Sunday, February 26, 2012

Have I Mentioned??

Have I mentioned how much I love this little girl?!

Seriously, I could stare at her sweet sweet face all day long. I just can't even imagine how we thought our lives were complete without her. She is so incredibly amazing- ahhhh.....

I am scared to post this because I'm so afraid I will jinx how well she is doing. But Charley is SERIOUSLY a rock star!

It's incredible to have a baby that....

...doesn't mind not being held 24/7
...will hang out the Moby Wrap without screaming and fall asleep in it
...nurses every 3ish hours- sometimes longer pretty happy/content unless she's hungry or bored- she seriously rarely cries
...sleeps laying down at night! HALLELUJAH!
...will actually hang out in her swing, bouncy seat, or bassinet without screaming
...doesn't cry or scream all day long just a sweet little thing!!!

As you can tell, our firstborn was a little TOUGH. I'm so appreciative of Charley and how easy going she is. I know this can all change in an INSTANT, but even if it does, her 2 1/2 weeks of calm and happy nature are more than we ever had with Jay!

Since she's such an easy newborn, I'm just preparing myself for a tough teenager... Eek!

Horrible picture of me- but I just had to have proof she was in the Moby!

Sweet little thing!

First walk... and she fell asleep.... 
Bless this child!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Still Rockin the Night

I don't think I've posted an update on this, but Jay is still doing an amazing job sleeping in his big boy bed. It's been over a month and he has done awesome!

He has taken every nap and slept every night in his bed since we first moved him. I think he's only gotten out of his bed 3 (maybe 4) times total in the middle of the night. And those times we have gone up and laid down with him and he goes right back to sleep.

One of the things that helps is the fact that we put him to bed each night. I know everyone has their own philosophies on this and I'm not opening the floor for "discussion" or debates on the "right" way to put your kid down for sleeping. I just know this is our decision and it works great for us! I think the fact that we put him down and go to him the few times he's woken up helps him stay in bed. He trusts that we will be there if he needs us.

On that note, I will hear him and turn on the monitor and watch him. Sometimes he'll sit up in bed, he'll play with pacifiers, he'll talk- he will wake up but not always need to be comforted. 97% of the time he puts himself back to sleep.

And since we've moved him he has slept better than any other time in his life! He has always been a 10-10.5 hr a night kind of guy. Now he's sleeping 12 hours a night (on average) and taking fantastic 2+ hour naps.

Perfect timing with a new baby!!!! Thank you Jesus for this blessing! :)

Anyway, just wanted to update and tell what a little stud Jay has been in his bed. So proud of that guy!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

First Valentine

The men in Charley's life have some stiff competition in the future... She already has a SUPER handsome first Valentine!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rub a Dub!

One of the things I have been looking most forward to with having two kids is bath time! I don't know why, but I LOVE watching kids play in the bath! It was always such a fun time for me growing up, and Jay loves it too! He has always loved bathing with his little friends or cousins.

So we gave CK her first bath last night! And Jay got in and "bathed" with her! Our shower isn't actually a tub- it's an old 60's setup with a foot washer- aka no way to plug it up. But Jay sat under the faucet and we managed to get him cleaned up too!

They both did really well! We kept a warm wet washcloth on Charley and she liked being submerged in the water. Jay just played. It made me so happy!!! :)

I know it's blurry but he actually was sudsing up his sister! He washed her hair!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1 week Comparisons!

I'm not comparing my kids (I still can't believe there is an S on the end of that word!!) per se, but there are some things I would like to remember...

