidding. I love that thing.

-Charley has started smiling at me while nursing which I love love love. There is just nothing sweeter!

-So far she takes a bottle WELL. I am going to continue this practice so she will take one regularly unlike her big brother. Pumping is going SO much better for me this time around- I'm producing so much more (oatmeal maybe?!). It's just hard to find the time to pump while keeping her happy and playing with Jay... sigh...

-Not big on bath time, which is much different than Jay. Also not big on tummy time. She will tolerate it for a while, but Jay seriously LOVED it. We haven't had major screaming from tummy time. You can just tell it's not her favorite. But big brother LOVES to lay down next to her and keep her company for a few minutes during it! Precious!

-Starting to coo and talk some, but not as much because she just can't get a word in edgewise between Jay and me... Poor girl. At least she will learn to speak up early! Ha!

-She HATES her carseat with a passion! Each time she is in it she screams bloody murder. It makes driving anywhere super fun :)

-Size 1 diapers and 3 month clothes

-She still doesn't sleep well in her bassinet. She definitely prefers to snuggle up next to us in bed. And we are still ok with that....

-My favorite thing she is does is after looking at you she will drop her chin down and look up at you with those big (blue!) eyes and smile. It's very flirty already :)

Stats to come after Thursday!!

Friday, April 6, 2012


No, the title is not a typo... I have been trying to remember some of the things Jay is doing right now because he is at SUCH a fun age (I'm pretty sure I say this every few weeks...). I love all that he is doing/creating/saying right now and want to remember as much as possible!

His little mind never stops working and it truly amazes me to see some of the things he comes up with! He has a GREAT sense of humor and I seriously stay in stitches laughing at things he does all day long!

-One thing he has learned how to do is talk with his tongue out. I have NO clue where he picked this up, but he noticed that he sounded funny talking with his tongue sticking out. So now he goes around and points out things and says them with that tongue out to make me laugh. I love it!

-He is BIG into possessives right now... He likes to point out who EVERYTHING belongs to... Mommy's cup, Jay's juice, Caryey's pappy, Daddy's phone, etc...

-His speech is priceless. He has a little lisp and says "s" as "th"... I know it won't be cute when he's 10, but man, it sure is cute for a 1 1/2 yr old... He doesn't swap the sounds every time, just randomly. He also can't really make the J sound, so he calls himself Gay, and loves his buddy Gack, and calls my sister GayGay... Funny if you ask me!

-He is OBSESSED with people sitting RIGHT by him. He pats the ground/couch/wherever and says "Sit me"... So sweet. I know it won't be long before inviting momma to sit right next to him is out of the question!

-He can recognize two of something. The other day he came over to me holding a rubber duck in each hand and said "Two ducks!" He has done this with a few other things. He can "count" to three with me, and it's super cute!

-When we ask him if he likes something, he shoots his hand up and yells, "Meeeee!" "Who likes cookies?" "Who loves mommy?" "Who wants to go see cows?"

-Jay is crazy about cows and that's all he talks about. His new favorite past time is watching youtube cow videos on the computer. He makes my mom and dad sit right next to him and they play the videos on their laptop. There is one specific one where the cows bob their heads. He now asks everyone he sees to bob their heads- including Charley. I have to make her head bob for him. :)
Jay watching cows with Grandeb and Owen
-If he hears Charley with the hiccups he will fake hiccup. And cough. And sneeze. Little attention-getter!

-He likes doing jumping jacks and pushups right now. He has started to get off the floor with both. SUPER cute!

-He likes to figure out the source of a sound/where something is. If he hears the doorbell he says, "Who is it?" If he hears a sound he doesn't know he says, "What is it?" If he throws the ball into the other room he says "Where is it?" Love that curious little mind!

-In general he talks in 2-3 word phrases all day long. (Come on mommy... Get up... Where animals go... Daddy at work.... Go see JJ.... Go to Jill's room... Where Shell Shell.... Need some snacks... Charley's blanky... Sit by me Gubby... Bye bye cows..., etc...) He is seriously becoming excellent at expressing himself. There are FEW things I can't figure out that he is trying to say, and we both get frustrated at this. Now if I can't understand him I will say show me and he will take me to whatever he is talking about. It's awesome that his communication has gotten so great because it makes for WAY less tantrums (for both of us! ha!). I love hearing him talk- it's one of the sweetest sounds to me!

-Loves playing iPad!! So cute!

There is SO MUCH MORE I could write. I love love love this little guy and can't believe how big he's getting! I wish I could say I want time to slow down, but I love each little stage he's at more and more! And I totally feel the same way with Charley! Now that she's waking up and becoming a little more interactive, it's so much fun! Good times being with my babies... :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dee Gah

Oh my gosh... my heart totally melted tonight putting Jay to bed!

I laid down next to him in his bed and we did our normal routine. Our last thing before we start the "falling asleep" process is say prayers. I say them each night and they are very simple. "Dear God, thank you for the day today (I usually go over a few fun things we did), thank you for our house, the food we eat, our family (sometimes we go through and name everyone, sometimes we just leave it at that), thank you for our pets, and thank you most of all for Jesus. We love you, God. In Jesus' name, Amen." They usually go along those lines, but are never the same, sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes we name friends and family and pets and toys, sometimes we don't...

Anyway, Jay has started clasping his hands together and saying Dear God- or in his language, "Dee Gah." Then I will say the prayer, and he will repeat somethings, and then I say "in Jesus' name" and he shouts "AMEN!" with a fist in the air.

So tonight we said our prayer and he shouted amen. Then we laid in silence for a bit. All of a sudden Jay clasped his hands together and said, "Dee Gah." I repeated and said, "Yes, Dear God." Then he prayed his first prayer ever.

"Dee Gah,
Kankoo (thank you) Caryey (Charley).
Kankoo GaGa (dada).
Kankoo Mommy.
Jeename (In Jesus' name),

I seriously cried. It was the sweetest, most innocent, most genuine thing I have ever heard in my whole life! I repeated it to him to check and make sure that is what he was trying to say. When I said it correctly he said, "YES!"


I will never forget that sweet little prayer. What a beautiful thing!!!

I made a big deal of it, "Jay, what a BEAUTIFUL prayer you said to God! Great job, buddy!" etc... He was so proud! After I was finished cheering for him, another one came...

"Dee Gah,
Kankoo Wow Wow (Wow Wow Wubbzy- his favorite cartoon!!!!),
Kankoo Walyen (Walden- character from Wubbzy)
Kankoo Wiyidt (Widget- another character)


At least it's good to know his family came first.  :)

Love my sweet little guy!