Pregnancy Overall:
Jay: felt great, active little dude, craved watermelon and cake (I hate cake), swelled at the end, gained 24 lbs
Charley: felt great, active little girl, craved all things chocolate (I'm a vanilla girl!), didn't swell nearly as much, gained 24 lbs

Jay: went into labor on own, was in active labor for 9 hrs, too strong of an epidural, 2+ hrs to push, no pain, delivered at 39 wks 5 days, born at 5:38 am, weighed 7 lbs .5 oz, 20+ inches long
Charley: induced labor, in active labor 7 hrs, epidural wore off completely=LOTS of pain, 40 min of pushing, delivered at 39 wks 4 days, born at 3:04 pm, weighed 8 lbs 3.5 oz, 21.5 inches long

Jay: painful, took meds continuously, nursed great, VERY emotional, VERY exhausted
Charley: back much faster, meds very rarely, nursed great, much less emotional, much less tired (I think because I'm already used to less sleep!)

First Week Thoughts:
Jay: constantly had to be held, cried all the time, ate every 2-3 hours, slept only being held, snuggly, pacifier, very very alert
Charley: cries very little, can be put down (!), eats every 2-3 hours, sleeps laying down but snuggled next to you or something, snuggly, pacifier, sleeps mostly with some (few) alert moments

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Day My Heart Doubled

Charley Kate...

I wanted to document the day you made your debut into this world. In true Harmon-women fashion, you wanted to come on YOUR time. I have no clue where you get your stubbornness from (yeah right!), but it will help you to be a strong, independent woman one day. And I certainly can't complain about that!

We went to dinner at Ninfa's the night before because we knew it was going to be harder to take TWO kids out to dinner for a while. Auntie JJ also came over after dinner and brought Cinnabon and hung out! Grandeb, Auntie Kiki, Owen, and Auntie Chelle Chelle all spent the night at our house the night before to help take care of your big brother!

We woke up at 5 am Thursday morning to get ready! I couldn't fall asleep until about 2 am, so going into this on three hours of sleep was a little rough. I was so anxious and excited to meet you though- there was no way I could just fall asleep easily! Nothing a little Teen Mom 2 couldn't fix though... :)

I kissed your brother goodbye and shed some tears because I was worried about him and how he would do.
Last prego picture (for a while anyway...)

We got to the hospital at 6 am, checked in and got to our room around 630. The nurse came in at 7 and I answered about a jillion million questions about health, pregnancy, etc... They started my pitocin at 8 am. Dr. M came in at 8:30 and said I was 2 cm dilated and broke my water. It was go time!!

Around 1030 I got my epidural. The contractions weren't bad at all, but I figured, why wait if I don't have to?? So they gave it to me. As they were taping cords and cleaning up I started to feel crazy loopy. Then I remembered that epidurals don't usually make you feel loopy. So I mentioned this to the anesth and he looked at me surprised and then motioned something to the nurse. They scrambled and had me lay down flat on my side because apparently my bp had dropped crazy low. I was out of it for a bit, but nothing crazy. I spent the next hour/hour and a half napping and resting. It was pure bliss. I could feel pressure with every contraction but absolutely no pain. I could also feel my legs and toes which was totally different than last time. I was totally over drugged last time. When they gave me the epi they also upped my pitocin.

At 12/1230 Dr. M came in and checked me again. Only 4 cm! Slow slow progress.... I had only changed about 2 cm in almost 4 hours! Ugh!! We started to settle into the fact that we would be here for a while, and the nurses were thinking evening we MIGHT have a baby. Little did we know...

My mom and sisters came in and were hanging out. My epidural started wearing off (the nurse told us it would), and we began waiting for the anesthesiologist. He was pulled into an emergency c-section, so we knew it would be a little while. The contractions weren't HORRIBLE, but they were much stronger than any other pain I had felt yet.

Around 1:30 they started getting REALLY strong. I called the nurse and she didn't come right away. Another 10-15 minutes went by and I called her again. She came in with the anesthesiologist. At this point I was in PAIN. Like HORRIBLE pain. The epidural had completely worn off. The anesth. pumped more drugs in and then said they likely wouldn't take. Great. Then I started yelling (seriously) at the nurse telling her I HAD to push! I said it felt like my bottom half of my body was going to fall off. This got their attention. They anesth and the nurse looked at each other and said, "I think she is ready!" They checked me and felt her head right there and said I was 10 and it was go time and told me NOT TO PUSH!

What?!? No way. I seriously felt like I was going to die. The pain was unbearable. The urge to push was unreal. They all started running around (literally) getting the room ready. It was wild. Dr. M RAN in. I was blowing to keep me from pushing. Think "hooo hooo hooo" but with a little yelling and crying. Also think nails digging into Anthony's hand. It was seriously like TV shows/movies. I NEVER thought I would act that way. Clearly I had never gone through labor with no drugs. Shows me.

At 2:25 I started pushing. It was painful and hard and seriously the most trying thing I've ever done. Not to mention between every contraction my stomach would growl because I was so hungry!

40 minutes later you were here CK! All 8 lbs 3.5 oz of you! They doctor loved your perfectly round head and they all joked that you were a bowling ball! Ha! Dr. M also said it took as long as it did because of your broad shoulders!

They measured you and you were 21.5 inches long! A tall girl- I love it!! You had the sweetest squishy cheeks and were crying/screaming but MUCH calmer than your brother!

They cleaned you up and did Apgar scores (9 both times) and put you on my chest. You nursed on both sides right away! Way to go!!!

We had a little family time then called everyone else in- you had a LOT of visitors! Your big brother came in and met you, Grandeb, Michelle, Kiki, Owen, JJ, Jill, Josh, Jake- they were all waiting to see you!!
Grandeb and all her grand babies... :)

Jay and Mommy have the same kind of appetite...
Sharing a snack!

The nurses took you to the nursery at 4 and everyone but me followed. It was totally silent and peaceful and gave me some great time to spend thanking God for you!

They took me to our new room and I loved passing you in the nursery. I could have just stared at you ALL day! What a sweet little face!

Love this picture...

Visitors came and left all afternoon and evening. It reminded me how incredibly blessed we are to be surrounded by such loving people. Charley Kate, you will soon see- we have amazing people in our lives!

After everyone left Thursday night we finally had some family of three time. It was awesome to hang out some and think about the whirlwind of the day that was. When I reflect back on how it was, I am truly in awe of our Father. What an absolute miracle. 

And oh, you know how I was worried about loving someone as much as I could love Jay? There is nothing to worry about. My heart doubled in size February 9th. 

Charley Kate, you are our world. xoxoxo

Friday, February 10, 2012

For Now

Jay loves her for now.... We'll see how it is once we bring her home tomorrow!! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chubby Cheeks!

This little sweet thing came out weighing over a pound more than her brother and over an inch longer! Big girl!

She also came with some VERY squishy chubby cheeks!!!!!

She's Here!

Charley Kate Squillante made her debut this afternoon!

3:04 pm was her arrival time
21.5 inches, 8 lbs 3 oz

She is a BIG girl!

Pictures soon!

Thanks for your prayers! It was a crazy delivery day- and the delivery went off with NO drugs! More on that later!


Got my epidural at 1045ish and was only about 3 cm. Just before he came in to give it to me I started feeling contractions in my back. Just in time!

With Jay the epidural was so strong that I couldn't feel my legs at all. This time, I can feel some pressure every time I contract, but no pain. Apparently that's how it's supposed to be!! Makes much more sense!

Anyway, I'm feeling good enough that I got a short nap! Dr. M just came in and I'm about 4-4.5 cm. Making some progress! It seems this little darling is just as stubborn as her momma!!

Come on baby girl! We are ready to meet you!!!!

It Begins...

Pitocin started at 8:03... Water broken at 8:30!

Let's do this!!!! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nursery Pics

So I am kind of hesitant to post these pictures. Charley's room is WAYYYYY cuter than these pictures! One of the things that might be the problem is that her room at our new house is SO much bigger than the nursery at the old house. So it just looks really empty and blah. Oh well...

We decided to forgo painting the walls and just let me use 8,000 different shades of purple and pink. I loved buying purple everything. And I love all the different color purples that I got to use. So much fun. 

So here are some pics- bad quality and definitely don't do the cuteness justice, but you get the point... 

Can't wait to put her in it TOMORROW! :)

Looking into the corner. 
That is not some funky thing on the right wall- it's the reflection of the mirror on the left wall.

I still need a few things for the side table, but this is as good as it's gonna get for now :)

Cute bow holder in the corner was made by Stacy. 
I LOVE it and it's seriously perfect for the room!!

Letters and designs in frames were made by my sis Kiki!
Again, LOVE them and they work perfectly!!!

Love her purple chair...

Crib to lay her sweet head!

See what I mean?? It feels really boring and blah, but I swear it's so much cuter in person!!! Oh well... 

Stay tuned for pictures of our precious baby girl! :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Almost Time!

There is an end in sight!!!

This Thursday, February 9, we will meet our sweet Charley!! I CANNOT wait to meet her!

My doctor is amazing! On Thursday I will be 39 weeks, 5 days. I did not want to wait until after 40 weeks to be induced for a lot of reasons, and there are specific dates next week I didn't want to deliver. So I talked with my doctor and she said any time after 39 weeks we could induce.

Unfortunately, she could only induce me on Wednesday of this week. Monday was booked, Tues/Thurs she doesn't induce, and Friday she is at a conference (in town). So that only left Wednesday. Which is perfectly fine, BUT I wanted to wait as long as possible for her to finish cooking and come on her own!

So we scheduled Wednesday even though I asked the scheduling lady in the office for Thursday or Friday. No such luck. 5 am Wednesday we were supposed to be there! No big deal! We were thrilled!!

Imagine my PURE JOY when the head nurse called me this morning and said, "Dr. M wanted to know if you still preferred to come be induced on Thursday??" MUSIC TO MY EARS!! I immediately called back and she told me that Dr. M was willing to wait until Thursday if I really wanted that date. Did I mention I love my doctor??!?!! When I delivered Jay she came at 3:30 am on a Saturday morning when she was NOT on call to deliver him. This time she is willing to induce me on a day she does NOT normally induce patients just because I asked and she is awesome. Talk about going above and beyond!

So we are scheduled for 6 am Thursday morning!!!

This is so great because Jay has school on Thursday, so my sister can drop him off and he will be looked after for the day! Then, my mom and sisters can hang at the hospital on Thursday with us and eventually meet sweet Charley!

I'm SO blessed that my mom and sisters are willing to help out so much with Jay. They will stay here Wednesday night so we can go in Thursday morning. They'll take him to school, pick him up, stay with him for the few nights we are in the hospital, and play with him during the day. Did I mention how wonderful they are?! Oh, and my two sisters who don't live in Houston are coming in just to meet Charley and be here for her birth! How great are they?! This is why every girl needs a sister... Let's remember that for Charley one day... :)

Anthony's parents can't make it during the week, so they will come the Friday/weekend following her birth. Anthony's mom is planning on staying the following week to help out with the kids (yes! KIDS with an S!!!!!). We are SO SO SO blessed.

So now we are on the downward slope! We are just finalizing errands, stocking the fridge, and spending extra cuddle time with Jay.

I have had Braxton Hicks contractions nonstop since Saturday. I feel like I have had one giant contraction all weekend long. I mean my stomach has been hard the WHOLE time. Last night (Sunday night, early Monday morning) I woke up with some REAL contractions. They were painful and I definitely had to breathe through them. I got SO excited and thought it might be it! I was up from about 3:15 to about 5:45. BUT, then they went away. So clearly it was not it... Argh...

Anyway, it's bearable to deal with it not being "time" knowing that we have an end in sight! Until further notice, we'll be here! :)

Oh, and I'm planning on taking some nursery pics tomorrow and I'll post them. I'm such a slacker on the pictures- but it's FINISHED!!!

Prayers are greatly appreciated for Thursday- we want a healthy baby girl and to ease Jay into his new role as a big brother (and help him deal with less mommy time!). Thank you!

Ps- its getting awfully hard to hug...